No more crying, no more ice-cream.

It's time to get up, and chase my dream.

I am living my dream right now.

I have figured out somehow

That I need to let it all go.

I need to let myself know.

That I deserve better than a hundred lies,

Fake apologies and bitter goodbyes.

I need to stand in the spotlight,

I need to shine out so bright.

You don't even care a bit about me!

Go, I am setting you free.

I am tired of just praying every day,

Waiting for this pain to go away.

I need to get a hold of myself now.

I have figured out somehow

That pinning doesn't make things better.

I need to pull myself back together.

I need to stop holding on.

It's high time that I move on.

Since when did you become so indifferent?

I wonder where your feelings went.

You don't even wanna talk to me,

Go, I am seeing you free.

I know that someday you're

Gonna regret what you did,

But it's gonna be too late when

You realize you were being stupid.

You'll look back and see it was true,

This thing we had, between me and you.

Even if you cry and beg and plead,

I am not gonna forgive you for what you did.

Don't you dare to come running back to me.

Go, I'm setting you free.

I've got better things to do

Than to deal with jerks like you.

You think heart is a toy to be played with?

Try looking at the emotions that lie underneath.

Try loving something for a change.

I don't even wanna take revenge.

Cause I know that

Someday you're gonna look back and see,

All you ever needed was right here with me.

But you're nothing that I wanna be.

Go, I'm setting you free.