Intertwining Fate

The world was pitch black, everything about this day was dark and dull. . . Out of no where a shadowed figure appeared. Behind a unknown figure was a chained boy. The boy's eyes were like stone, they were dull and unfeeling. Just staring into his eyes sent chills down my back. Looking into his eyes, you could see everything about him. His wishes and desires, and all the pain that he has experienced.

The shaded figure raised his sunken head and began to speak in a voice that caused everything to seem to stand still, "Heaven has declared that all of the people of this earth are to be intertwined with another. You all look out for none and care for none other than yourselves. You are selfish and think only of yourself. You cause massive destruction and kill without a second thought. . . So, now, you will have to pay the ultimate price, you will be binded together with another, and you will die together as well. In happiness and in death. Forever and eternity you will walk this earth with intertwining fates, if one dies then the other will die as well. Hopefully this will put back the compassion that was lost in the human race. If none of you survives and all dies, the human race shall be vanquished forever. But if at least 1 pair survives then those two will decide the fate of humanity. Do the you have what it takes?"

The creature stared at me with his eyes filled with death. . . "You!" it pointed at me, "You, your soul is still pure. . . That's quite surprising, taken how you really are underneath. . . You just might survive. . . But sorry for you, you get stuck with this fellow here!" the figure pulled on the chain that handcuffed the boy, causing him to fall. "See this man here? He, he has done what can never be forgiven. . . He's done something that has dirtied his soul. And you? A soul so pure even through all you've done, I wonder if you have a chance to live? Can you change this man? Or will he change you?. . ." He crackled with laughter, and shoved the man towards me.

"As stated before this man's fate is now intertwined with yours. If you die, you die together, if you live you live together. What ever you feel you both will share. Will you be the one that decides the fate of humanity? Or will you be the first to die?" the outcast stared at me, I could see his eyes and what I saw scared me more than anything before. . . "HAHAHA! I must say that you seem to have the most chance of all of the pairs, but at the same time you are also the most cursed pair! I bid you adieu, and may your curse save you." The figure disappeared along with everything else, except the man that my life was now intertwined with. . .

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