This is a conversation Tootapanga 1 and I co authored together. We thought it would be fun to see how a conversation flows and stems from weird and absurd things. We shall call Tootapanga 1 Sarah and I shall be known as Steph. This is the beginning…

Here I sit typing on my laptop on my second bed at my best friend's house and she says the most shocking thing.

"Hey Steph, I want to be a delivery man." I look at her like what the hell and she just laughs at me. I know right, completely out of know where.

"So why do you want to be a delivery man?" I ask, intrigued by the idea.

"So I can meet lots of hot girls, I mean guys… wait that's just weird. I am a delivery man." I laugh at her absurdness and try to continue with my typing. Now she thinks I am an air hostess who would wear fishnet stockings and travel the world so she can order through air mail. Hmmm, I think my friend is crazy.

"So you think I look like an air hostess?" She shakes her head.

"No I just wanted to say that." I groan at the annoying friend that sits across from me. Now she is imagining a car crashing through the wall beside me and apparently it causes my life to change drastically. Thank god she isn't psychic.

"Got anything else to say?" This is getting really quite interesting.

"I would never name my child Alberto." Okay, I didn't think she could get any worse, apparently she can. All the while I am sitting here writing all the things she is saying.

"Love is an understanding between you and your favorite flavor." She is eating those yummy Dove chocolates with the little messages in the wrapper. Our talk gets interrupted when my phone rings, playing the Star Wars theme, and I answer it. I am on the phone for about 20 minutes and when I am finished I wait for more unusual things to come from Sarah's mouth, but they never come. The crazy, absurd friend has disappeared into the shell that is so often used as a defense and I can't see her craziness anymore. Now I have writers block. What can I write about? Maybe I could write about not being able to write because my writing just isn't right. Hmm that sounds weirdly satisfying. I think I will just leave it here and let your imagination run free, maybe you're an astronaut or a farmer or something really exciting. Let's remember the imagination we had as kids and let that innocence wash over as once more. Thanks for reading and getting a look into my crazy but stable mind.