I believe.

I believe in many things.

I believe in hot Tea on cold days

I believe in endless supplies of chocolate

I believe in lemon drinks when you have a cold

I believe in sunflowers

And I believe in coloured pencils.

And I believe in more important things like

I believe a smile can change your day

I believe a kind word can change a life

I believe in life

I believe in change

I believe in learning all that you can

I believe in treating others with respect

But there are the beliefs that I cannot change.

They are the beliefs that I live my life by

I believe that your mind is the most powerful thing you have

I believe in a god who cares

I believe in love

I believe that the sun will always rise

I believe that the music will always play in my heart

And I believe that a memory can bring you back to me

And I believe in magic

And they can kick me while I'm down

They can curse and tell me that I'm wrong.

But I will always believe

Because that is all I have

They can't change what I believe

And there is this warm feeling in my heart even now.

Because I believe.

And I believe that I will always believe.

Because there was a time when I thought I lost it.

I thought I had nothing left to believe

I was afraid

It began with a smile and it ended with a smile.

And there was no evidence of anything in between,

And so I thought I couldn't exist without it.

And so I picked myself up from my frozen heap.

And my mind began building walls.

Walls to hide you from me.

Because it hurt less to forget.

But it doesn't. It hurts to lose you

And so my mind allows me to visit you without me dying again.

And tho you left tis world

I feel your embrace, and I feel peace.

Because I believe you are there.

I believe god grants me peace

I believe he cares and allows us to heal

I believe he hides our pain.

I believe he gave us the power to use our brain.

And I believe love will keep my cold heart warm.

I believe it will teach me

I believe to love is to live

I believe that without love...we just un-exist.

I believe that in our darkest hour

When there seems to be nothing left,

I believe that is when the sun rises

And I believe its rays of light caress our blackened soul

And I believe that a new day comes with a new vigour for life.

I believe in the music, that once played

The music that danced so merrily in my heart shall remain

Even when I can't hear it.

I believe it is there

If I just listen.

I believe that you come back to me

Whenever I need you

A memory conjured from a time when I was happy

Gives me hope

Hope that I will see you once more

And I believe in magic

That life is full of it

That magic is life

Because we don't know where it came from

Or where it's going

But I believe it is there

And it always will be.

Because it's magic.

And so I believe that the magic and the music

And god

And love and my mind

Will deliver us

From this life

And with the magic

I continue to believe....