He looked down at her, edging his side into hers. "You OK?" He asked, ever so intently.

She tried her best smile and nodded, leaving it at that.

"Are you sure?" He persisted, not believing her. "You seem a little...distant."

Not as distant as she'd like. "I'm fine." She said, looking for their friends who'd gone to the bar.

"I really don't think you are." He faced his body toward her now, his face a mask of serious contemplation.

"Yes, I am." She ground out. The beginnings of her nerves frayed as her temper instigated a turn.

"Grace, you're a bad liar and a shitty friend if you think-" He started, his temper too budding hot.

"Oh don't give me that crap Ben." She interrupted, not facing him. "Besides we both know I didn't sign up for this friend shit." She took a sip of her drink, thinking she could ignore that fact that he was sitting right beside her, still watching her with a broody and pensive face. When she couldn't stand the feeling of him there, after a brief moment, she seized her clutch purse and headed for the pubs exit. Not knowing until he called her name in the car park that he had followed.

"I only wanted to know if you were all right!" He yelled, stopping her.

She turned around, standing still in her place; some ten feet from him. "No!" She called back, nostrils flaring from the rage building in her core. "Is that what you wanted to hear? I am not all right! I can't-" She choked, a lump forming in her throat. She looked away, squeezing her eyes tight to hide the pooling show of vulnerability.

He walked over at that point, getting close enough to lay his hands lightly on her shoulders. She withdrew harshly.

"Don't." She snarled at him. He retracted his hands. "You don't get to fix this, OK? You aren't allowed to not feel guilt. You did this!" She yelled at him unabashed as the tears fell. "You chose her! OK? You chose to stay with your girlfriend and that's fine. I'm fine with that. I'm hurt and in a lot of pain but I can deal with it. What I can't deal with is you. Why did you invite me tonight? Why am I here, Ben? You know how I feel about you. I love every moment I'm with you but... I am not OK. I can't listen to you tell me how you want to be with me, how you feel the same about me as I do for you and then have you say you wished I'd told you earlier. I screwed up. I should have told you I loved you every day from the moment I realised it. You've said you liked me for a long time, years. I'm sorry I never noticed but I'm ready now. I finally know. If I were with you, that would be enough for me. If I were with you I wouldn't ever want to be with someone else. You are the one person I want to laugh, cry and live the rest of my life with." She sighed, swallowing the swelling away. "I can't believe I'm saying this... Ben, if you want me I'm yours. And if you don't... then I can't ever see you again."

He blinked back the drops in his eyes and stared at her, thoughts and decisions floating at bay in his mind. "I...I love you Grace." He said, not knowing what else to say.

She nodded, no more tears threatened to stain her cheeks. "Yeah, I know." She pulled her keys from her clutch, staring down at them. "Goodbye Ben." She said as her head lifted. A soft smile flittered on her lips. She wasn't happy, far from it actually. The clarity she felt though put her in some ease, a calming acceptance. She took a step forward, lifting a cool hand to his cheek.

"Where are you going?" He asked; closing his eyes for a second as her hand caressed him.

"I don't know." She stepped back.

"Will you come back?" He called.

She was backing away now and shrugged. Would she come back? She thought about it, about everything. What had happened, what could have happened? She looked at Ben, he seemed lost. "Maybe." She smiled. He frowned; he knew she was lying. Her smile fell. "No."

This hasn't yet been edited so I apologise for the mistakes. This was, I guess you could say, from personal experience. Only, I didn't leave the pub. I sat there and fumed until our friends came back and we pretended nothing had happened. For claraties sake, Grace was not helping Ben cheat on his then girlfriend. She just had feelings for him and he had the same for her but he already had a girlfriend and wouldnt leave said girl.. Happy reading :)