The day passed slowly, as Kayin barely came in at all. It was actually a good thing too, since the one time he came in, I had reacted like a scared kitten. I was afraid he was still angry with me because of the day before and would hit me again. Mr. Reiner ended up bringing me dinner and apologized again for Kayin having ignored me all day. He gave me a little remote control and told me that I could use it the next day to call Kayin for anything that I needed or wanted. He demonstrated the on/off buttons a couple of times before kissing the top of my head and leaving me for the night.

I played with the odd looking remote that Mr. Reiner had given me. He had told me that I could use it the next day to summon Kayin when I needed something, but he'd also hinted that it was okay to push the buttons as much as I wanted. It seemed a little weird and I wondered just how the thing was supposed to get the clone's attention. Holding it over my head, I pressed the on button, staring at the little red light for a long moment before pressing the off.

Frowning at the small remote, I began to take more notice of the other buttons on it. There were four coloured buttons and then two numbered ones. It made me more than a little curious as to what they did and how they'd actually help in summoning Kayin. I couldn't help it. I turned it on again and strained my ears as I slowly worked through each of the six other buttons. Colours first, pink, blue, green, and yellow then the two numbers. I didn't hear anything, but I figured that it was just too quiet to make it through the door. Eventually, I gave up and turned it off again.

I sighed, brushing my thumb over the buttons as I rolled to my side. For a moment I kind of wished I was sleeping in the master bedroom again. It had been warmer in there, but still I was tired. I curled up, tucking my hands against my chest, still holding the remote as my eyes began to drift close. My eyes fluttered open after a bit as my body spasmed, but I quickly slipped back into the darkness of dreamland. Dreams of home. Dreams of my family. Good dreams.

I woke in the morning with a groan, realizing it had been a bad idea to not ask Mr. Reiner for a chance to use the bathroom before he locked me in the room for the night. I shifted uncomfortably before rolling over a hard lump in the bed. I moved immediately and stared at the small white remote in mild confusion until my brain woke up. When it dawned on me what it was and why it was in the bed, I picked it up and cut it off again. Well, hopefully it meant I'd get to go to the bathroom sooner.

"What is it?" Kayin asked flatly when he opened the door a few minutes later, his voice scratchy like he had a sore throat.

"I'm sorry," I said quickly. "I was just needing to use the bathroom." He closed his eyes for a moment. I couldn't help but notice how tired he seemed.

"Come on," he said, holding the door open. I quickly scrambled off the bed and dashed past him to the hall bathroom. I had really needed to go! Once done, I washed my hands and then brushed my teeth before silently going back to my room. I stopped in the doorway for a moment.

"Thank you," I said quietly without turning to look at him. I couldn't bring myself to not still be nice to him. I went to the closet after he shut and locked the door again where my sketchbook was and began writing my little journal again. I wrote oddly, in case Mr. Reiner or Kayin picked it up or noticed the writing. I didn't want them to be able to read it easily. It was a little difficult to write in the maze like pattern, but I was confident that even I would have trouble reading it later. I was so engrossed that I didn't notice Kayin not come back with breakfast and was suddenly reminded when my stomach growled at me.

Crawling out of the closet, I went over to the bed where the remote was laying and debated for a moment using it. I hated bugging Kayin, but I hated my stomach growling too. Finally, I sighed and turned the remote on, not really paying it much attention other than to notice the red light on. I jumped and dropped the remote a few moments later as the door was violently opened.

"What?" Kayin demanded. I stepped back away from him, afraid he was going to hit me again even though he still seemed... off.

"I'm sorry!" I said quickly, dropping to my knees to pick up the remote and turn it off. I still wasn't hearing how it called him, but I knew it did. "I was just wondering if I could trouble you for something to eat. I was getting rather hungry and a bit thirsty."

"Fine," he said and turned and left the room. It took him a bit, but he eventually came back with the food and leaned against the wall as he usually did. I ate quickly, but he had his eyes closed so I set my fork down silently.

"Kayin, can I ask you something?" I asked, watching him breathe fairly unevenly. He finally opened his eyes and looked at me.


"How does this thing 'call' you?" I asked holding up the remote so he knew what I was talking about. "I had thought it'd be like a butler bell or something, but I have yet to hear anything of any sort."

"It just does." I frowned deeply at his answer. I wanted to know what the stupid thing did.

"Tell me? I don't like using it if I don't know what it does," I pleaded. I really didn't like the fact that it didn't make a sound that I could hear and Mr. Reiner's smile had been on the creepy side when he gave it to me. He sighed and closed his eyes after staring at me for another long moment.

"It vibrates," he said, just barely loud enough to be considered a normal tone. "Are you done yet?" Unfortunately, I barely registered the second question after the answer. My body was seizing up as my mind swirled around the word, bringing up a picture of something I had stumbled across in Ryder and Michelle's bedroom once.

"V-v-vibrates?" I stuttered and my eyes moved over him, trying to find anything that would easily be something other than what my mind was picturing. "Like a... Oh god!" I dropped the remote and slid back on the bed away from it, staring at it in horror and disgust. "Oh god! Oh god! I'm so sorry! I didn't know! Oh god!" He scoffed some and grabbed the tray.

"Seemed to know what it did just fine last night," he muttered and left the remote on the bed.

"Please believe me!" I cried. "I didn't know! I was honestly just listening for possible sound last night! I'm so sorry! I never would have..." I hugged my knees to my chest, rocking slightly. He sighed heavily and put a hand to his forehead.

"Fine, whatever. I don't care," he said, grabbing the door knob and half leaning against it. I stopped my rocking and glanced at the remote to make sure it was off. Something was wrong with Kayin and I wanted to be sure I wasn't the reason.

"Kayin?" I asked softly, sniffling some as I started toward him. "Are you okay? You don't look so well..." I tentatively reached out to put a hand on his arm and almost snapped my hand back at the hot, clamy skin. "You should lay down, Kayin. I promise I won't run away, but you should lay down, like now." I grabbed his arm and pulled him back toward the bed. He stumbled and dropped the dishes to the floor. He half landed on the bed before starting to slide and I quickly did my best to stop him.

It took everything I had, but I pushed him up onto the bed fully and wrapped the blanket over him. He was shivering and sweating and I knew enough to know he was really sick. I left him there and went to the master bath to check the cabinet for medicine. I found some Nyquil pills, Aspirin and a thermometer before taking them back to the spare bedroom. I frowned a bit as I realized that Kayin was out like a light and set the medicine on the side table. The only other thing I knew of to help with fevers was cold compresses.

I picked up the dishes he had dropped as I made my way out to the kitchen and began searching for a bowl. Once I found one, I filled it with ice and then cold water before taking it and a glass of water to the bedroom. I soaked a wash cloth in the bowl and laid it out on Kayin's forehead. I got up and left the room again to find a phone, thinking that if Mr. Reiner was hurting Kayin then he'd at least be safe for a little while at the hospital to get over this sickness and I could go home. My heart sunk as I held the phone to my ear, hearing absolutely nothing on the other end. No dial tone. I was stuck here still.

Trying to keep myself from crying, I went back to the spare bedroom and crawled onto the bed. I sat there beside him, rewetting the washcloth about every ten minutes to help keep him cooler. After almost two hours, he finally showed signs of life, moaning and shifting a bit. I reached over to grab the medicine and glass of water, as I gently shook Kayin's shoulder.

"Kayin," I called softly. "I need you to take some medicine. It'll help you feel better." I didn't know if it really would, but something was better than nothing and he definitely needed to drink something. He groaned a bit.

"Tired..." I frowned at the pathetic voice and slid my hand under the back of his neck, trying to sit him up enough that he wouldn't choke.

"I know you are, Kayin," I replied. "But I need you to drink some water and take some medicine. I promise it will make you feel better." His eyes opened a bit for a moment before suddenly going wide and he was struggling to sit up. Almost instantly he folded over, coughing into the space between his legs. I rubbed his back in my best attempt at soothing as I frowned. "You shouldn't be moving like that. Just take this medicine and drink some water and lay back down. You need to rest." He shook his head and tried to push himself up again.

"D-daddy... Daddy's dinner..." he mumbled, still fighting to try and get out of bed. "... get in.. trouble..." I bit my lip and moved to straddle his lap, knowing that right this moment, he couldn't have fought himself out of a wet paper bag.

"Kayin, listen to me!" I said firmly, grabbing his shoulders. "You are going to take this medicine, drink this water, and go back to sleep. Don't worry about Daddy's dinner. I'll make it. Just sleep." He blinked some, quite obviously out of it.

"You'll... make dinner?" he muttered.

"Yes, I'll make dinner so you don't get into trouble," I replied. "So please, take this medicine and rest. You look like death." He sagged a bit and nodded. I sighed a bit in relief. "Thank you, Kayin." I got him to take the medicine and lay back down before replacing the wash cloth on his head. After making sure he was situated, I went to the kitchen to fullfill my promise to keep him out of trouble.

It took me a little while, but I finally found where the cookbooks were hidden and opened one on the counter as I poked through the cabinets and fridge to figure out what I had to cook. It was a little more difficult than usual, since normally I was cooking with Ryder or Michelle or both, but I managed to get it done and on the table as I heard the rumble of an engine pull up outside. I quickly moved to start cleaning up the mess I had made, not looking up as Mr. Reiner came in. I was afraid he'd be angry that I wasn't locked in the spare room.