A/N: making rent is currently on hiatus. i will eventually be (possibly) finishing, and editing, (lots and lots of editing -.-) the story, but it is not a priority. major edits will go on, but i will be keeping the characters and parts of the story. no idea when it will be edited and posted, so don't hold your breath. i'm not quite sure if it will ever be finished, anyway. but here's this.

"You're no fun, Toby.". Cyanide said, scooting his chair closer to Fluke.

"So, Tobias, what do you do?"

"He's a waitress.". Cyanide said, straight faced. Fluke snickered.

"I'm a waiter.". Tobias said, glaring at Cyanide. "And I'm in school."

"I see.". Sandra said.

A few awkward minutes later, they were eating, and conversation was nonexistent, as if it hadn't been before.

Laken sat in the living room, watching Kelly and Sarah nudge eachother and whisper. He was getting sick of it.

"So, what the f-k are you guys whispering about?". He whisper shouted.

Kelly and Sarah looked horrified at the use of the f-word.

Laken laughed. Their expressions were priceless.

"What? Does the 'f-k' word bother you?". He joked, running a hand
through his hair.

"Yes. Yes, it does.". Sarah said, Kelly elbowed her.

"It doesn't when it's coming from his mouth!". Kelly hissed, Laken didn't hear what she said, and gave her a look. Sandra made small talk at the table, Kelly, Sarah and Laken watched
eachother awkwardly, and Falcon frowned. He was still pissed off about being woke up.

Kelly and Sarah were quietly gaping at Fluke, who had his hand slid
beneath Cyanide's jeans and was rubbing small circles on his hip. Laken glanced over and smirked. This could get interesting...

Cyanide was doing his best to ignore Fluke, which wasn't easy. Fluke was pushing his buttons. Cyanide snuck a glance at Sandra who was sitting to the left of him. She was turned away, talking to Fleck and Tobias.
Cy quickly kissed Fluke, an open mouthed kiss. Fluke moaned very quietly into his mouth.

Sarah and Kelly's mouths fell open.

Cy pulled away and smirked at Fluke's glazed expression. Fluke shook his head. He would never grow used to Cyanide's kisses. They were always electric. And a MAJOR turn on. Oh, for f-k's sake, can't they leave yet? Heh. F-k'ssake...

Sarah turned to Kelly. "Uh."

"Yeah. I told you.". Kelly replied.

Laken looked very amused. He decided to spring something on them...

"Hey, I have a boyfriend.". Laken said. Kelly looked disapointed and Sarah frowned. Laken poked at his corn, smirking to himself. Tobias was starting to make those "okay-this-is-getting-to-be-more-awkward-so-we-better-go" sort of movements. Sandra finally caught on and wrapped up dinner. She continued to talk as the six guys headed out the door
and down the hall.