let Freedom Ring

Chapter 1

"The wind was blowing dusty over the plains of Wirgina as General Lee looked out upon the succulent fruit that was Washinton DC, right across the river.

"I want that fruit," said Lee angrily!

Calling one of his minions, he said to get his right hand mand Stonewall, a massive man with a heart of stone. He loved to inflict pain on other people, especially defenseless negroe.

"Stoenwall," said Lee, "there are derserters. They must be stopped."

Lee spoke these words softly and deliberately, so the full weight of them could transfer upon Stonewall

Stonewall laughed an evil laugh, which surprised everyone since he never laughed.

"Do not worry my lord I have a secret weapon that will stop the deserters and the Northern Armies once and for all!"

A shadowy figure stepped out of the shadows, wearing all black except for his belt which was as red as the red river valley. He showed no trace of emotion and was also Japanese.

"Stonewall you fool how dare you bring an inferior into my presence!" shouted Lee, but before he could continue the mysterious man caught him by the throat

"General do not discoarage me; I think I am the superior one here. Remember that." and let him go, with Lee being visible angry and scared at one.

"I hear you have deserters. Well I will kill those deserters, and president Lincoln too. You shall have your kingdom."

"Just do what you have to!" shouted General Lee, wanting peace from this man.

The mysterious man smiled and walked away, and Stonewall smiled and said "He'll get the job done."

Lee stormed off and began drawing up his plan to conquer America...