"He knows." Are the first words that left Leanne's mouth when she approached me. My jaw dropped. How could he know? For years I'd been able to keep everyone but Leanne (she's my best friend, why wouldn't I tell her?) in the dark about my absolute obsession with Christopher Hunt. And trust me, that's quite an accomplishment, if you went to my high school you'd be impressed. But still, how could he know?

"What the hell Leanne, how'd he find out?" I let out a silent screech.

"Apparently, Fiona heard you and me talking in the washroom about him," she shook her head, "What a bitch."

"Oh my God, do you know what's going to happen now?"

Leanne grimaced.

"Everyone is going to know! They're going to laugh at me!"

"Why would they laugh at you? Chris isn't a nerd or anything, lots of girls like him." She shrugged.

"Yes, but they're going to laugh at me for liking him. They all know that I have no chance with him so they're going to laugh at me." Stupid seventh grade… I met Chris in seventh grade, when he wasn't popular, didn't have his own clique, wasn't the schools all-star soccer player… I met him when he was invisible to girls, yet he wasn't invisible to me. We hung out for a while, became good friends and on the last day of school before summer vacation, he gave me my first kiss. When we came back from summer vacation that year, everything about him seemed to change. The people he hung out with were older and the girls he noticed had big breasts and walked around like they worked at a strip joint.

Now, four years later, I'm invisible to him still.

It just shows that good things never last.

People knew that I had liked Chris a while ago, anyone who didn't know about what happened with Chris and I in seventh grade must live in the gutter, but they had forgotten about it. Well, so I thought.

I could already see everyone talking about this. I was in deep shit.

The five minute warning bell for first period rang.

"Crap Leanne!"

"Sorry, Maddy, I have to get to Socials; Mr. Slovak will kill me if I'm late one more time." Leanne gave me a quick half smile before running off down the halls, weaving through people.

My first class was English with Mrs. Burns, just down the hall, but guess who's in that class with me? Yeah, if you guessed Chris you would be right. I've never been a particularly lucky person, but I never knew that fate could be this cruel.

Shit on a stick… I'd have to face in eventually, so why not now, right? Stupid reason. I walked, getting closer to Hell with each step.