That stupid song played today

There was nothing I could do

I tried so hard to turn it off

Fuck "Fall For You"

Brought all the memories

Flooding back

All the emotions

All that crap

I close my eyes

And all I can see

Is the white fluffy coat

You wore with me

The first time you came over

After "Secret Lovers" had been said

God how I wish the memories

Would all just stay fucking dead

You sat there on my sofa

Waiting for a move

I grabbed your shoulder gently

In hopes you wouldn't disprove

I lowered your head gently

And dropped it on my thigh

Took my hand and started to rub

Your hair back from your eye

Around your ear and down your neck

My hand continued to stroke

The smile on your face

I was so happy to provoke

Or all the time we spent

In your mother's car

Right before we had to work

That left the biggest scar

Wed lay there for hours

Id look deep in your eyes

And think just how lucky I was

To be there by your side

You'd stroke my hair and hold me close

And I would almost cry

I could not believe I was with a girl

I had finally come out as Bi

You were the first girl I came out to

Before you the closet was shut

But you came along looking fine

And in two, my heart, you cut

I remember our day sleep ins

Movies all day long

You would lay right next to me

And it never did feel wrong

We would laugh and sleep and cuddle

And you'd hold me nice and tight

But some time in the middle

I turned out not to be right

I remember our first night

When you cried over by your self

I came over and slept with you

I couldn't help myself

I talked to you all night through

And that's when the flame lit

I liked you and you had no idea

But I was in for some shit

Or how about when we had sex

In your bed or in mine

You couldn't believe I was so new

Cause apparently I sure could screw

I knew you on the inside

As well as I knew you on the out

That's why I was so good at sex

And you couldn't help but shout

I hate these memories so fucking much

I want them to go away

Just like you did long ago

And left me with the pain

Oh and your quotes on facebook

They get me every time

"that is NOT okay"

From when we were in our prime

Or how about the apple juice

You would leave in my Jeep

Every time I see that one

It always cuts me deep

I remember when you left me

For that worthless piece of trash

Didn't even stay with him

Put him in your past

But a couple days later

I remember you changed your mind

Said you thought you made a mistake

And I wasn't very kind

I told you never mention it

I was done with you and it all

My heart that day dropped to the floor

I couldn't walk, I couldn't crawl

You tared me up and spit me out

Then gave me a little hope

Then you changed your mind again

And left me alone to mope

I wonder what would have happened

If I had said Im glad

Instead of leaving and slamming the door

And getting raging mad

Never mind I do not wonder

The answer is already there

You would have left me anyway

I was fat and you didn't like my hair

Can I say I really loved you

I guess, why not, sure

But did you really love me

That one is a blur

I had no idea what you thought of me

All I know is I didn't make the cut

And you never did give me a chance

To ever try and rebut

Second chances they don't come much with you

Once you dump them they are through

I was dumped and had no chance

A chance with you I blew

I know I never cross your mind

And I think that's what hurts the most

Cause when ever that song comes on

Painful doesn't even come close