Literature Style: Essay

Written by: ToastWeaselofDOOM

Written on: 08/26/2010

Written For: English

Prompt: Write an essay about what makes a good student.

A Good Student

A good student maintains good work habits, follows all directions, and has a positive attitude towards learning. These attributes are the key to not only succeeding in school, but also succeeding in life. Good work habits ensure that all assignments are completed and turned in on time, while following directions affords the student a positive relationship with the teacher. Meanwhile, a positive attitude towards learning shows the instructor that the student appreciates the class and the material being taught. A good student knows that being positive, following directions and keeping good habits will please teachers and make it easier for the student to achieve good grades.

Work habits are essential for a student to succeed. A student must be organized in order to handle the many papers he or she receives throughout the day. A student must also store assignments in a place where they are easily found. If a student is not organized, it will be hard for them to find papers to be completed or turned in and the student will be penalized for late or missing work. Good work habits also include eliminating procrastination and replacing the bad habit with diligence and time management. A student must also be punctual in submitting assignments when they are due. Quick, thorough completion, organization, and diligence all are excellent habits that increase the productivity of a student. A good student will realize this and will utilize his or her good work habits to his or her advantage.

Following instructions is an important skill for a student to master. A competent student knows that following directions helps favor him in the eyes of the teacher. Students who follow directions have more time to work instead of asking pointless questions or disrupting class. Listening to and following directions can prevent confusion, which is why a good student should listen to any and all orders given before beginning the work being assigned.

A positive attitude towards learning shows enthusiasm at the prospect of learning and is something all good students should possess. A positive attitude increases a student's ability to learn, as it allows the mind to be open to new opinions and possibilities. If a student has a negative attitude, the mind of that student will be closed off to any information that might be important. It is imperative that good students be optimistic and greet every challenge with a smile.

A good student can have many qualities. They can be polite and attentive, responsible and intelligent, and can take pride in their work while being humble at the same time. However, to be a great student, one must have competent work habits in order to obtain the grades required to be considered a good student. In order to have work habits, one must follow all directions so as to know how to complete the assignments given. A positive attitude helps better receptiveness of the brain and can help improve student-teacher relations. It is always better to have a teacher who is pleased with her students than to have a teacher who cannot stand the sight of her class.