"It is as we feared: He has escaped from the prison."

"Are you sure, Canus? Its possible that you didn't have your foolish wolves look hard enough."

"Panthera, can you leave your brother alone for one minute? We are in the middle of a crisis here."

"I'm sorry, Equis, but Canus does have a tendency not to do things right, So I merely assumed that this would be one of those times where he made a mistake. We all know that it wouldn't be the first time," Panthera retorted, with a toss of her feline head.

"Equis is right, Panthera, Canus would never make a mistake like that when it is something like this."

"Thank you Ursa," Canus said softly, eyes smoldering with obvious anger at his sister.

"Well then, I guess we will be at war now, since he has definitely escaped," Panthera said, clearly annoyed about it.

"Yes, we will," Canus snarled. "And no doubt your cats will be fighting for him! After all, you were with him. Felinae is proof of that."

"Oh, I just love how you automaticly assume that my cats will be fighting for Felid! You are so like your precious wolves and dogs: Arrogant, stupid, and way too quick to jump to conclusions," Panthera retorted. "Its been a century since we had him locked up, and for your information I have hated Felid every second of that time."

Equis, Avesa, Lupa, Felinae and Ursa glanced at each other.

"This is no time to fight," Avesa said softly, wings spread. "Not amongst ourselves."

"You're right, Avesa. We should be preparing for battle, not snapping at each others throats," Canus murmured.

Panthera sat, worry flickering in her eyes. "Well, then, what should we do?"

"Felid has escaped. We havee no other choice but to prepare for war," Lupa announced.