Workplace Romance

He was working at his desk when she entered the room. She glanced quickly around the small study he made for himself. It was bright with many windows and some wooden decoy ducks among the books on the built-in book shelves. The room glowed with the creamy vanilla white color he had painted the room. She remembered the day he first brought her in to show her this room. He had painted it all by himself and he was so proud of how nice it came out. He went on and on about how much painters were planning on charging him and Willem knew he could do just as good a job. Everyone was a professional, he ranted. Though all he meant was no one was any more. She smiled at this memory.

Today, it was raining outside, but it was still light in the room. She entered and with the very first step he lifted his head, obviously interrupted, but it never bothered him. He was alone most of the time and he enjoyed her visits. They smiled at each other as their eyes met.

"Well, good day to you Missy." he said.

"Hi Willem." she answered back. Her smile widened, she couldn't control it. She was so complete when she was with him.

"Did you find that extra key?" Willem asked.

"Yes, I knew I had one at my house. Here it is." said Missy and she brought it right over to her friend. She held it out and watched his hand as he took the key from her hand. She was in love with Willem and had been for years. She did not stare at him. As he put the key aside she looked over at the bookshelves. He had told her they were only friends and not to expect more from him. She accepted his choice, but she was always to get what little time she could have with him. It is hard to explain how much he fulfilled in her without even knowing how she felt. She tried to read the titles, but she needed to get closer to get a good look. He encouraged her.

"Looking for something to read?" he asked.

"I just looking at what you have up here." Missy said.

"Look all you like, I have a nice collection. What might you have not read. Mm" said Willem as he turned to dace the bookshelves.

"My too-be-read pile is pretty big right now. I'm more just looking." said Missy. She had stepped over to the bookshelf and Willem stayed seated. He did not want to move, this vantage gave him a great view of Missy. Willem felt a very deep love for Missy, but he was shy around her. He was troubled because she was very naive about matters of the heart and he felt like an ancient mammoth of human error trudging through the rest of his life. When Missy was around though, he felt the wight lifted off of him. He could not explain how the demons that he worried about seemed non-existent around her.

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