~This story will be the first story I have made since last summer so bear with me. :D I'm trying to mesh my love for romance and horror/suspense into a single story. I hope you will like what you read and find out to never let go to ones you most deeply love no matter what situation you are in.~


Chapter One:

Never Let Go

As the lightning flashed its jagged bolt across the sky I could feel the warmness of my girlfriend and cuddled closer to her. I could feel the moist damp scent of the air touch my nose. Luckily we were lying on a blanket underneath the neighborhood's park metal canopy that are mostly used as shelters from the heat sun in the winter but sometimes used as a rain shield against storms rather than lying on the ground in the open getting wet and dirty in the middle of the night.

The thunder made its ominous rumble against and my girlfriend shrank into me as the rumbling burst at a tremendous crescendo louder that a gunshot going off in the middle of the quiet neighborhood night.

Shhhhh…." I soothed into here ear. "If you want to go back to my house," I continued. "Just tell me whenever you want to do so." I finished straining my ears to hear her reply over the heavy beats of the rain on the metal canopy.

"I will be fine as long as you are with me." she said as she rolled over to kiss my lips.

Her lips were silken smooth. As our mouths parted a loud crash ensued. We both jumped and looked in each others eyes in fear. I could feel a little tingly sensation run up and down my spine and I asked my girlfriend if she felt that and she replied by shaking our head up and down. Another loud crash ensued but it sounded farther away this time. I didn't know what the sound was or where it came from.

I stood up, helped my girlfriend roll the blanket up and placed it underneath my arm ready to go back to the house.

"Ready to go?" I asked looking towards the sound of yet another crash wondering what could possibly be causing these sounds.

She turned around as the lightning lit up the sky and for a moment I could see her purple highlights , tan skin, black hair and her deep brown eyes. She ran over to me and gave me another kiss as she held tightly to my hands. I could feel her shaking. Was she scared of the lightning? If she was I would make sure no harm would come to her. I would protect her. By the time we got to the street it was as if a little child had been playing with a light switch but instead of a light it was thunder and lightning and has simply been told not to mess with it anymore. It was lightly drizzling now. As we walked by the bushes they started to rustle as if something was crawling inside it. The rustling got louder to the point I wanted to cover my ears but then a dark object rolled out onto the ground. I had to strain my eyes through the darkness to see what it was.

I picked up a stick I found in the road and walked over to it and poked it. What I saw was one of the moments of that horrific night I want to forget for the rest of my life. It was a cats head. It somehow and been torn from its body. I took out my phone to study it. The face looked like it had been in a state of shock when it died. Like someone had come up from behind and startled the cat then ripped its head off. Blood was forming a puddle mixing with the rainwater on the side of the road. I poked it again and something watery went flying onto my girlfriend.

"Get it the fuck off of me!" as she ran around screaming. She finally managed to wipe it onto my shirt as I feel onto the wet cold ground laughing with all my energy. Laughing at the reaction of the watery liquid landing onto my girlfriend. At first she got angry at me but then she started to loosen up and laugh.

"Let us get a move on." I said forgetting about the cat through my laughter and focusing on getting my girlfriend and I home safe and sound.

I peered ahead through the darkness and saw another unknown object. This time it was in the middle of the street rather on the sidewalk near the bushes. I looked at my girlfriend reassuring her I would be protecting her and she looked back with fear and loving. I noted she was scratching at her arms.

"Are you all right?" I asked with uncertainly.

"Oh…….nothing….I'm fine…I probably got bit my a spider when we were lying on the blanket." she said and smiled her beautiful smile. If you would of saw that smile that night it would have probably melted your heart. That was the most beautiful smile I have seen through ought our lives together.

As we edged closer to the unknown benighted grey object I started to notice the closer we got to it the more I could make of it. It was a fairly old white Chevy Pickup Truck. There was something strange about it. Not only was it parked in the middle of the street but the doors were all open as if the driver thought there was a bomb rigged to it and just deserted it in the middle of the street.

"Why would somebody just leave their truck like this in the middle of the road? At least have to decency to move it out of the way for other cars to pass it. I think we should move it." she said voicing her opinion. She was not afraid to tell people her opinion no matter how humiliating it was. That's what I love about her. That was one of the main reasons I feel for her. She was also extremely beautiful and outgoing with her highlighted hair and tan skin.

She turned towards me and laid her head against my chest.

"Never let go….." she mumbled.

I felt something wet against my chest and looked down. She was crying. I picked up her hand and rested it against my heart and I moved her head back and rested my lips onto her soft skin. Her skin was mysteriously cold to the touch.

"I don't feel so good…." she said as she made me look into her deep brown eyes. I could feel herself shivering more.

"When we get home I will give you some Aspirin I can find in my moms medicine cabinet where she keeps everything then you can lay down on my couch and rest." I said and hugged her tight.

The Truck was less than 20 feet away from us now. I saw something on the ground right next to the driver side door. It was moving.