Summary: That girl is going to be the death of me… femslash. Also strong violence/ strong language/ sexual content/ substance abuse/ and other related themes.

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No Sleep Tonight

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Christ! Why do I let him talk me into these things? Megan slowly opened her tired eyes and reached for the aspirin that she kept in her top dresser drawer. Her head was throbbing and the sunlight shining in through her blinds was not helping in that moment. Fuck! She placed two pills on her tongue and swallowed them. Her eyes searched around the room, I'm in my room and in my bed. Brilliant.

Megan scanned her brain for any memories of the previous night, but she was quickly interrupted as she heard the breathing of another human being in her bed. Her eyelids clinched together. Please don't be a random shag, please don't be a random shag, please don't be a.. The blonde twisted her head around. Oh fuck! Her mouth hung low as she glared at a beautiful brunette sleeping on the other side of her usually empty bed. I'm going to be sent to jail because I'm going to MURDER that bastard!

She tossed the duvet off of her torso and slowly removed herself from the mattress. Without bothering to grab a pair of pants, she opened her bedroom door and quietly shut it behind her. "Jackson.." She whispered. "Jackson Murray, where the fuck are you!" Her voice had apparent anger in it as she searched her entire house for her missing friend.

"Shh!" Megan heard a deep voice coming from her mum's bedroom.

"Jax.." She questioned whilst peaking into the room where the voice had just come from. "Jax." The blonde repeated but this time a bit louder when she realised her mum didn't sleep home last night, instead her best mate was laying in her mum's bed.

"I'm sleeping.." Jackson looked over to the clock on the nightstand, "It's only 6AM."

"Why is there a sexy brunette sleeping in my bed?" Megan crossed her arms. She began pacing around the room in nothing but her knickers and t-shirt. "I don't do random shags! How could you let me do this?"

"There's a sexy brunette in your bed?" Jackson looked flabbergasted. He immediately jumped off the bed, wearing only boxer shorts, and ran out into the hallway. He slowly opened her bedroom door. "Bloody hell Megs.." Jackson shut the door making sure not to make any noise. "When'd that happen?"

Megan pulled her friend by his arm. "You're telling me that you have NO idea who that is?" She regarded Jackson with a sceptical eye.

"Mate, we were sloshed last night-" Jackson answered. The two sat down side-by-side on the edge of her mum's bed. "Well.." He turned his head to the blonde, "You were in need of a good shag anyway."

Megan punched Jax playfully in the shoulder. "Fuck off, tosser." Fucking hell. Megan let her mind wander on all the times he had gotten her in trouble. She formed a smile. Jackson was a bastard.. But she loved him for it and he loved her back. Best mates through and through.

"Megs! I'm home!"

Megan jumped up as she heard the voice echo through the entire house. "Shit."

"It's only your mum, babes. Chill, yeah?"

"What's going on here then?" Megan's mum asked when she entered her room.

The brunette nodded her head in acknowledgement to her mother. "Hi mum."

Jackson draped his arm over Megan, "Regina.. Our Megs seems to have a girl asleep in her bed."

"Well done, Meggie. Haven't seen you with anyone is quite a while." Regina laughed and headed over to her wardrobe. "You lot can leave now, yeah? Got to get dressed for work."

Megan took hold of Jackson's arm, yet again, and began to drag him out of the room. "Wait.." He paused. His eyes grew wide and Jackson grinned from ear to ear. "Wait a tick! Yep, now I remember that bird." He snapped his fingers at the recollection. "We met her at the pub last night. She was with a bunch of hot babes. Chatted up a nice blonde one, me. I'm sure of it."

"And you just suddenly remembered that now?" Megan questioned.

"Yep. I definitely remember her around that blonde. She was hot. I'm thinking I boned her last night." He turned to Regina who was laughing at the two mates.

"Gross." Megan scrunched her face together.

Regina patted her daughter on the shoulder. "Well then, love, mystery solved."

"Ugh, you both are so IRRITATING!" Megan stomped her way out of the room.

"Whatever, you love me." Jackson shouted before she disappeared into the hallway.

"Fucking.. Fuck.. Fucking fuckers.." Megan stammered as she walked into her bedroom, blatantly irritated. She paused at the sight of the gorgeous brunette sitting on the edge of Megan's bed tying her Nike trainers.

"Massive vocabulary you've got going there." The girl smiled. After finishing her shoelaces, the brunette left the bed and stood with confidence in front of Megan.

Megan rolled her eyes, "Yeah. Well, I go to college and all that."

"Right, so I gather from all the chatter out there that you don't remember a bit from our escapades last night." The girl smirked deviously.

"Not really." Megan looked down awkwardly at her clothing-- knickers and a t-shirt. She didn't mind being dressed this way in front of Jackson or her mother.. But this girl was another story. "Did we.. erm.."

"What?" She stepped closer to the blonde. Megan considered backing up, but something about this girl being so close made her body tingle. "Fuck?" The way she said that word had Megan's body on fire. As she leaned in towards Megan's lips, she suddenly stopped. "I've got to get going."

She turned around and walked out of Megan's bedroom. Now in the hallway, she still wanted.. needed.. to know what happened last night. "Did we shag or not?" Bullocks.. The two girls were surrounded by Megan's mum and her best mate Jackson.

The brunette let out a little chuckle. She stepped over into Megan, wrapped her fingers around the blonde's neck, and pulled her into her wanting lips. The kiss was short lasting. But left a sting on Megan's lips as she pulled away, "No. We didn't shag." She nearly ran down the stairs but paused one last time, "Call me when you remember last night."

Megan, Jackson, and Regina heard the front door slam shut. "Well then.." Regina muttered.

"Looks like you didn't willy waggle, eh?" Jackson slapped Megan on her back and walked down the stairs, now fully dressed. "I'll see you later. Got to get me home." They heard the door slam for the second time.

Regina walked into her bedroom, leaving Megan alone. She rose her index finger to her lips. I need to find out what happened last night. I need to. The blonde bit her bottom lip, she smiled, then retired to her room for the rest of the morning. Sleep first..

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