Chapter 2

Lauren kisses his chest a few times and goes to get up.

''where you going?'' Peter asks her kind of pulling on her to stay with him

''to get something to drink would you like something?'' Lauren asks him

''oh I'll go with you.'' he tells her and gets up with her and holds her hand and goes into the kitchen with her where Karen and Larry are cleaning up.

''hey guys need any help?'' Lauren asks them

''nope I think we're all set swe...what is that?'' Karen asks her looking down at the huge rock on her hand

''what this?'' Lauren brings her hand up and smiles widely

''Peter just proposed to me!'' Lauren says happily and excitedly

''well congradulations kid's!'' Karen tells them excitedly

''thank you!'' Lauren says happily and hugs her

''welcome to the family son.'' Larry says shaking Peter's hand

''thanks it's nice to be here and part of it finally.'' Peter says

Lauren just smiles wrapped around Peter's waist.

''congradulations baby wow my little girl is finally engaged!'' Larry says

''I know and we are soo happy daddy!'' Lauren tells him happily

''and that's all that matter's is that you two are in love and happy and want to the spend the rest of your lives together.'' Larry tells her

''we are we do we really daddy!'' Lauren tells him

''welcome to the family Peter.'' Karen tells him

''thanks Karen.'' he says giving her a hug

Lauren goes into the fridge and hands Peter a beer and gets herself out a coke.

''come on baby.'' Lauren tells him and brings him back into the livingroom

''you're not drinking to celebrate our engagement?'' Peter asks her

''nah I had enough wine at dinner I don't need anymore.'' Lauren tells him

''oh okay.'' Peter says

''you wanna go for a snow walk after?'' Lauren asks him

''a snow walk?'' Peter asks her

''oh yea it's tradition we always take a walk in the first snow of the year.'' Lauren tells him

''oh okay!'' Peter says

''good it will be our first snow walk as an engaged couple!'' Lauren tells him excitedly and kisses him playfully

''yea.'' Peter says and smilesand sips his beer putting it down on a coaster just holding Lauren close