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All the characters came from the deep dark depths of my mind. SO NO STEALING, 'KAY?

Aydin was sprawled on the ratty couch, a half-empty bottle of vodka in his hand, swigging from it occasionally. He just went through a nasty break-up, so he had apparently decided to drown his sorrows.

"C'mere, Lakey.". Aydin slurred.

"What, Aydin?". Laken asked from the equally ratty armchair.



"Yeah, or-or I'll come over der and kick your a**."


"I'm drunk.". Aydin said, giggling. Laken sighed and walked over to Aydin.

"What do you want?"

"A kiss."


"A kiss."





"You're drunk."

"Yes. Kiss me!"




"I hate you."

"Good.". Laken went back to his chair. Aydin stood up, and immediately toppled over. He got up unsteadily, leaving his vodka sitting on the floor. The green haired man stumbled over to Laken, sitting on the arm of the chair.

"Holy sh**!". Laken yelled, surprised by Aydin's sudden presence next to him. Having music blasting in his ears and playing some game on his iTouch basically put him in his own little world.

"Hey there, cutie."

"Aydin, this isn't a bar. This is an apartment. You can't pick someone up in an apartment.". Laken said, rolling his eyes.

"So?". Aydin asked, running a hand up Laken's thigh. Laken tensed, but didn't push Aydin's hand away, although it was dangerously close to the area between his legs.

"So, you just can't d-WHAT THE F***, AYDIN!?". Laken howled, Aydin had slid off the arm of the chair and into Laken's lap.

"You don't like this? I can leave...but I won't."

"What?! Wai--mmmph.". Laken stopped mid-sentence, Aydin had glomped his lips onto to Laken's mouth. Laken was so shocked he did nothing, until Aydin growled at his lack of response. Laken moved his lips hesitantly in time to Aydin's frantic mashing, he knew Aydin well enough to realize that Aydin would feel a bit better after he felt somewhat loved, for some reason. The door to the apartment was flung open, Cyanide stormed in, swearing under his breath. He stopped short when he saw Laken and Aydin tangled together in the chair, Aydin pulled away and grinned at the dumbstruck teen. Laken twisted around, a dribble of saliva running down his chin, and glared at Cyanide. Aydin got off Laken and swaggered off, or attempted to swagger, he stumbled a lot and fell down in the doorway to the bathroom. Cyanide plunked himself down on the couch, looked at Laken, then at the half-empty bottle of vodka.

"This was three-quarters full when I left. Aydin get dumped?"

"Um, yeah."

"You his feel-better drug?"

"Err...That was probably the vodka."

"Yeah, probably.". Cyanide agreed, knocking back a long drink of the strong liquor. "Want some?" He asked, gesturing to the alcohol.

"Sure.". Cyanide handed the bottle to him, lighting a cigerette and taking a deep drag. He sighed, smoke curling up towards the cracked ceiling.

"Fluke here yet?".

"Nah, but Fleck's in. He'd probably know when Fluke's getting back.". Cyanide got up and walked towards the bedrooms in the back of the apartment, cigarette clamped between his teeth. He heard Aydin throwing up in the bathroom, and muffled sobbing. Going into the first bedroom, picking his way across the clothing, trash and other random stuff strewn on the floor in the dark, he shook Fleck awake.

"Whaaat? I was sleeping.". Fleck mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

"Where's Fluke?"

"I dunno. He said" Fleck stopped and yawned hugely. "something about going down to that" Fleck yawned again. "old warehouse by the river to bet on races. Or something.".

"Thanks, kid."

"Yup." Fleck flipped over and was snoring by the time Cyanide left the room.

"I'm going out.". Cyanide told Laken, who was tapping away at his iPod and didn't respond. Cy stalked down the empty, dirty hallway, carpet stained with who knew what. Going out into the cool late night air, he started down the street towards the river. At close to midnight, the streets were pretty empty, the clubs didn't usually close until three or four o'clock in the morning, so the clubbers weren't on their way home yet. Cyanide finally reached the warehouse, already hearing squealing tires and shouting. The bouncer looked at him, frisked him, and waved him through the double doors. He looked around the crowded room for Fluke's burgundy head of hair, locating him over by the tracks. A lot of punks came here, not to see the cars, but to hang out and hook up. Cyanide snuck up behind Fluke, who was looking at the souped up cars about to race. Cyanide wrapped his arms around Fluke's waist, effectively spooning him standing up.

"Huh? Oh, hey baby."

"Hey. How're the races?"

"Suckish. Not really any big crashes."

"Too bad.". Fluke turned around, Cyanide tilted his head down to meet Fluke's lips, a group of (probably gay) Goth boys squealed like fangirls.

"Yeah." Fluke said, a little bit breathlessly.

"C'mon, let's go home.". Cyanide said.

"'Kay.". Fluke agreed, following Cyanide through the throng of people crammed into the warehouse. They exited the building, walking into the cool night.

"Brrr.". Fluke said, rubbing his bare arms.

"You cold?". Cyanide asked.

"A little.". Fluke admitted. Cyanide peeled off his tight leather jacket, handing it to Fluke.

"Thanks, Cy.". Cyanide had a long-sleeved shirt on, so he was fine.

"Yup.". They walked in silence for the rest of the trip back to the apartment. At the main doorway, Fluke stopped, Cyanide paused, opened his mouth to ask a question, but before he could get any words out, Fluke silenced him with a kiss. Tongues entwined, they kissed deeply. They pulled away at the same time, both panting.

"C'mon.". Fluke said, going inside and then up the two flights of stairs to their apartment, which would usually be pretty empty at this time of night. Laken, Dervish, Aydin, Falcon, Fleck, Fluke, Cyanide and Tobias all share the tiny two-bedroom apartment, sleeping where ever they fit, Fluke and Cyanide usually slept together in bedroom "two", Aydin slept where ever he felt like it, Laken on the floor in bedroom two, Fleck on the bottom bunk in bedroom one, Tobias on the top bunk in bedroom one, Dervish preferred the floor in bedroom one, Falcon claimed the couch. They went inside, checked all the rooms, finding only Fleck, fast asleep and Aydin, curled into a ball in the chair.

"Hey, Aydin, where's everyone?". Fluke asked, not noticing Cyanide's frantic gesturing not to talk to him.

"L-Laken's out with Dervish and Falcon at Dance Forever.". His voice broke on "Forever", and he started crying. "A-A-Alec and m-me used to go there all the t-time. I f***ing miss the b***h!". Aydin drank angrily from his bottle of vodka. He goes through weird stages of drunkenness, first he's tipsy, then touchy-feely and clumsy at the same time, then hyper, then depressed. If he makes it to "depressed" he usually passes out within the hour of reaching that stage. Cyanide grabbed Fluke's wrist and dragged him into their bedroom. Cyanide peeled off his hoody and t-shirt, kicked off his jeans, tugged on a pair of sweatpants. Fluke did the same, then both of them crawled into the double bed, pulling scratchy sheets around their bare shoulders. Fluke snuggled closer to Cyanide, who kissed him slow and sweet. Cyanide turned the smaller teen over, wrapping his long, slim arms around Fluke's thin shoulders, spooning him. Fluke sighed and relaxed into Cyanide's arms. Needing no words to say how they felt, both slowly drifted off, lulled to sleep by each-other's soft breathing.
Meanwhile, at Dance Forever, the party was just getting started. There was a guy with hot pink and black hair handing out tablets of herbal ecstasy, Falcon took one and swallowed it with a gulp of whiskey. Laken thought that the guy was way cute.

"Want one?". The dude asked Laken.

"I guess."

"Here." Laken washed it down with a swig of whatever Dervish had in his hand.

"So, you ever tried ecstasy before? I'm Nitro, btw."

"I'm Laken."

"I love ecstasy at raves, it's just awesome.". Nitro said.

"Mmm.". The lights pulsed and flashed around Laken, the music thumped louder. They moved out onto the dancefloor, Nitro handing off the ectasy to someone else. Laken wanted to touch and be touched, and he didn't know if it was the ecstasy or just him.

"So, Laken, do you have a gf or bf?"


"Are you looking for one of the bf variety?"



"Yeah. Now let's dance.". Laken soon discovered Nitro was a fantastic dancer. Nitro found out that Laken could dance just as well as he could. As the night, or I should say, morning, wore on, Laken and Nitro's dancing got dirtier and sexier. They were grinding on each other, shirts tossed somewhere by the sofas, when Falcon and Dervish came to get Laken.

"Huh. I didn't know Laken batted for that team.". Dervish remarked.

"Me neither. Whatever, let's grab him and go home.".

"Laken! Let's go!". Dervish yelled in his ear.

"What about Nitro?"

"Get your boy toy's number and it'll be fine.". Falcon said, Laken turned around to talk to Nitro and got his number, than was captured by a French kiss. Falcon grabbed his little brother's wrist and yanked him out of Nitro's arms and out of the club. They stepped out into the four o'clock in the morning air, Laken still very much under the influence of ecstasy, he kept hugging Falcon and Dervish and attempting to put his arm around Dervish's waist. He was apprantly coherent enough to know Falcon was his brother.

"Get the f**k away from me, Laken!". Dervish finally screamed, when Laken attempted to kiss him. His shout caused a small group of rave girls in mini-skirts and tube tops to turn and stare.

"Don't you like me?". Laken whimpered.

"I like you, man, but not like that. You'd know that if you weren't hopped up on ecstasy. Falc, keep him away from me, wouldja?"

"I'll try, Dervish.". Falcon said. Laken was shivering violently, having left his hoody and t-shirt at Dance Forever. His teeth chattered, Dervish and Falcon ignored him, continuing on their way to the apartment. A few minutes of silent walking later, they arrived at the apartment's door.

"If Tobe's in, get Laken to bed as fast as possible, okay? You know his rules about drug use under eighteen in the gang.". Tobias was the gang's leader, mostly because he was the oldest and most take-charge-y He had few rules, but they were strictly enforced.

1. No stealing from other gang members.
2. No drugs if you're under eighteen. (Tobias feels responsible for gang teens under 18)
3. Don't steal from poor or average people. Only well off.
4. No fighting within the gang.

Those were the rules written on the piece of slightly crumpled piece of paper tacked to the wall. Tobe occasionally made up rules he felt were needed, but unless they were extremely important, they didn't get added to the list. The three of them entered the apartment, Dervish sat Laken on the couch while Falcon checked for Tobias. Not finding him, they stuck Laken in bedroom two where he normally slept, Dervish went off to bed, Falcon walked into the living room, looked at Aydin curled in the chair, sighed and picked him up, bride style, carried the green haired man to the couch, setting him down carefully and throwing some blankets over him. Falcon then peeled off his shirt and pants, grabbed a pair of sweats out of the 'clean laundry' laundry basket. He made himself as comfortable as possible in the chair and eventually fell asleep. The apartment was finally quiet at four thirty a.m., but for the slow breathing of sleeping people and Fleck's chainsaw snoring.

Tobias was off doing who knows what, so when he arrived back at the apartment around eleven, this was how he found everyone. Aydin drooling on the couch pillows, Falcon snoozing with his head on his chest in the chair, Dervish spread-eagle on the floor, Fleck snoring loudly, Laken sleeping soundly on the floor, and Fluke and Cyanide curled around each other in their bed. Tobias smiled at the sleeping couple, then tip-toed out of the room, going quietly to the itty-bitty kitchen and pulling down some cereal and milk for breakfast. He knew that the rest of the "kids" as he thought of them, wouldn't be up until at least two, Fleck would probably get up around noon, because Fluke wouldn't let him go to raves or parties until he was older. This was partially because Fleck had delicate, slightly feminine features, and was a tiny little guy. Plus, the kid tended to attract big, trouble-making, gangster guys, usually older than him. Tobias munched on his Cheerios, trying to decide what to do until the kids woke up. He finished his cereal, dumped his bowl in the sink and went into the living room, trying not to wake Falcon or Aydin. See, Tobe is trying to get through college, he's on his second year and attempting to make it waiting tables and on a half scholarship. Tobias is the one of the two of the gang who has a job, probably because he doesn't have any piercings other than an earring, nor any visible tattoos. Falcon has a job, but with only a highschool diploma and a green and black Mohawk and three lip piercings, plus gauges and a handful of tattoos, he ended up with a job at Hot Topic, but only barely. Falcon stirred in the chair, blinking his eyes and sitting up more.

"Morning, Falc."

"H-hey, Tobe.". Falcon yawned and stretched, cracking his back. Tobias was sprawled on the rug, working on homework. Falcon got up and went to the bathroom, Tobe heard the shower start up. Falcon, letting hot water pour over himself, was contemplating Laken's sexuality. He had no problem with gay people. Hell, half of the people I live with are gay or bi, Falcon thought. After his shower, and scrubbing the eyeliner off from last night, he went into one of the bedrooms, must be Cyanide's and Laken's and Fluke's, cause of the double bed, and dug around for his boxers and a t-shirt. Today being Sunday, it was what Tobias called "Shut Up and Sit Around Day". Pulling on his clothes, Falcon padded out of the bedroom, careful not to step on Laken, who was sleeping on the floor. Falcon sunk back into the chair he had occupied only a few minutes ago, watching Tobias work hard at his homework. Where am I going with my life? Falcon wondered. Twenty-three and working at Hot Topic with a high school diploma. He sighed, then went to the kitchen for lunch, digging around in the fridge for the slightly old pizza from three days ago.

He looked at the work calender on the fridge, saw that he had to work the one till five shift, and groaned. Partying until four o'clock in the morning was great, but the day after? Not so much. He had a headache, and his stomach hurt, all the lights were too bright, so snagged a pair of sunglasses off the counter and put them on. That's better. He finished his pizza and walked back into the living room, sinking back the only open chair. Tobias was still working on his homework, Aydin still passed out on the couch, still drooling. Two out of eight up by noon, not bad. Falcon picked up The Outsiders, some book Fleck was reading for school, and read the back cover. Fleck stumbled out into the living room, yawning and sleepy-eyed in the light.

"Morning, kid.". Tobias said from the floor.

"Morning, Tobe, Falcon.". Fleck said, still looking half-asleep. Falcon nodded at him. Fleck went into the kitchen for lunch, Aydin stirred on the couch.

"Hey, Ayd's waking up.". Falcon noticed. Aydin blinked open his eyes, groaning loudly and slamming them shut. He had a hell of a hangover. Then it hit him. Alec. The break-up. Or rather, the being dumped. And, if that wasn't bad enough, his head f--king hurt, his mouth was all f--king fuzzy, his stomach hurt, and he was pretty sure he was gonna hurl. Which he did, leaning off the edge of the couch and throwing up on the floor.

"Ewww.". Fleck said, coming back into the room just as Aydin finished barfing.

"I'm not cleaning it up.". Falcon said, lazily.

"Not me!". Fleck said. Aydin said nothing, just wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and flipped over. He closed his eyes, the light was too bright. A few tears slipped down his face, he had thought this relationship with Alec was for real. Dervish and Laken got up next, both immediately going to the kitchen, after seeing vodka-vomit all over the floor. Tobias finally got up and cleaned up the puke, he wasn't gonna make Aydin do it when the kid was crying on the couch. No one else had noticed Aydin's silent tears.