Jake the Snake: The Drug Dealer

One day Jake, the giant talking snake, decided he wanted to know why humans loved getting high so much, so he went into town to look for a drug dealer. Jake found one in an alley near the edge of the forest, where he lived, in the city. Jake slithered up to the drug dealer. "Ahhhhhhhhh!!" screamed the drug dealer. Jake started to get really agitated by the screaming. So Jake screamed "Shut the fuck up you stupid human, I'm not going to kill you (Yet Jake said under his breath) I just want some of your drugs!" The man insistently quieted and with shaking hands grabbed a bag of his drugs out of one of his inside coat pockets. He slowly reached out and handed the bag of drugs to the snake. "Ttaake iitt" the drug dealer said scared. Jake leaned down towards the man and took the top of the bag into his mouth while saying "Thanks" afterwards and making the drug dealer wet himself. After Jake straightened up, he turned around and left heading home into the forest. When Jake left the drug dealer feinted.