Heart Cards

a short story

I am a selective mute. Strange, yes, but a choice I made with good reason....

No one really knows that reason, obviously...

I go to school just like anyone else (I just write answers and responses down when I'm called on instead of vocally)

I have conversations with my parents (I just use my hands instead of my voice)

I have friends (they just have four legs)


I haven't spoken since the third grade and people have accepted that fact quite well....sort of.

But sometimes I miss telling someone how I feel, screaming






Then one day it changed.

Before, I didn't have anyone who I thought was worth talking to

Now there's someone I'm dying to say two spoken words to.

The only problem is....

He's in high school.

I'm in middleschool

I only see him when my bus drops off the highschoolers in the morning before driving to my school.

I brought a notecard and a pen on the bus one day.

He happened to have one of each in his pocket...

And that is how it begins.