Chapter 1

One night at Peter's house in Northern California Lauren and Peter are snuggled on one couch with Peter in back of Lauren holding her and Maggie on another couch half asleep wrapped in a big fleece blanket when she wakes herself up more and stands up with the blanket wrapped around her.

Lauren looks up at her

''well I think I'm...''she sneezes ''think I'm just'' she sneezes again ''just going to'' she sneezes again ''go to bed.'' Maggie tells them

''okay well feel beter sweetie sweetie I love you.'' Lauren tells her

''yea feel better kido.''Peter says

''thanks Maggie says and starts to walk away towards the stairs

Lauren sits up and looks at her then Peter.

''what?'' Peter questions her

''nothing just concerned about her.'' Lauren tells him and looks up at Maggie again and sees her stopped on stairs

Maggie throws up on the stairs.

''Maggie!'' she says concerned and gets up and goes over quickly

Lauren gasps ''oh sweetie.'' Lauren says sympathically

''oh sorry I didn;t mean t..'' Maggie starts to cry

''shh relax it's okay we'll clean it up come on upstairs.'' Lauren tells her and helps her upstairs into the guestbedroom bed

Lauren tucks her in and feels her forehead ''does your belly hurt sweetie?'' Lauren asks her

''uh huh.'' Maggie tells her and nods sadly

Lauren frowns at her.

Peter comes up ''hey everything okay?'' Peter asks them

''no she's burning up could you go and get me some nyquil and a glass of water for her please?'' Lauren asks him

''yea sure thing babe.'' Peter tells her

''thanks.'' Lauren says stroking Maggies head moving her hair out of her face

''you need me to call mommy?'' Lauren asks her

Maggie shakes her head and starts to fall asleep.

Lauren shakes her gently ''hey stay awake kido no sleeping until we get some nyquil into you.'' Lauren tells her

''come on Peter.'' Lauren says waiting for him sitting with Maggie

Peter comes up with it ''okay here ya go.'' Peter says and hands it to her

''thanks.'' Lauren says taking it from him and opens the bottle and pours some of it in the little plastic up and makes maggie drink it and gives her some water and runs to the bathroom to get her a box of tissues and the waste basket and brings it into the bedroom

''okay kido if you need anything else just yell feel better okay? I love you.'' Lauren tells her and kisses her forehead and goes to get up off the bed and goes to leave the room

''yell?'' Maggie asks her weakly with a raspy voice

Lauren gasps ''oh no.'' Lauren says again sympathically and goes back over and sits back down and strokes Maggie's head

''shh sleep baby.'' Lauren tells her and lays next to her

''are you coming to bed?'' Peter asks her

''yea in a little bit just let me get her to sleep first.'' Lauren tells him

''okay.'' Peter says

''okay.'' she says and smiles and watches him walk away continuing to stroke Maggie's head until she know's that she's ina deep sleep and kisses her forehead and gets up and leaves the room shutting the door and goes into her and Peter's bedroom and shuts the door