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PyroPsycho x-x

After gathering his senses Tristan walked away from the edge of the cliff. Away from that rocky, dusty edge. Away from those sharp jagged-edged rocks that lay under the water for him.

Away from....Everything...Suddenly he turned around sharply, took off running towards the edge of the cliff that had been waiting for his blood to stain the rocks, where he threw himself off.

'I must be insane.' Tristan thought, smiling.

Wind whistled through Tristans long, thick, black hair.

That same wind burned his beautiful green-grey eyes that were eager to see no more.

'Almost there. Taking the easy way to Heaven. Man, this is gonna be great.' He thought as he fell closer and closer to the water.

He couldn't wait.

To die.

He was so close, all he had to do was reach out and he could touch the water.

Or at least that's what it felt like that.

Suddenly hands grabbed him roughly around the waist, taking him by surprise.

'Whathe...' Tristan thought and reached down to see whose hands those were.

To see who was flying him back up...Back to everything that he wanted to get away from.

"Tristan, man, you have to be insane to pull something as crazy as this. I mean throwing yourself off the edge of a cliff seriously? I mean come on dude," Tex said setting Tristan on the dusty ground, while he folded(A/N: That was not the word I was looking for. Haha.) his beautiful angel white wings close to his back.
"Why?" Tristan asked plainly.
"WHY?! Because you- you threw yourself off the edge of a cl-" Tex began flailing his arms in a wide circle.

"NOT THAT!" Tristan yelled.

"Oh...What'd you mean then?"

" I meant why'd you....Y'know-" Tristan whispered, trailing his index finger in the dust, at a loss of words.

"Oh...That...Because I, Tristan," Tex began laying down next to Tristan and running his long tan fingers in his cool wind tossed hair, while leaning towards his ear. "Because, I love you. Alot. I need you. We all do. Every single one of us."

Tristan looked up at Tex shocked then he turned and kissed Tex on the lips.

Timidly at first, scared Tex didn't want to kiss him but when Tex responded and kissed him back, Tristan wasn't so scared.

He felt at ease, relaxed for the first time in a while.

"That's funny," Tristan whispered when him and Tex were through kissing, only stopping because they were scared Rush would walk in and find them, "I've felt the same way about you. I love you too Tex."

Then they got up, as if nothing happened, and began walking home, without looking back.

Because if they had, they might have seen a boy.

A boy with bright unnaturally red hair.

A boy named Grell, who was smiling because he had known all along that Tex and Tristan were meant to be and had been waiting to see how long they would hide and act like they had no feeling for each other.

And with that Grell walked away to find his boyfriend Yunho.

And CUT!

Okay the reason I'm posting this is:

A)Because I've gotten told I should.

B) "It's sooooo kawaii!" or "It's cute and really good!"

C) Because I, Ciel, FELT like it.