All my cherished memories are starting to fade,

As I look forward to a new life ahead.

Colors vanish, smiles disappear, eyes weep.

Everything will end with just a tiny leap.

Life gifts success at such a great cost.

I will always miss the friends I have lost-

The people who were my strength and weakness,

My breath of relief when I was in stress.

Everything is still there- I am moving away.

I am letting it all go, day by day.

All my cherished memories are starting to fade,

I have twelve golden years to forget.

I started my education in this school.

It has made my life this beautiful.

It has taught me to be a good human being.

It has given me strength, faith- everything.

Now how can I be a selfish little bitch?

How can I just decide to switch

Schools just because people say

That it's better that way?

How can I just throw my life away?

How can I just leave all my friends?

I just can't put all my feelings to an end!

I have decided to stay within my school gate.

I will never let my love for my school fade.

A/N: This is exactly what I felt when people were telling me I should change schools. I love my school. I'm so glad I didn't listen to those bitches.