To a Given Time,
May I name this Hell?..
It's been highlighted by indifference.

Though what distinction could you make
when I'm not there anymore?


To her
For that given time:

Please do not start this
only because you can,
only then to leave
without a word of why.


There are some one loves
for no reason than to find it,
but this means nothing to distance,..
as the hint of love or its allusion
is quickly drowned in miles of branching landscape
and a dissipating view of your horizon.

And how I would allocate sight in stare
till the eve of your discomfort,
away, and then to you,
retrace, review for as long as need be,
and call it, 'Proving your beauty.'
Or prove my-self's value
in my writing to all,
but only after
my attempt to you;..
and if you do not accept,
then to everyone.

But for you, it seems, there's always tomorrow;
not that I won't be there then,
but that you're willing to chance it.


I object to none of these cosseted moments
as you were mine for a week or Sunday
and wish you all my happiness
if I may not know it's yours...
as to say
towards the time
we meet again.