I'm Done!

1.) I thought I was finally through before

I thought I would finally let go

But it seems like I gave you a last shot

Well you blew that too

So I'm done! I don't care if you cry

I don't care if you're angry

I'm just done!

2.) What do you want from me?

I'm not perfect but either are you

So stop trying to be

Stop pretending that everything's ok

It's not we are just done

And I'm done

With the situation

Don't even talk to me

I'm done

3.) If you just don't get why

I don't know how blind you are

Just think of your actions

And think of my shoes

But I think you won't

Because everything's about you

So like I said

I'm done!

*Repeat 2 (Chorus)*

Good luck with your friend

I know it won't take them long

To find out like I did

It's not going to be long

Just remember I'm out!

Just remember…

*Repeat 2 (Chorus)*

I'm done!

And I'm not going back