The Choking Game


Another Day

I made up my mind in my sleep. I went to all my friends that I didn't know and I said that I didn't want to die. They asked if I was taking drugs, and they said if I was, I should stop. But I said I wasn't, and that confused them. I told them that Elise said playing was dangerous, and look where it got her. They told me to shut up and play, and it wouldn't be dangerous anymore. When I started crying that I didn't want to play because I didn't want to die, Grant walked up behind me and scooped me up. He held me close and whispered that it would be over soon, oh, so soon. I hugged him and cried some more. I wanted out; I wanted out.

But Grant squatted down and let the other touch me. I wanted him to be my wall, my shield, but he slipped a rope around my neck. I screamed, bashing my fists everywhere. I hit an eye and snapped a nose, but Grant didn't let go.

Oh, and then the rush, and I fell limp, moaning. A strangled coughing sound wiggled out of my throat, but the joy, the relief, the escape...

I don't know when the sirens started, or if there were sirens at all. I don't know how the cops knew, or why they cared at all. I was only one of many.

My friends that I didn't know abandoned me, all except for Grant, who wanted to take me with him. But the others said that if he didn't want to end up like his traitor sister, that he'd live me behind and run.

Grant ran.

I don't know what happened after that. The cops might have come, or they might've been after something else. They might have tried to help me, or they might've gone after my playmates. I didn't know anything else. I only knew the brief moment of satisfaction, and after that, nothing.

That night, I died.


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