Sept. 26th, 2010
Little Monster

They called her the little monster,
But they didn't know it'd be true.

It worked out just like a chemistry experiment,
But she wasn't an experiment.

They held her down as the liquid seeped into open pores,
Shut her mouth over slick, smooth acid,

Let her swallow and develop the appetite,
And waited for their masterpiece.

A bitterness would build, in days and seconds,
That grew an grew, until it exploded.

The town had to run and hide, or else be killed,
Their own artwork backfiring.

Youth would never disappear in her stony body,
And blood would never stop pulsing.

She ran away into wicked woods,
Leaving her evidence of carnage strewn across burned buildings.

She would have dreams that never left her,
Spilling bloody words across a haunted mind.
They screamed 'there is no end!'
Let us in, they begged,
They can't save you now.
And there she would stay, too afraid of the light.
Too afraid that it would be true,
Refusing to prove them right.