Love;- There's all kinds of love.

Theirs the love between a mother and a child.

They say you don't know what love is until you hold your child in your arms.

And it's true, to carry a small life inside of you for so long, teaches you a new way to love

And then there's the love between friends.

The appreciation and enjoyment of their company.

There's the love you have for your pet.

A want to hug them, the importance you feel to be needed.

There's the love between siblings.

A connection of some force inside you, the understanding and acceptance.

There's the love between two people, the need and the aching.

There are all types of love.

But then there's another type of love, one that doesn't come along too often

The type that heals.

Heals scars that you never knew you had,

And the ones that have weighed on your heart.

It's the type of love that softens a battle hardened soldier.

The type that smartens you,

Because you just learnt something you never knew before.

It's the type that makes the mute speak

And the restless stand still

It's the type that makes those who would stand alone, hugging themselves

Reach out desperately to someone else.

It's the type that puts music in your soul and faith in your heart.

It's the type that you would climb mountains and cross galaxies for.

The love that will both frighten and inspire.

And soothe your lonely heart.

It's the only type of love that will endure all things.

It's the type that is rarely found,

And hardly ever recognized

But it's the type that will last ten thousand lifetimes.

That is true love.

It's the love i feel for you.