Earl Grey

by The Crazy Cat Lady


To be naturally born as a cat and then get trapped inside a human body is the worse destiny Fate has ever planned for me. How in the world did this happen? Before I tell you my story, you must know my background herstory.

I had roamed as a stray in Sunpatch Hill since the day I was born. I was the only survivor after my mother had given birth to a litter. It's true that I was never as beautiful as her. She was a graceful tabby with a coat of splendid colors of autumn leaves. I, on the other hand, was born a plain calico. Although I didn't possess my mother's outer beauty, I was as strong and lithe as her. My mother had also been the greatest hunter that stalked the day and night. She bested even the large males. After my mother had taught me all I needed to survive, she passed away peacefully.

I will now take you to the beginning of my foolish journey.