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Dear Mum,

The shrink said to write to you, even though youll never read it, or can you? I wonder if they even deliver mail where-ever you are right now. I feel bad about how our family has fallen apart. You dieing was the last straw I guess, because he went out for wine and cigarettes and never came back.

I think it was the pressure, your death, damien going, he wanted me to come too you know? And me being, well, you know the case. And you know, I think its mostly to do with me. Was I in the wrong? Is it my fault?

My illness blinds people, they seem to think...that i'm less capable than everyone else. Which is totally untrue, I mean, I can do what ever the hell I want. But people here give me the look. Basically, the look is the sympathetic cock of the head, as if they're thinking 'poor thing'. I hate it, I dont look different, well, the scarf kinda gave it away at the start, but once my hair grew back again and I started getting better, the look seemed to be everywhere I went. The mall, the park, even at school. Its cancer, not the plaugue! But no matter how much I explain it. No matter how much I put on my big girl pants, and deal with it, it stays plastered on their stupid faces.

'So my letter to you is also going to be the last one I send you from our home. Im leaving this city, our memories -some good, but the bad are too painful- for a low key life in Ohio, you remember how you always dreamed of living there? I had no idea why, I mean, its a cow town.

But anyway, im leaving, I found an apartment near a lake, Im using dads credit card to pay the deposit, until I get a job there, so dont give me that look, if you are. So ill upddate you when I get there.

Remember I love you. And I hope they give you this, I was going to sing at your funeral, but ever since the accident, I dont really feel like singing. So anyway, Au Revoir! Keep on keepin on.

Your Daughter,


P.S- I found the letter you left for me. I haven't taken that locket off since I got it. Its song reminds me of you, and my childhood, it was the lullabye you sang to me when I had bad dreams, right?'

Thats okay, I thought to myself as I put the crisp white letter into an envelope with birds on it. I didnt really know what to do with the letter, I couldnt leave it there, the cold, dimly lit apartment was about to be abandoned, I couldnt abandon my mother. I placed it next to my bag, which held another letter, one for the next owners of this house. It read;

'Hey new guys,

my name is Katie Cruise, im almost 17, and for the last month, ive been living here alone, this apartment was mine and my families home for 6 years, I have a lot of good memories here, I really hope you'll like it.

I hope youll discover my secret door behind the main wardrobe, I kept all my special stuff in there, and that dint in the wall next to the stairs? Thats where my brother persuaded me that I was the girl who could walk through walls in x-men. Yeah, not so much fun proving that one wrong...

but anyways, I hopw you get the chance of living long and happy lives here, I know that was my dream! But alas, new york isnt where I belong anymore. So enjoy!

Yours sincerely,

Katie Cruise. Former occupant of this appartment.

P.S- watch out for the guy across the alley, he sleepwalks, and as I so "joyfully" found out, he also sleeps. Nude. *shudders.'

I knew exactly where this letter was going, my ex-land lady was a really nice person, she was able to give me exensions when I couldnt pay rent or something, so she'd let me put this letter right on the breakfast bar.

I sighed as I took one last look at the place where my life unfolded.

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