'Sell Us a Sad Story'
Like weakness in my father,
That's there,
and I'm an Aimless Wreck,..

first, jumping over –to see you–
a rail to my death –to reach you–
is but divide, an excusing slip –to start things–
and a rope makes it art.

The world (had) changed when I awoke,
soul opened to Pliny's dilemma:
Put to paper in dreams, eyes opened;
this, all that remained:

The Necessity,
sharing every loss with everyone,
Of Invention,
at this moment—progress,
Mutual Mothers,
and Language—
the tunneling combine of stomachs
like refracting bending light in
Identical hasn't fit yet.

"I love how lovely women are,
and 'if she's not perfect,
I only saw her had moments.'
'Protect and cherish your daughters'
–teach your sons."

He likes the sound of his own voice
but doesn't listen to himself.