You can't break me down into bits and piece.

I am not giving up that easily.

I've got a lot of dreams I've been working on,

I know you don't want it, but I'm still holding on.

I can see the sun shine bright.

I can see that ray of light.

It's been a long time, and it's not easy.

Sometimes I feel lost, like I might so crazy.

But it's all worth it,

Cause in the end,

I am gonna win….

I didn't have a clue.

What was I supposed to do?

What was right? What was wrong?

But I knew I had to stay strong.

I knew I'd have to figure it out myself.

In life, you can't always expect help.

You can't expect others to point everything out.

Try to find your own answers, don't just shout!

Sometimes silence works best.

I know sometimes life can seem like a quest.

Sometimes life seems painted in shades of gray.

Sometime I struggle hard to find my way.

But I know it's never too late.

I know it's worth the wait.

Cause in the end,

I'm gonna win.

There are times when I feel all is lost.

But I know I can't give up at any cost.

Who says you can't get back time once it's gone?

I say let's work hard now, bring it on.

Calm down, guys! Don't fret.

We can get back time. Wanna bet?

For the 8 x 90 hours I have lost,

If I work two hours extra every day,

Then within 1 year I'll find my way.

Squeeze in one or two hours every now and then.

And see, we got back time so quickly again!

I need to sit down, and just do the math.

Remember in the end,

It doesn't matter how it begins.

I know that in the end,

I'm gonna win :)

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