The Big busy summer

It was a hot summer day, just after school let out. My two little siblings and I went to our cousin's place out in the middle of Nevada. Our parents, aunt and uncle were away the whole summer. Ever since my little brother Trent was two, they left for three months coming back only at the 4th of July and a week before school started. Lets just say we do have an adult here. My cousin Ivory is seventeen. I mean like he can drive and what so, so doesn't that count him as an adult? I'm two years younger than him. My name is Warrant, that's right. The band that sang Cherry Pie. Besides that, my middle name is Cherry, as in that song. Warrant Cherry Scott. My little brother Trent Bentley is ten and my other little brother is Henry Affonso who is four.

We were out on the back porch. The pond that we usually swam in had dried up. We arrived four days ago. The guys were wearing our swim turnks, while the girls were wearing their bikinis. My father grew up here with his older brother and little sister. My Uncle Jimmy inherited the house, got married in the house and all his kids were born in the house. Uncle Jimmy's wife is Aunt Tatiana. Their kids are Ivory, Nicole and Nathen who are a year younger than me. Tanner who's nine. Jeremy who is six, he's named after Grandpa Jeremiah. Joey and Jane who are four, Joey is named after our dad Joeseph and Jand is named after Grandma Jane. Alexandra is two and the youngest Veroinica is five months.

Next week Aunt Jenny (Dad's and Uncle Jimmy's younger sister) and Uncle Ronold are coming with there two kids. Christiana and Cameron who are twins. They are eight, I was sipping lemonade under the shade of the porch. Inside the house was even hotter. Ivory went to the closet store to buy a couple fans. Jeremy, Joey, Jane and Henry were trying to fill the pond with the hose. Ronnie had fallen asleep with the heat, Alexandra was coloring. I was watching Trent, Nicole, Nathen and Tanner throwing a frisbee, while their two dogs Asher and Dingo and then our dog Samson was trying to catch the frisbee. The three dogs were failing epicly, they soon stopped and hid under the shade of a tree.

I brought Ronnie's cradle outside, so I could see and hear her. She was sound asleep. I saw a movement behind me. I turned around. It was Alexandra. "War, it's to hot!" She whined.

"Alex let's go inside and get an ice cold drink of water."

"Can't I have lemonade?"

"No Alex. Your to young." She fell to the ground and started crying. I picked up her limp body. I remember when Henry used to do it, when he wanted somthing or wanted attention. I got her water and she refused to take it. I carried her back outside. It was so hot, we were sticking together. I was sweating. I looked at the pond, surprisingly they had filled it and it went up to Jeremy's belly button and Jeremy is tall. I put Alex on the ground and jumped into the pond. It was cold and refreashing. Hearing the splash, the other four came running over, Tanner the fastest out of all. Alex was crawling over to the pond. I got out and picked her up and then slid into the pond, which now is a muddy brown color.