Michael used to be a normal guy, he used to be boring, just another young adult not sure of what he wanted from life. The past year was a wakeup call. He knew more than ever what he wanted and if it didn't happen soon it never would. He was tired of hospitals, the stale smell of disinfectant and beeping machines. He wasn't sure how much more he could take. He wouldn't complain, ever. Not to her, at least. Sophie. He loved her. She was his best friend but it was more than that. She was almost twenty now, he'd just had his birthday. They'd been together for ten years, friends through it all. He wanted to confess how he really felt for her, fear held him back.

She lay in the hospital bed, her skin a sickly white, lips dry and pink. Michael was looking out the window, watching the rain splash against the glass. "I'm feeling better today." She said, knocking him from his reverie.

"That's good." He smiled, turning to face her. He laid his hand on hers. She didn't look any better.

"You don't think we'll get it do you?" She asked, a hopeless smile pulling at her thin lips.

Michael dropped his head. This was the third time they've been told Sophie would get the transplant. The first two hadn't come through, any hope they had was shattered in those moments. Michael refused to hope, to wish; any more disappointment would kill him. Sophie raised her hand to caress his cheek.

"Maybe I'll get this one and it'll take. Maybe this time next year I'll be at home, at college." She smiled, her mind flooding with ideas.

"How can you say that!" Michael raised his voice, breaking. "Look at you , you're getting sicker every day. You can barely sit up Sophie." His voice dropped to a defeated whisper. "How can you be so optimistic? You're dying and I'm here every day just watching you."

Sophie frowned, worried as she wiped the stray tears on Michaels cheeks. "Do you believe in Santa, Michael?"

"Sophie," He laughed, painfully. "You're not comparing this to Santa Claus are you?"

"No," She smiled, thinking about it. "Actually, yes. Sort of. Look I'm not completely ignorant, I understand that realistically Santa doesn't exist but there's a part of me that wants to think he does. Its part of Christmas, without Santa, Christmas wouldn't be the same. That's the magic of it. The Christmas spirit. I sit up on Christmas Eve and I know that I'm being ridiculous but I wait and convince myself that whatever slight noise I may hear outside is a sleigh, or bells in the distance. I don't do it because I think I'm right, I don't expect to see reindeer or a hefty man in a red suit, I do it because it makes me happy. It helps me believe that there is something bigger than this."

Michael sniffed, leaning in to rest his forehead on Sophie's. "We'll be living together." He mumbled, lifting his flooded blue eyes to look into Sophie's smiling brown ones.

"Our own house." She whispered back.

"No more hospitals." He murmured. "I'll cook for you every night."

Sophie nodded, stroking his cheek. "I hate cooking. We'll have a puppy; he'll eat your socks.

"And chew on the couch legs." Michael agreed, trying to smile. "But we won't mind."

"We won't mind." Sophie ran her hand through Michael's hair.

"We'll get married at the church your grandparents did." Michael closed his eyes as the tears swelled, burning.

"And travel the world together before coming home to make a family." Sophie watched Michaels face change as he fought to keep it together, his eyes stayed closed.

"A big family. Lots of kids, a dozen grandchildren." He breathed, sobbing as he opened his eyes. "Sophie, don't leave me." It broke her heart. "I am so in love with you. You have to get better."

She pulled Michaels face closer to hers. "I'm not going anywhere OK? I love you Michael."

He looked at her, really looked at her. She was going to live, she had to. Michael dropped his lips onto Sophie's so they barely touched. He felt his own tears fall beneath him. "Heaven can wait." He spoke softly, gazing into Sophie's melting eyes. "You're my angel."

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