Just let me cry…

Cause I know I've been living a lie.

We didn't even get a chance!

I couldn't even show you once

How much I love you, baby!

It burdens me, kills me, makes my soul heavy.

But all the little things I did

Were for you, my love, indeed.

I didn't even care whom I antagonized-

Your smile was my only prize.

And now that you're not with me anymore,

I'm drowning in my tears, can't swim ashore.

Every day I feel my heart sink,

Every day I feel my hope shrink.

The sense of defeat is setting in.

I'm starting to forget what we once had been.

Now I can see another teary goodbye.

Leave, just let me cry.

Staying away is just so tough.

Especially in moments when life seems rough.

I wish I could just run to you and talk!

But my legs are frozen- I can't walk!

My hands are tied with stinging ropes.

I feel lost since the day you lost hope.

I don't know why you gave up trying.

I don't know why I keep on lying

That things will change someday,

That we will find a way.

Cause now I know that dreams never come true.

Now I know I can never be with you.

I can see another teary goodbye,

Leave, just let me cry.

Last time I saw you was weeks back.

Your smile is the thing my heart lacks.

This distance makes my stomach churn.

Now I know we were meant to crash and burn.

I really miss that fluttering of my heart,

When I see you after days of being apart.

It's all just a numb feeling now.

My tears have tried up somehow.

Never felt alive since you've gone away,

Always ended up crying every day-

Every time I think of that teary goodbye.

Leave, just let me cry.

When we pass each other, you don't even glance back at me.

It hurts me- do you really think this will set me free?

It hurts me, kills me, breaks me to fight (this feeling)

To pretend to myself that everything's alright (I'm reeling).

When it's the exact opposite!

Without you everything's a misfit.

Without you everything feels useless.

Without you life seems like a mess.

I wish I could go back in time and change it all.

I wish I could do something and stop our fall!

But it's already gone too far.

Just leave, the door's ajar.

Just leave, don't bother about goodbye.

Just leave, just let me cry.

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