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The man who had shot me has a huge smirk on his face, watching gleefully as I fall. He starts forwards, gun held loosely in his hands. He is only a couple feet away when the girl starts twitching. The man starts getting nervous. He had seen her powers in action, how destructive they could be. He reaches down to grab her, and then flinches back as her skin burns his hand. He lets out a small gasp, and that is all it takes to wake the girl.

Opening blue eyes, she stands, a bit shakily, but she stands strong. The man backs up a step, almost scared. That changes when the girl adopts a stance, with both feet braced and one outstretched arm, with the other arm stabilizing it.

"Freyu…," she breathes, and a ball of fire shoots from her hand in one motion. The man's eyes widen and he tries to dodge it, but the fireball catches his leg, greedily consuming his flesh. He screams as the fire eats its way up his body, his voice eventually going out.

The girl's eyes are slightly unfocused, still partially unconscious. She had acted out of habit when she had fired the fireball.

She turns around to see me sitting against the wall, watching her amusedly. Smoke curls from a hole in my mask, the bloodstained bullet already on the ground.

"Interesting," the girl says. Her eyes focus on me.

"But you're more interesting," I say. I heave myself up, groaning. "Dammit, I hate it when they go for headshots. Hurts like a fish."

"A fish?" the girl asks. She turns her head to the side, and as I reinforce my hearing, I hear a soft chuckle.

"Well, first things first. Since you're now awake, what's your name?"

She pauses for a moment. Then, "Kura." Another pause. "And yours?"

I shrug. "I dunno. Many know me as Seven. I've had many names, although my current one at the moment is Kevin."

She thinks for a moment, then says, "Kevin it is then."

"'Kay," I say, "whatever floats your boat. We should get out now, but as soon as we reach a secure location, I have questions for you."

The girl shrugs. "Fine."

I am taken aback by her frankness. Well, hopefully it means that she'll actually answer my questions.

I gesture to her. "Follow me." She nods, and I slam through the fire door, quickly taking out the two men stationed at the top of the stairs with two well-placed shots from Mercy. Fortunately, they aren't like me, and die like normal people.



I flinch as Kevin fires two shots into the heads of two men at the top of the stairs. Horrified at the bleeding, slumped bodies, I again try to do something, but my body refuses to do anything except mindlessly follow. I'd been in that hellish tank far too long for it to be good for me.

We reach the ground floor, but Kevin doesn't stop. He keeps going up the stairs. I manage to keep up with him for the first flight, but soon, I am slowing and panting, my soft and untrained body unused to doing anything more than small jogs for necessary fitness.

I am falling behind when Kevin whirls and runs towards me. As he does so, he claps his hands together, and when he takes them apart, red lightning crackles between them. He slaps his hands to my legs, then claps his hands again and slaps them to my sides, near my lungs.

Energy floods my body. He turns and continues up the stairs. I follow him with my newly energized body, and find I can keep up with him.

Two men slam through the door from the third floor and aim their guns at us. Without hesitation, Kevin jumps onto the railing lining the stairway and uses it for a springboard. In the air, he draws the two swords at his waist and throws them, the swords whirling through the air at a speed my eyes can only hope to keep up with.

The swords stab both men through the stomach, and the force lifts them to slam into the wall.

We keep running, Kevin stopping just long enough to retrieve his swords.

Soon, we reach the thirteenth floor, which is the top floor. Kevin slams through the door to the roof and runs to the edge. He stops and turns to me.

"Is there anything you can use to get to the ground from here?" he asks.

I stare over the edge. "Yes," I confirm. "I can use an air spell to slow me down in midair.

The door to the rooftop opens, and men pour through it. Kevin turns to me.

"Good," he says curtly, and promptly pushes me over the edge.

As I fall, I hear gunshots and metal clanging into metal. I turn myself around and whisper, "Geneyu, parabra hu dohyu." I feel air wrapping itself around me and slowing me down.

As soon as I hit the ground, I look up, shielding my eyes from the sun. A shape rapidly descends, soon recognizable as Kevin. But he is falling way too fast.

He hits the ground in a blur. The ground craters under the immense impact and dust billows up, obscuring my vision. I clap my hands to my mouth to horror. What happened? Was he defeated?

I whisper, "Geneyu…" and a slight wind picks up, blowing the dust away.

Instead of the smashed body I expect, in the middle of the crater, Kevin crouches, looking uninjured. In one smooth movement, he straightens, and brushes himself off. He turns to me. I notice that his mask is cracked in half, with two more bullet holes in it.

As soon as I notice it, it gives one last creak and breaks in half, finally revealing the face of the man who had rescued me.

The first thing I notice was how young he looks. He could, at best, be only a year older than me. His eyes are an odd yellow color and his medium-length hair is a dark brown. A scar lines his face, right under his left eye, no more than four inches long. Everything else about his face is ordinary, if I had seen him in the lab, I would never had remembered him.

He walks past me and says, "Let's go, before I have to kill anyone else."

Those words strike me as odd. He had killed so efficiently, without emotions, and yet he doesn't want to kill? Another question comes to mind. Does he have a choice?

I'm broken out of my thoughts when I hear the roar of an engine. I whirl to see Kevin astride an old-fashioned motorcycle. His twin swords are no longer around his waist, but instead sticking out of compartments on the bike.

"Get on," he says. He motions to a small seat behind him, clearly made for a second rider.

I hesitantly get on, and before I can situate myself, he twists the throttle and starts down the road.


I pull up to my apartment, a different one from before, about 6 blocks farther south.

Kura is clutching my back, her breath coming in small pants. Guess I won't use the bike anymore.

I help her off the bike, and we walk into the apartment. We enter the elevator and go to the third floor. Inside the elevator, an awkward silence hangs in the air. Neither of us are willing to speak, me because I don't want to ask questions until we were safely in my apartment, and Kura for reasons I don't know.

The elevator dings, and Kura jumps a little. She's thinking about something, but I don't know what. Maybe she's thinking about me?
We walk out and I open door number 12, holding the door open for Kura. She enters, and I close the door behind us. I sit down on the chair closest to the window, and Kura sits across from me.

"How old were you when you were taken?" I ask, staring at her, measuring her reactions.

"Four and a half."

I raise me eyebrows. "Impressive. I was five. Barely survived too."

She stares at me. "What do you mean, barely survived? Aren't all of the experiments alive?"

I laugh bitterly. She has no idea. "Alive? They were all terminated. Every single last one."

Her eyes widen almost imperceptibly. Then her face hardens. "You're lying."

I lean forwards, hands supporting my head. "Am I? Can you monitor my vitals?"

She shook her head. Funny, I thought that was standard procedure. "Well, if you could, then everything my vitals revealed to you would prove I'm telling the truth.

"But they showed me a video of one in the army."

A sick feeling worms its way into my gut. "What date?"

"February 14th."

I groan and clasp my hands to my head. "Dammit, I thought she might've survived."

"How do you know it was a she?" Kura asks. She's leaning forwards too.

I raise my head. "Do you know old world slang?"

She nods, confused. "Yeah, so?"

I smile. A tear slips its way out of my eye. "If you lived back then, she would've been known as my girlfriend."