A tiny boat in was in the waters of Ireland thought Mark O' Bridges. A tiny boat in these waters. It seemed to be all he was thinking about...there wasn't much to keep him occupied today....the water was still as glass.

The sun was shining brightly, so bright that it hurt his eyes but it was a price to pay to make his living. There wasn't even wind to sit back and listen to as it gently sways by. He was grateful for the cool weather the good Lord was giving today so it wasn't so hot on the fishing waters.

Maybe one day he could have enough pounds to buy a grand ship like the Lennon boy had.

Mark yawned and stretched out and leaned back in the small fishing boat to take a nap he figured. What else was there to do?

Barely two minutes had passed when....he heard the winds.

It startled him, the day had been so quiet but what was unreal about that? Things suddenly come up.

It happened again and a strong feeling came over Mark to row his tiny boat over to another part of the ocean, just a little ways, mind you.

He rowed and rowed until his arms got tired and he put his fishing pole in and then his net. The pole was to catch what ever he could for his supper and the fish in the net was to sell...if there was any....the luck of the Irish wasn't with Mark O' Bridges here lately but he still kept trying.

He thought he saw something out of the corner of his eyes. Nothing. Just a sea gull.

Dark clouds came rolling in then. He scratched his head and started to pull his net in, he figured he wouldn't do anything in this weather. But then....

He defiantly saw something. He turned around and sure as his heart beats, he saw her!

It is a woman! A lovely lass to be sure! He thinks she is real , but how can it be? There is no land nearby for her just to walk from but there she is as sure and real as the day is long!

She is of a good woman's height, nearing of five feet and 3 inches tall, blond hair as bright as the sun's ray's what of it comes out from underneath a dark cloak and a blue dress seems to be coming out from underneath her cloak. She wears no shoes but that makes sense and it was then he noticed her face.

Her skin seemed to be as white and smooth as the milk he drinks but he notices her eyes…blood seemed to be coming from her eyes like tears.

He started to say something but something else caught his attention from his net and when he looked up she was gone!

He was scratching his head in puzzlement but he shrugged and turned around and pulled his net up. It was blooming heavy! He pulled and pulled with all his strength of a man of twenty and seven years should have.

He finally got the net up and in his little boat.

"Saints be praised!"

The net was FULL! More fish than he's seen in no telling how many days!

He smiles grandly at his load but…a eerie feeling still comes over him and he looks back at the rock but still no girl.


After Mark takes his fish to the market to sell, he decides to spend some at the local tavern.

The tavern he chooses is 'The Spirit of the seas' . The inn is full of men enjoying their Irish beer and whisky with the fierce gusto of a man after a hard day's work.

Mark goes up to the bar and puts down some gold coins and hollers,

"Barkeep! A beer and keep her coming!"

The bartender goes over and sweeps off the gold coins into his pocket and he goes a pours a glass of beer into a chilled glass and he brings it over and gives it to Mark and asks,

"It's been a while since you've been in here Mark. Did you do your mother proud on the seas?"

Mark takes a large gulp then says,

"Aye, I did good. Could I ask you something friend?"

The bartender looks at his friend and says,


Mark takes another drink then asks,

"Has there been stories told of a woman….out at the seas on a rock with red tears?"

The bartender looks at him quite puzzled then says,

"Not that I know of, why lad?"

Mark looks at his rough and rowdy mates in the tavern laughing up a storm as nearly as big as the one brewing outside and he says,

"I thought I saw a woman like that today…out there"

The bartender laughs then says,

"You must have been seeing things me boy. A day of fishing on them seas will give a man to fancying all sorts of the likes"

Mark thinks it over as he strokes his small beard then says,

"I suppose"

The bartender then says,

"Now, just go and enjoy the dance floor. Pick a fine lass, the boys will be coming to sing and play music for us in a while! Enjoy yourself me laddie and forget the day!"

Mark takes one more huge sip of his beer and weakly says,