Chapter 3

Terror in the Valley

Harla reared on her hind legs, hooves thrashing at the air, a whinny escaping her mouth as the wind rushed at her, tossing her mane into the air. Her ivory horn caught the sunlight. She lowered back onto all fours, lowering her head, horn pointed straight at the arrogant horse who had dared insult her and the other first-born of Equis, the Unicorns.

The horse, whose name was Jasper and happened to be a captain of the herd, despite being somewhat of an idiot, began to back away, suddenly realizing his mistake.

"Don't think that we two are so different," Harla warned fiercely. "If Unicorns are as terrible as you make them out to be, then so are horses."

The Jasper nodded. "Of course, I'm sorry, I wasn't thi-" the horse cut himself off, his eyes widening suddenly, and Harla turned her delicate head to gaze at Kyrin, the King of the Unicorns and Horses of their valley.

Kyrin's golden pelt shone in the sun, as did his golden mane and tail, and his silver horn. Both Harla and Jasper bowed their heads before Kyrin, although Kyrin was Harla's cousin.

Kyrin stood still, looking at them for a moment before speaking. "The Song has been sung."

"The Song?" The mortal horse looked very confused, while Harla, an immortal unicorn who had lived during the last great war in the animal world, knew immediaately what Kyrin meant.

Her cerulean eyes widened in terror, and the horse looked at her curiously.

"You cannot be serious!" Harla exclaimed to her cousin. "That would mean..." Her voice trailed off, her slender head shook in dibelief.

"Mean what?" Jasper was still confused.

"The Song reffers to a particular wolf howl. If the howl is sung, then that means that Felid has escaped," Kyrin replied calmly in a low voice. Jasper's eyes widene. Despite being a bumbling idiot, the horse did still know what that meant and who Felid was.

"Does the rest of the heard know?" Harla asked softly.

"Yes, I've already informed them," Kyrin replied. "The Council of the Herds has been summoned. I want the two of you to come with me."

Harla nodded, while Jasper was amazed. As a regular horse, he had somewhat less of a say in that particular herd, as it consisted primarily of Unicorns, and even less so as he was only a mere Captain. Although that was more than a regular horse. For him to be invited by the King of their valley and herd to the Council was a high honour.

"Of course I'll go! I'd be only too pleased!" Jasper replied quickly and gleefully.

Kyrin nodded happily. "I'm glad you accepted, Jasper. I see great potential in you."

Harla looked at Jasper somewhat distastefully, wondering what potential could possibly exist in such an idiotic horse. But she said nothing, respecting her cousin's judgement on the matter.

"We will leave at dawn tomorrow for the Council. It will be at Vallengrove Falls," Kyrin informed them before walking away.

Vallengrove Falls was a beautiul place. Crystally blue water tumbled down a diamond cliff forming a magnificent waterfall in a clearing with velvety green grass and delicate, beautiful flowers that was surrounded by tall, silver and gold leaved trees, even in autumn and winter.

The trees never lost their leaves, nor did they change colour. According to legend, five Unicorns had been slain there during the last war, and, with the help of Cornequus, a son of Equis and a faerie, who became the first unicorn and, eventually, a God like his father, their magic had transformed the clearing and left it eternally protected, and the Council of herds had met there ever since, horses and Unicorns alike.. The clearing had other purposes amongst the children of Equis and Equus as well. Many ceremonies were held there, and it was regarded as a safe haven for travelers. All animals, not only the horses and Unicorns, recognized its sacredness.

Sometimes, even the Elves, Varduenne, and Daryenne would even visit there, as well as the occasional human. Almost every race in all of Tavariya, or at least the continent of Azariya, recognized the sacredness of Vallengrove falls.

Harla and Jasper both sighed as they looked at each other after Kyrin walked away.

"Make sure you remember your place, Horse," Harla told him calmly after a moment.

"I don't see what the big deal is, we are both descended from Equis. The one difference is that your kind, with the blood of Cornequus, have a horn," Jasper replied with a sniff.

Harla tossed her head, her horn catching the light of the sun. "We also have faerie blood because of that. Cornequus was the son of Equis and a faerie. He had a horn because of the faerie magic. Unicorns have that same magic."

"Yet we are still descended from Equus. And mortal. Well, us Horses are mortal, at least. Unlike your kind," Jasper replied. "But despite that difference in mortality, We are still descended from Equis. In different ways, perhaps, but that doesn't change the fact that he is our creator."

Harla tilted her head slightly. "True. So I would suggest keeping that in mind next time you try to insult a Unicorn."

Jasper smiled and shook his head in amusement. "Don't worry, I will. If you do the same for Horses."

Harla hesitated for a moment before responding. "Very well, then. I will. I will see you tomorrow when we leave for the council," she told him before trotting away, head held high. Cornequus, he was annoying. Thank the Gods that not all horses are like him. How Kyrin can possibly see potential in that horse, I will never know.

I am SOO sorry that I haven't updated in, like, forever! I hope this chapter was good.

Tavariya- the universe that this story, and the majority of my stories, for that matter, is located

Azariya- the continent where this story is located. Will be setting for the future Wolfsong story as well

Cornequus- it occurred to me I never created a Unicorn God. One of Equus' children, and faerie offspring as well. As for the name, there is no scientific term for unicorns, so I invented one. Cornus is Latin for horn, and equus is Latin for horse (and is also the name of one of my horse Gods), so I just combined the two to make the name.