What would it be like to hold another human's free will in the palm of your hand and crush it on a whim? How does it feel to posses complete control over another person's body? Why did he find these possibilities so...erotic? Why did Andrew Polvik crave to wrap his fingers around someone's throat and hold them down, to hear them beg and scream?

The best part about it all...was that the one person he couldn't get enough of couldn't tell him no. He couldn't scream for him to stop, he couldn't beg him to leave him be. Jamison was a pretty boy, and Drew loved the way his merciless punches, and his sadistic choking left purple bruises in contrast to his pale snowy skin. It was almost like he was the canvas and Drew was the artist, painting his masterpiece.

"Bloody fucking freak. You can't tell me to stop can you? No." Andrew's voice was like venom dripping from his perfect lips. His fingers were wrapped around Jamison's structured neck, and his thumbs were pressed firmly right against his throat. His grip was almost vice-like and he had no remorse for the way he was torturing the mute boy. Three of his friends were gathered around him laughing at the way Jamison was helpless.

Jacob Craft, the tallest of his friends was like the alpha-male of their group. He was strong, and had made his position as starting quarter back easily for the second time in his life. He was a Senior, every student in the school wanted to be him...and that was impossible.

Trent Kirk was like the 'rock star' type of his friends. He was in fact in a band, and he was pretty much a guitar god. Girls practically got wet at the sight of him and threw themselves on him at random. Drew had known him since Freshman year and he had always been like that.

Then there was Alex Vicky. Alex was only a Sophomore but considering he was the school drug-dealer, the other three befriended him for their own purposes. He was easily the wealthiest kid Drew had ever met but of course, it was because everyone bought from him. The rising toll of girls he'd been with also made him pretty notorious…again...all of it was because everyone wanted to make good with the drug dealer...everyone wanted his services for free.

However, Andrew was different from the other three. He was almost on the borderline of goth...but he wasn't really goth at all. His chestnut brown hair contrasted with the purple he'd dared to put into it, his industrial bars teetered on the close edge of feminine as did his navel piercing. His hip and tongue piercings were different...and some how, they attracted males to him. How he attracted males, he didn't know. He was just very different because he wore black nail polish and eyeliner on occasion...but then again, the male attention he didn't mind. Drew was closet bisexual; only closet because of his homophobic friends.

He knew it shouldn't matter to them if they were his REAL friends...but it would. He knew them, and he had heard the crude comments made on homosexuality by them. It wasn't as if he could waltz up to them and announce it. Actually...this was part of the reason they loved to see poor Jamison tortured. He was gay...he was actually OPENLY gay...and Andrew secretly admired him for being so brave to admit it. But that didn't make him let up on the skinny, pale boy did it? No. Hell no.

Jamison Xavier had tears of pain and anguish running down his soft, near delicate face. The black of his eyeliner ran down his face; giving him the grotesque look of a broken ventriloquists' puppet. His thin, yet long limbs were pushing at Andrew's chest and forearms, trying to break his grip. He was less than worthless when it came to trying anything physical. His near useless mouth was gapped open, trying to search for a hint of oxygen to salvage for his lungs.

His eyes though, were transfixed no the stronger boy's smile. It was sadistic, and dripping with
what could be called lust. He was enjoying the torment he had thrust upon Jamison. The more feminine one cried harder, though it did no good. Tears were only fuel for the laughter of Andrew's friends. A blond chunk of Jamison's hair fell into his eyes; breaking the contact he had with Andrew. He had tried to plead with his eyes, but it got him nowhere.

Jamison was only teased and beaten because of his appearance and his orientation. He knew that. But it wasn't like he could speak out against it, hell, he couldn't speak at all. Years ago, before he had moved to London, he had gotten into a horrid car wreck with his older brother, Brent. He was only 13 at the time, and Brent was 21. Brent had so much to drink that night, that there was no way they could get home; other than Jamison driving. Being only 13, he didn't fully know how to operate the car, and they collided with another car, then spun off into a water channel. Brent died on impact. Jamison did not get out of it unscathed though; a piece of windshield had shattered, slicing his throat. Luckily, it hadn't marked his jugular vein.

Only, it sliced his vocal cords, leaving him permanently mute. Though it was Brent's fault for drinking, their father had blamed Jamison for losing his 'good' son. That is why Jamison was sent to an all boy boarding school, as if the self loathing wasn't enough. He wouldn't dare fight back to Andrew and his friends, other than for instinctual survival. He felt that he deserved the bruises and the cuts. If they didn't do a sufficient job one day, he would suffice with his trusted razor blade. In a morbid sense, they were doing each other a favor.

But the only real 'favor' Jamison was doing for Andrew, was increasing the blood flow to his almost completely erect member. The second Andrew could lay eyes on Jamison, he would start to instantly grow hard. It was the way the boy looked, the color of his beautiful eyes, the shine of his snowy skin, the way he licked his lips when he wrote in that damn journal he always carried with him, clutched tightly in his nimble fingers.

Drew let go of Jamison's throat and switched his hips over the skinny boy's thigh. He did it so quickly that he knew his friends hadn't noticed, but the scared look in Jamison's eyes told him the mute boy noticed. He stared into his eyes and licked his lips before he stood up, and subtly adjusted himself before kicking Jamison in the ribs.

"You're letting him off the hook that easy Andy? Bloody hell the little jerk deserves worse." Jacob laughed and Andrew glanced back at him, shrugging. He turned back to the quiet boy on the ground, his green eyes sweeping over his slim body. He was almost unbelievably hard now...and he was glad the jeans he was wearing, were baggy in the crotch.

He heard his friends walk away, and he licked his lips one more time and whispered to him before he turned away with them. "You see what that beautiful body does to me?" He made sure to flash the 16 year old his tongue ring before winking and turning away to go back inside with his friends. It was chilly outside and he hated wearing jumpers, even if he was freezing his balls off. His mind was still on the bruise he knew his hands would leave on the pale boy's porcelain skin. He knew that, once alone, he would have to rid himself of his erection. All on his own.

Jamison sat up and ran his slender fingers over his ribs to check if they were broken. They would bruise, but only that. His fingers ran down his thigh to where Andrew had grinded into him. Surely Andrew had only said that to scare him. Drew was notorious for being able to bed a girl within hours of knowing her.

Jamison walked away from the scene that no one had cared enough to notice and whimpered as he could feel the whelps forming on the sides of his neck. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't shake what the older boy had said. There was a twisted meaning in the sadistic complement and it drove Jamison crazy.

Naturally, that was one reason as to why Andrew had said those words. It was true enough that when he tortured the mute boy, the bruising and pained expressions he made could drive him to such orgasms when he was releasing the day's stress in the form of say… 'rubbing one out'. The fact that he thought about his fingers wrapped around the helpless teen's neck when masturbating was a worry to him at times, but at other times quite frankly he couldn't give two fucks and maybe a half about what it meant, taking his sanity into account.

Luckily for the 17 year old, he had turned down his other three friends' invitations to play some video games and maybe smoke some of the weed that Alex was somehow successfully growing in his closet, with the help of a completely-dare he say it-'nigger rigged' solar lamp. No, Andy had more important things to do with his time, or at least he seemed to think so, because just one thought of grinding his aching groin against Jamison's thigh made him feel that his pants were so tight that his 8 and a half inch erection was painfully restrained by the material. And his jeans were pretty damn baggy.

Once inside his room-humorously room number 69-he locked the door and practically tossed himself onto the uncomfortable camp bed. He franticly unzipped his fly and almost tore the metal button from the front of his jeans trying to rid himself of them, then he refused to let his boxers get in the way, so he pulled his fully erect member from the slit in the front, and started to quickly stroke himself to a ridiculously pre-mature ejaculation. He found that soon he was mindlessly muttering Jamison's name under his breath and secretly he wished that the boy was seated on his lap, with his sore member buried inside of him…a wish that he would never voice, he decided. "F-fuck." Drew's face was slowly turning red, and he bit his bottom lip fearing that if he didn't, a scream of Jamison's name would pour from his perfect lips, and someone outside would hear.

He swallowed hard as his hand tightened around his shaft, and his hips lifted off the bed almost automatically, as if he had nothing to do with their movements. Without warning, his seed erupted and spilled down over his hand, and his eyes shot open as a string of foul words was pulled from his throat. He shook nearly violently and pictured Jamison lying underneath him with his eyes closed and his mouth open…it looked almost as if in ecstasy but he knew different…he knew that all he caused the boy was pain. What if he wanted more than that the next time he tortured him?

But the proof that Andrew was merciless was the sight of Jamison limping inside and groaning in pain. He leaned against the smooth, cool wooden door and sighed in relief as it soothed his skin. The bruised boy made his way into his dormitory and tossed his notebook onto the bed. Stripping himself of his now slightly bloody 'Amber Pacific' jumper, Jamison could more clearly see the damage done. He looked at his forearm and applied pressure to a rather nasty looking whelp. Figuring it came from Trent's shoe at one point, he near instantly forgot about it and let his icy blue's travel along the scabs of his self mutilation. It made him sick to his petite yet curvy stomach that he just couldn't take the razor to his neck. Was he really that much of a coward? Tears flooded his eyes once more and his chest shook. His throat felt like it was on fire as he swallowed his tears.

He cautiously walked to his shower room. The abused boy shed his shirt and glanced into the mirror to further examine his injuries and to see if all of his piercings were intact. His lip piercings seemed to be okay, though his bottom lip looked to be slightly swollen. Dropping his jeans, he checked for any obscurities that he couldn't feel. He ran his nails down his narrow hips and his mouth silently fell open as a push of breath left his lungs. He ran his nails over a patch of broken skin then he bit his lip and stroked over his delicate skin again. Secretly, he loved the feeling of his body going ridged as pain shocked his nerves. He started grinding the palm of his hand into the cut lightly…It made his brain revert back to Andy. His eyes fluttered closed and a very faint, gasping moan tumbled from his lips. The material of his boxers was starting to constrict and this scared the mute boy. His eyes shot open. He was not about to get off to the older boy that beat him religiously every day…. He shook his pink hair into his eyes and finished striping down for the shower.

Granted that his length was near fully erect, he tried to ignore it throughout his shower. Letting the water wash away the dirt and grime, the blood and soot. His neck pricked indecently as he washed his hair but this time it was different. It was prickling because of the lack of pressure. He WANTED to be choked and pinned to a wall. The hidden desires scared the speechless boy. He shook his head and whimpered as he realized that he wanted Andy's hands around his already scarred throat.

This meant that the sickness of wanting all of this abuse on Jamison had spread not only to Andrew, but to both of them now. Why was it? What incredibly sane person would want so much pain and abuse for themselves? But that was just it…deep down inside, Jamison was no longer attached to most reality, and Andrew was just as bad…all he cared about was the sick sadistic way he got off on the thoughts of the beautiful chronically silent boy.

Which was in fact what he'd just finished up doing. Drew knew it was some what sick to feel that way about another person's pain. He admitted it to himself that it was true enough that his mind was fatally warped and twisted in a way that probably was impossible to disengage. He, still, craved more abuse to be delivered to Jamison…and he found himself leaving his room. His fingertips ghosted along the walls while he made his way to Jamison's room. Why was he going to his room? What was he doing? He always just beat him up in front of his friends because they thought it was funny, but now he was going to do it for his own pleasure.

His fingers almost trembled as he wrenched the door knob. The door creaked open and he smiled, feeling irrational shocks of pleasure jolt him a few good times. He stepped inside and pushed the door shut behind him, leaning back against it and breathing hard. He reached for the knob and locked it, then he stepped into the room, feeling his body tingle with desire. When he'd entered he hadn't noticed the shower running but now he did…and he saw that the bathroom door was cracked open slightly.

It was then that he stopped moving, and leaned against the wall outside the mute boy's bathroom. Up until now his body was on autopilot, and it felt as if it had just switched off. Now he was shocked at himself that he was about to enter Jamison's bathroom. What was he going to do to him? He didn't exactly feel that he could beat him up once again and leave…he knew his body couldn't stand to not touch him now. Especially now that he was in the shower, water droplets running down his abused and nearly broken body…

He opened the bathroom door and stared at the shower…he could see Jamison's silhouette and he bit his lip to keep from moaning. He could see the outline of his slim body, and the protruding of his member…this was the only time Andy had ever seen that from him. He'd never even dared to look while he was ruthlessly beating him. The sight of the mute turned around showed the nearly feminine curve of his hips…and Drew began to grow hard. He was about to reach over and open the shower curtain when the shower cut off. What now? He would just wait for him to open the curtain, then he would pin him to the wall…

Water gently trickled from Jamison's hair into his eyes. Mindlessly, he pulled the curtain back and groped for a towel. Once his soft fingers glided over one, he rigorously attempted to remove the water. His member was aching from the lack of attention. He switched his hips and gently palmed at it while drying his hair.

Jamison's ears perked as he heard a guttural moan from across the small room. He removed the towel and his eyes widened in horror. The ghost of his thoughts was leaning against his sink, almost casually. He backed away, his body colliding with the still wet tile of his shower, and let out a silent scream, which in turn caused Andrew to laugh. He slowly stripped off his black wife-beater and he held it in his hand, gripping it tightly before dropping it to the floor. He stepped forward and watched as the mute boy trembled in front of him. He couldn't hold back a moan as he saw the bruise he had left around his neck…well two bruises actually. Both of his hands where he had gripped him so tightly, like a vice.

He felt himself begin to grow hard, and all of the blood seemed to pool in his groin. "My god…" He felt his mouth grow hot and he moved forward, almost in a haze, then he pulled the towel away from Jamison's hands. He tossed his behind him and suddenly his throat felt tight. He was breathing heavy. His heart raced as his hands raised to wipe the tears from the silent boy's cheeks, having, at first, no intentions of harming him. Yet when his eyes traveled over all of his bruises and cuts and scars and scrapes, he became more aroused. Another moan barely had time to escape his lips before he grabbed Jamison by the jaws and jerked his head to face him.

"You are a fucking tease. You have such a beautiful body and yet you can't scream for me when I torture you for being so gorgeous!" Andrew stared into Jamison's eyes and he leaned in placing his lips over the thin boy's. He began to massage his sides and he pulled back, staring into his crystal blue eyes. He wrapped an arm under Jamison's arms, and leaned down, slipping one behind his knees too. He lifted him up and quickly carried him to his bed, throwing him down on it with as much effort as it would take to toss a piece of cloth.

Quickly, before he could move, he climbed on top of him and looked down at his nude body. Of course, just like he imagined, the purple, black, and blue bruises littered the pure white skin and cuts adorned his wrists. Drew's eyes moved down his stomach and he saw that he was reasonably hard…Jamison was pretty well endowed too; almost as large as he was, maybe lacking the half inch. He felt a sick smile spread across his lips and he placed his hips over Jamison's, slowly grinding their erections together. The sensation sent shivers through his body triggering a moan from deep within his throat. His mouth seemed to hang open and his eyes closed slowly. He was now fully erect, once again, and Jamison could feel it.

Jamison's thoughts were only coherent enough to know that this was wrong. He whimpered softly, knowing that it was just loud enough for Andrew to hear. He tried to push the stronger boy away but he couldn't muster the strength. He dug his nails into Andrew's shoulders hoping to make enough room to wiggle away. His insides were twisting in delight from what Andrew was doing but in his mind he knew Andy only wanted to hurt him. He managed to slip his hips up and away from drew. Unfortunately for him, Andrew saw what he was planning to do and gripped at the curve of his hips. Jamison gasped and his eyes fluttered closed. He couldn't fight his instinct anymore.

Once his eyes shut, Drew leaned down and let his tongue trace along a long, very pale pink scar going across his neck. He lapped at it a few times, then placed his lips on the side of his neck and started sucking and biting on the purple bruise in the shape of his hand. Every day for the past year Andy had been choking Jamison…and violently too. The bruises seemed like they would never go away.

"I wish you could moan for me. It's a real shame you can't. I bet that voice would match this beautiful body." The stronger boy sat up and stared down at Jamison. He looked him over slowly and ran his fingers slowly over his thighs. They were curvy, in a way, but not very much…and he leaned down, sucking softly on the inside of one. He was lying on his stomach between Jamison's spread legs, and he was dying to pull him on top of him and make him take his entire length inside of him…but he couldn't make himself do that just yet.

He felt his hands burn with the desire to grab him and hit him, and make him splutter for breath in pain. His hands rubbed their way up his body and he suddenly felt a surge of power rush through his body.

He grabbed Jamison's hair, and violently jerked him up to face him. His hands grabbed his jaw, and forced him to look him in the eyes. "Listen to me closely Jamison." He took a deep breath, and snaked his arm around his waist, then used his index finger on his other hand to tilt his head up. "From now on, you listen to everything I say. You do everything I tell you to do, and you say nothing to anyone about it." He leaned in and pressed his lips against the other boy's hungrily and he lapped across the two hoops in his bottom lip.

Andy pulled back and softly stroked his fingertips over the smaller, younger boy's jaw, then he slapped him, hard, right across the face. "You're nothing more than something to play with." He tossed him back on the bed, and stood beside it, looking down at him. "Get on your hands and knees with your ass in the air, and don't move."

Jamison bit his lip and turned around. He raised his hips for Andrew. He would only be lying to himself if he tried to express that he didn't want Andrew inside of him. It had been so long since he had had anyone inside of him, but Andrew wouldn't know that. Andrew would probably be overjoyed at the amount of pain it caused him. He bit his lip, his metal rings clicking against his teeth. He solemnly looked back at Andrew, giving one last plea from the pit of his sanity. Was he really this masochistic as to get off from the idea of being used and raped? Even if he was, he wouldn't be getting off just now…

"I want you to spread your knees apart, and put your wrists together…" He looked around the room and saw a scarf hanging off a hook on the wall. He quickly made his way over to it, not forgetting to keep an eye on Jamison. Not that he expected him to try and get away. Oh no, because the one thing he kept noticing about the mute boy, was the way his member kept hardening every second. That was a sign that the boy was enjoying the sadistic abuse Andrew kept dishing out.

He returned to the bed, on the other side this time, and tied Jamison's wrists together tightly, until he was sure the boy couldn't pull himself free even if he wanted to. He leaned down in front of him and pushed back a few locks of his wet hair. "You're so pretty Jamison…fucking beautiful…" He grimaced and tugged roughly on his lip rings. "Lucky little fucker." He slapped him and stood, then walked around to the other side of the bed. He leaned down and pressed his lips to Jamison's perfect, pert behind, licking at it softly before standing back up.

"You know, you deserve to be treated the way I treat you…" He gently massaged the globes of his behind and he leaned down, kissing softly at his spine. He stood abruptly then he smirked. "Jamison…" He spoke quietly and almost lovingly…then without warning he drew back and let his hand slap down on the silent boy's ass. His body felt an extreme jolt of ecstasy once he did so…then he panted because he'd used so much strength. So much strength that he had noticed Jamison's body had moved forward a bit and there was a quickly reddening hand print on his ass. "You're mine now." He pulled back and swatted his behind again, and again, and it kept continuing. "You…are…my…slave…you're mine…to…use." He said every word amplified with every swat to the fragile boy's behind. He now noticed that he was close to teetering off the edge of the bed.

Drew stood back and breathed hard, looking over the completely reddening skin over the mute boy's ass. He stepped forward and put his hands on the skinny boy's hips, then lowered his head so slowly that he felt he would explode. His mouth opened and he closed his teeth on the sweet, soft reddened skin. He knew it hurt him, but he knew nothing could be done. Jamison had no way to scream and yelp in pain. Andy just wished he could. The sound would be like sweet vanilla, passing over his taste buds. Almost electrifying.

Jamison felt his throat tighten and tears threatened to leak from his eyes. His entire backside was throbbing and he so desperately wanted to cry out, but no sound would fall from his lips. The mental lashing of what Andrew said hurt far worse than any physical pain could. He knew that he deserved every ounce of pain that he was receiving. More than likely, he deserved more.

Jamison bit into his lip and arched his back towards the older boy that was hitting him. He lowered his head in shame; did his father love him now? Had he finally become so beaten and broken that his father would forgive him? The answer was simple yet heart shattering. No.

Boldly, he turned his head towards the now red faced boy; Jamison's eyes begged Andrew for more. He wanted to hurt; he needed to bleed. Of course Andrew would comply with the pleading look. It was nearly like a new-born pup begging it's mother to nurse it. Like a craving addict begging for his fix. And who was Andrew Polvik to deny such a beautiful creature something it wanted so badly?

Andy was so hard, but he couldn't bring himself to rape him, though he wanted to be inside him so badly he couldn't stand it. "You know what? If you'll thank me properly, maybe I'll punish you like you want me to." He grasped Jamison's hips and licked the reddened skin on his bottom, then he sighed. His desire for the boy was growing but he couldn't take him. Not just yet. Andrew had plenty of self control…except most of the time, when near Jamison, it all melted away.

He stripped himself completely and laid on his back next to Jamison. "Thank your master now, Jamison." He touched the side of his face and smirked, knowing his well-toned body and well sized length would be very intimidating for the mute boy. The thought of scaring him turned him on so much…almost as much as hurting him did.

Then Jamison looked at Andrew with a confused expression. He had no idea what exactly Andrew would want him to do as a 'thank you', let alone how. His hands were bound so tightly that he couldn't move. Chewing on the skin of his bottom lip, he leaned forward and quietly nudged Andrew's shoulder with his temple. Much like a kitten would do to it's mother.

Andrew shoved Jamison roughly off the bed and smirked. Jamison could see the amusement in Andy's eyes. Fear spiked in Jamison's heart; he tried his best to at least scramble to his knees.

Andrew's voice sounded sweet, but there was an underlying tone that made Jamison's heart rate increase. "Beautiful, I think you know what I want you to do." He moved to where he was sitting at the end of the bed; staring down at the bounded mute teen.

Hopelessly, Jamison lifted his shackled wrists, trying to plead with Andrew. The older teen bent down and pressed his lips to Jamison's; The fragile boy kissed back, not wanting to know what would happen if he didn't. Pulling away, Andrew ran his hand down Jamison's cheek. The pad of his thumb ran across his lip rings. Jamison's lips parted in a slight gasp of air. Andrew, in a near flash of movement, struck Jamison's face. The small boy whimpered silently.

"You don't need your hands, baby boy. Just that hot little mouth." Andrew smirked at him and felt himself get way harder just staring at him. He grabbed his jaw and tilted his chin up, so the gorgeous mouth was almost pressed against his throbbing member. "I bet you know what I want now don't you sugar?" He reached up, and ran his hand through Jamison's hair, watching the water drip down his cheeks and neck.

Why had he been blessed with something so shockingly beautiful? It wasn't fair to everyone else, yet he didn't care. Jamison was gorgeous and he was his now. Now he just had to remind him every chance he got. "Jamison…" The boy's name dripped off his lips like honey sliding down a hot pastry. He licked his lips and smirked, looking deep into his scared eyes. "Go on and suck your master's dick like a good little slave." He let go of his jaw and put a hand on his shoulder, massaging it slowly. If Jamison didn't do as he asked…well…he had a few things in his room that could solve the boy's dicipline problem.

Jamison licked his lips feebly and toyed with his lip rings, trying to stall for time. He had never actually done this before. He knew that if he didn't do this well he was screwed, and, looking up at Andrew, he knew that the lust and sadistic look in his eyes showed that he would probably get something broken if he couldn't do it.

Andrew's calloused fingers dug into Jamison's shoulder blades quite roughly, and the mute opened his mouth in gasping pain. In a quick movement, Andrew maneuvered his hips to where he was almost pressed against the pretty boy's mouth, then guttural moan left the dominating one's throat as he felt Jamison's shuddering breath.

"Fucking bloody go on and suck me off you little prick! Do you want me to torture you?" Jamison's body tensed and he lowered his head. He accepted defeat. Licking his lips, Jamison opened his mouth wider, and slowly took the older boy's member into his mouth. The second he did, Andrew moaned so loud that he figured half the school heard him. He didn't care; he had no shame anymore because just the feel of the 16-year-old's hot mouth contracting and sucking at him made his mind go hazy.

But the way he made Jamison feel was different. It wasn't happiness…and maybe it was a little bit of shame, but it was also the most turned on he'd been…ever. It had been a long time since he'd even had sex with another guy, and sucking one off was close enough for him. He didn't care that his tiny wrists were bound together and his bum was burning and stinging, and he was on his knees in his bedroom floor sucking off a guy that tortured him…a guy that was now in complete dominance of him.

Of course Andy was always in dominance of every situation. He grabbed Jamison's hair and forced him down a little more; knowing he was almost too big for the younger boy to fit completely in his mouth and down his throat. He groaned and let go of his hair, then softly pet it down and massaged behind his gauged ears knowing that had to be a slightly sweet spot right now, with his mouth so wide open like that. As much pleasure as the smaller boy was giving him, he wanted to pleasure him too…but he would do that later, when he lead him to his room, of course.

A few licks to the underside of Andy's cock made Jamison shudder, because he could feel the vein wildly pulsing underneath his wet tongue. Andrew was being rough with him, but he didn't really give a fuck. He was getting so hard from this, and he wanted more. He just wished he could speak and tell him that…so he mustered up as much air as he could and moaned with the older boy's member in his mouth, bobbing his head down, then back up slowly. At this, Andy gasped and looked down, instantly locking their eyes.

"You want this don' you, you little bloody fuckin' tramp?" Andrew bucked his hips up into his mouth and he toyed with his tongue ring for a second, wondering what it would do to Jamison if he licked over his entire body…with a barbell that vibrated. Now, he wanted to and very badly at that.

Another minute or so passed and Jamison pulled back, letting Andrew fall from his lips. Andy stared, then smirked as he realized it was because number one, Jamison couldn't breathe, and number two, the younger boy leaned forward and gently licked across his balls. This made him gasp, and he moaned once he started to feel his cum build up. He grabbed Jamison and forced his mouth back on him, then he leaned back and relaxed so he could orgasm harder.

"Suck me you stupid little whore. You're my toy, so do what I say." Jamison did as he was told. He ghosted his teeth down the elder boy's thick shaft. Jamison could feel Andy shudder against his tongue and he loved it. This was the only way he could manipulate the dominant teen. Jamison leaned his entire body forward, his petite and girly shoulders fit perfectly into Andrew's spread limbs. He couldn't use his hands or fingers, but he gently moved his shoulders to create a pressure to the inside of Andrew's thighs. Hollowing his cheeks, Jamison swallowed at the pulsating cock in between his lips.

Andy's breath hitched and he forcefully grabbed the boy's pink hair and shoved his member deeper. Jamison sputtered and choked; this enticed Andrew. His mouth fell open but he wasn't articulate enough for words. He thrust his hips forward, basically fucking Jamison's wet little mouth. He was ready to explode. He managed to glare down at Jamison, and the pained look in the fragile boy's eyes sent him over the edge. His seed shot deep into the mute boy's mouth.

Quickly, Jamison pulled away. He managed to swallow most of it, but he coughed. This made a gentle line of Andrew's potencies mixed with his own saliva dribble from his lips, lacing his left lip ring. Drew smirked and pushed Jamison as hard as he could, getting him off of his member. He closed his eyes and relaxed for a second, then he took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes. He was tired, but he wasn't finished playing with his toy.

The 17 year old stood and dressed himself quickly, before looking a Jamison. Jamison had fallen on his back and he was pouting slightly, looking hurt. The expression on his face made Drew laugh, then he knelt down in front of him. "It's okay. You're being a good pet, Jamie." He smirked and unbound the boy's wrists, then he let out a long steady breath.

Standing up, the older boy spotted a choker that could be used as a collar. He grabbed it, and stood in front of Jamison. "Now, get on your knees, kiss my dick through my pants and get on all fours like a dog." He knew his plan was dirty, but if Jamison was his new toy, he had to learn to do as he was told.

The mute boy did ask he was asked. He quickly maneuvered himself onto his knees, and he pressed his lips to the material of Andrew's jeans. He then got on his hands and looked up. The sight of the older boy standing over him made him even harder and he felt the tip of his erection rubbing against his stomach…but he was snapped out of his thoughts by his choker being placed around his neck. He stared up, and Andrew tied the scarf around the back of he choker.

"Okay. Jamie, you're gonna be a good pet for me." The older boy knelt down, and rubbed his ass softly. "So you're going to crawl from here to my room on a leash sugar. In front of everyone, naked…" Jamison swallowed harshly and sat on his ankles. He had no sense of pride left. He nodded sharply. The edge he had on reality was slowly slipping away like water through his fingers. He gently palmed his erection, hoping it would go away. He rested his weight back onto his hands and nudged at Andrew's pants leg like the good dog he was becoming. Somewhere inside of him, Jamison knew this was wrong but his need for Andrew out weighed everything in his persona at that moment. The now doggy-like teen nudged his nose against his master's thigh.

Drew looked down at Jamie and smiled. "You're such a good little boy." He smiled and pet him, then tugged on the scarf, which hurt Jamison a little. He jerked his neck toward him and whimpered, put Andy didn't pay attention. He pulled him toward the door, and opened it, seeing that the mute boy was being obedient now. The elder looked out into the hall, and Jamison pouted a little before going on ahead of him. He crawled down the hall, his palms slipping on the hard floor a few times, and his knees quickly getting very sore.

"Bloody hell, Jamie, you're such a fit pet." Andrew watched as the silent boy's bum twisted in front of him, and he wanted to fuck it right then, but he couldn't in the hall. He wouldn't do that just yet, actually. Not for a long time really, because he didn't want to terrify the younger boy. "Stop." He had to make the boy stop, because they had come to his room. Any further and he would have been down by Alex's room and they couldn't risk that.

He opened his bedroom door, and looked down at his little pet. He untied the scarf, and Jamison crawled inside slowly. He was so scared that someone could have seen him, but it didn't matter. He didn't have much self respect now but he was fine to give it away to Andrew…since he was his now.

Drew smirked, and ran his fingers through his hair. "Get up on my bed, lay with each of your limbs spread to a bed post." He knew he'd gotten his cum on the bed earlier…but it didn't matter. Jamison had swallowed it earlier and it was still on his face…

Jamison did what he was told quickly and he felt very exposed. He was so hard but he wouldn't touch himself because apparently, he didn't have permission to do so. "Now Jamison…" Andrew was in his room now, pulling out some rope from under his bed. He planned on tying him down and licking him, all over that hot little body. "You can touch yourself for just a minute…but you can't orgasm…"

Jamison's face turned a light pink color and his nimble fingers ran down his length. He tried his best to not look at the older boy as he teased himself. Unable to help himself, he stole a quick glance then let his eyes flutter closed.

Jamison was trying to listen to what Andrew was doing. He quickly found out when the older boy yanked his arm up, securing it to the bed post. Jamison couldn't help but to moan softly and watch him…The older boy's tongue briefly darted out to lick his lips, and looking to the shut door, he spoke quietly. "I know you liked crawling to my room…" He turned back to Jamison with dark eyes. "I liked it too. You got me hard again, beautiful."

Andrew took a breath and sighed, going over to his vanity. He picked up a box, and pulled out a barbell for his tongue. It was a vibrating one, like he wanted. He grabbed a pair of piercing tongs, and he turned to Jamison. "I'm pretty sure you're going to cum the second I put my tongue on you." He smirked, then turned back to the mirror, and made the change in jewelry quick.

"God, you're so hard…"Andrew licked his lips, then he turned his tongue ring on. It vibrated inside his mouth, and he smirked, climbing on top of him. He leaned down, and pressed his tongue against Jamison's neck. He ran it over his pulse, and down his chest, and circled it around his nipples. The way the thin boy twitched was unbelievable. "Mmh, I bet this feels good. You're lucky I'd do this for you…"

Jamison gripped at the material that was binding him to the bed. he whimpered as loud as he could, though it was barely audible. he needed release. he involuntarily lifted his hips, his mouth falling open when he realized that his hips collided with Andrew's. He trembled, feeling not only close to release, but scared that Andrew was going to hit him again. He moaned mutely and tried to fidget away…yet it only made Drew mad. "STOP!" He looked up into Jamison's eyes, and he slapped him hard across his soft face. "You need to learn to obey your master…" He leaned over to the bedside table, and opened it, smirking…