The first rule any kid learned on the streets was "Don't attract attention to yourselves". It was a vital rule, especially for the younger kids, because they were too small to resist. You see, any kid who attracted the wrong kind of attention disappeared. And due to a small mistake on their part, we knew who was responsible.

The white-coats.

The white-coats were the scientists of Marmen, always distinguishable by their spotless white coats. They provided the government with life-saving cures made of mysterious ingredients, and in return, the government legalized their experiments. They didn't know where they got their test subjects.

And they didn't care.

I knew all of this, and I never tried to break the rule, in fact, I did all I could to not break it. But I did eventually, and I was taken in the middle of the night. A couple people saw them take me, but I was just a street rat, complete scum in their eyes, and they never did anything about it. I was bundled into a large transport with other orphans and flown off to a facility in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

But I was different than the others. I was the only one who survived.


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