Azarai watched as Zacharias looked back at the army preparing to leave. Tears brimmed her eyes as his met hers.

"I love you, and always will. We will be together again, in this life or the next," he whispered to his young bride. He kissed her passionately, the last kiss he would give her for a long time. The tears spilled over her eyes and he wiped them with his sleeve. He almost said something, but the hunting horn called from the army, and he knew he had to leave. Quietly, he slipped his hand from hers and joined the soldiers.

Azarai was left on the borders of the forest, tears streaming down her face, watching her only love march off to sudden death. On a sudden thought, she looked up to the sky half-hidden by the trees and made a silent vow to the gods that she would see him again, in this life or the next.

About a month after Zacharias left, Azarai had a terrible dream. Her Zacharias was on the battlefield, in full armor, attacking an opponent with his sword. He almost had him, was just about to take his life, when a shadow behind him moved. It was not his shadow, or that of one of his comrades, but instead one of the enemy. The shadow raised his sword, and it came down upon Zacharias. Azarai screamed for him to turn around, but the damage was done. Zacharias was gone, taken by an enemy sword.

Azarai tried to attempt to pass it off as a dream conjured by her worry and imagination. But when a messenger arrived with the letter she did not want to see, she realized the truth. It was not a dream, it had been a vision. And now her love was gone, she was alone in the world. When the messenger requested her presence at the camp to be there for Zacharias's funeral, she made a plan.

After she watched Zacharias's body burn on the pyre, she stole away to his nearly vacant tent. There was his dagger, the one he had had since he was a boy. She held it up to the candlelight.

"Zacharias, though I could not join you in life, I shall in death," she whispered before plunging it into her heart.

Zacharias opened the tent door to find her waiting for him, just as beautiful as when he had left her. They rejoiced at their meeting, and embraced. He kissed her passionately again, now knowing he would never leave her again. Then he led her to heaven.