Jamison's heart beat sped up and he looked at Andrew, chewing his bottom lip. He was looking frantic and red-faced. He looked up to Andrew with wide eyes, his eyes tracing the object in Andrew's hands. Andrew smirked and he licked his lips, pulling out a digital power box. He knew Jamison had no idea what he was holding and the innocents lacing the latter's gaze made him arouse quickly. "I know you have no idea what this is sweet heart..." Drew licked his lips slowly and trailed off, leaning down to kiss the red part of Jamison's face where the soft skin had been abused. "But I think this will be fun...for me, at least."

Jamison looked terrified, but the look fueled Andrew's lust. He pulled something else out of the drawer, then he shut it and sat everything on Jamison's torso. "I think I'll show you just what these do sweet little Jamie." The older boy chuckled quietly and he pressed a few buttons on the power box before putting the long stick to his skin. He pressed a button, and it emitted tiny shocks from the metal, sending waves of electricity through his body. He smirked at the terrified look on Jamison's face. "It won't hurt you. They're made for this exactly."

Andrew held up the thing he'd just shocked Jamison with. It was white and silver, holding what looked like six balls stacked atop each other on it. "This is called a Bloop Stick." He rubbed it up the shaft of Jamison's member and let the shocks flow through it. Slowly he moved it back, then to his small, puckered hole. He nudged it against the soft pink skin and he smiled. It sent little shocks through him.

Andy then held up the second piece of metal that was attached to the power box. "This is a sound." He licked his lips and touched it to Jamison's lip rings, jolting the metal sharply. "This is going to hurt you more than I ever have. It's the biggest part of your punishment for not obeying me." Jamison's eyes widened, and Andrew laughed harshly. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft of Jamie's member, then he dipped the still-vibrating tongue ring ball into the slit, holding it there for a moment. He held the little rod up, and pulled away. "Guess where THIS goes."

Jamie's tears started up again, he hadn't thought the he disobeyed Andrew. he felt like his chest was going to explode. He wiggled in the handcuffs, making a fist. he had to channel the pain somehow. he looked up at Andrew's eyes, nearly begging him not to do this. he would do anything at this point. His restraints felt tighter, and his felt like his chest was going to implode from fear. Electricity scared him to no end.

"Shhh, I wouldn't let it hurt you." Andrew smiled and he put a hand under his pillow, pulling out a bottle of lube. He caressed Jamison's cheek and he shivered a bit as the sound shocked his hand where he held it. "It's not going to hurt you Jamie. Stop crying." Andrew wiped at the gently and he sucked in a breath, feeling very much hard right now. Also very powerful and controlling.

He put the sound down next to Jamison's hip, and he watched the younger boy calm just a small bit from his words. "I promise it won't harm you Jamie. It might hurt but it won't harm you." The 17 year old's eyes traveled slowly over his body, and he opened the bottle of lube. He squirted some on his fingers, then he rubbed it over Jamison's entrance slowly, slipping his fingers in a few times. "Don't be scared. Shush." He pet Jamie's multi-colored hair back, then he smiled. Gently, he took the butt end of the bloop stick and he pushed the first three bloops inside. "It'll heat up slowly, then shock you a few times...it gets worse every time it goes deeper."

Terror spreading across Jamison's face from this next thing gave Andy a massive hard on now. He squeezed a small bead of lube onto the slit of Jamison's member, and he leaned down, softly pressing the vibrating bead to the vein on the underside of his cock. He licked it, then he looked up at the younger boy. "Here it goes..." Slowly, Andrew slid the small pencil-sized rod down into Jamison's extremely erect member. As soon as it dropped into his bladder, he would feel the pleasure, and the deep shocks wracking his little body.

"God Jamie..." Andrew turned the power box up to the medium level, and he leaned down, pressing their lips together softly. He pulled back and nudged their noses together, wiping at Jamison's tears. "I wish you could tell me how good it felt..." He sat back on his heels and looked at the broken and bruised body in front of him, violated with metallic probes. He sighed and bit his lip. "You're so fucking sexy."

Jamie cringed and groaned near audibly, clawing at the material of his bed. He whimpered and cried softly as the things inside of him mercilessly shocked him. electricity was one of his worse fears. but it wasn't like he could voice it. he couldn't even scream from the agony of it all.

Andrew's hands massaged and groped at the soft globes of his ass, and he watched the latter's body twitch and writhe. "Mmh, god that looks so good." He ran his fingers slowly down Jamison's twitching thighs, and he smirked, licking his lips in a very seductive way. "Poor little baby Jamie..." He crawled slowly up his body, leaning down to press their lips together in a slow but very lustful kiss.

After the elder pulled away, he ran his tongue down Jamison's chest, lapping at his nipples slowly. "You know..." Andy's tongue was moving powerfully and eagerly, twisting it around his hardened nipple slowly. "After a while you're going to be different Jamie." Drew bit the nipple hard, then he sucked at it and rubbed his fingers over Jamison's navel a few times.

He reached over, and pressed the increase button on the power box, watching Jamison's body shake and convulse after having his prostate shocked a few times. "It'll feel good soon Jamie. Please don't cry...it's not going to hurt you."

Jamison whimpered in response. he couldn't move. a sickening twist of pain and pleasure rested in his stomach as the machine went through it's cycle of pleasurable vibration and shocking pain. He knew Andrew was right. he was changing as they spoke. his body was anticipating the shock; yearning for it. He let his mouth fall open in a very, near unheard moan as the felt the shocking beads rev up to shock him. his prostate was twitching against the metal, and he felt his orgasm built up. he didn't know how to signal to Andrew that he was about to cum, other than the fact that his breath was only a pant and his entire body was shaking. he wanted to desperately to be able to touch Andrew, kiss him, lick him, grip him, scratch him. but of course, he couldn't.

Andrew looked at Jamison's hips twisting...though he didn't know if it were in pain or pleasure. He could hear the soft puffs of breath being shoved from Jamie's lips, and he reached up, sliding the sound further down into Jamison's urethra, dropping it into his bladder now. His eyes moved over the younger boy's body and he slowly leaned down, sucking at his shaft slowly and lapping eagerly at the underside.

The elder boy tugged at the end of the sound, then he slid it out with ease and unplugged it from the power box. He gently sucked at Jamison's slit, and he could taste the saltiness of pre-cum spreading over his tongue. "You're so fucking gorgeous Jamie." He sighed and reached back, shoving a few more bloops inside of the younger boy. The voltage was higher now, and his hips jerked, almost looking like he was struggling away from Andrew.

"Mmh, Jamie. Your body is gorgeous...I'm getting so hard." Andrew crawled up, and put a hand on either side of Jamison's head, on the pillow. He ground his groin down against Jamison's quite extensive member and he smiled, kissing and nipping at the end of his nose. "You have the perfect curves..." He kissed his neck and smiled. "The perfect curvy hips...they make me want to bend you over and fuck that little ass of yours." He kissed his lips and nudged their noses together, biting his bottom lip softly.

Jamison gasped into Andrew's mouth, making the softest of noises. he kissed back like the good little slave he had become and contorted his hips, knowing Andrew could feel it. He gripped at his restraints fleetingly, wishing his frail body was enough to break the chains. he didn't even want to get away, he just wanted to touch and feel the older male on top of him. yes, he was sick and disgusting, but at the moment he didn't give a damn. his eyes were watering, he was so close to an orgasm that it hurt.

Andy smiled at the kisses and he gripped roughly at the fragile boy's hips. He ground his hips against his member again and he smirked. His lips caressed his jaw, then he kissed down his neck and back to his ear. "I know you're gonna cum baby..." He nibbled at his ear, then he sucked on the earlobe.

Andrew took a soft breath, then he laughed and gently blew into Jamison's ear. He sighed quietly then he bit at his ear once more. "I'm going to take you to get more piercings, and maybe a tattoo or two..." He sighed and reached down, his fingers gliding softly over his torso. He removed his pants, then he looked at Jamison's face. He locked eyes with the younger boy, and he removed his boxers as well, then he sat back on his heels.

"Hmm..." Drew trailed off and looked at just how swollen Jamison's member was. He looked at his own and he smirked, seeing they were equally hard. "I think you need to cum soon..." His fingers shook as he reached over, and pushed the fifth bloop inside of Jamison, once more upping the voltage. He smiled and softly shoved the next one inside. They were all inside of him now. "Mmh, good boy." He climbed on top of Jamison once more, then he ground against his groin, gasping as their members rubbed against each other. "O-Oh fu-fuck. Oh fuck yes...."

Jamison's mouth fell open and his body felt like it was caving in on itself. he whimpered, his torso twisting and turning, kind of scared of what Andrew was going to do to him once he came. The pink haired boy felt his orgasm building rapidly in his stomach, but tried to push it back as much as possible Andrew was too much for him. the tall boy was exceptionally stout, and handsome. He was too strong for Jamison. The probe up his bum shocked him and his entire body left the bed, his body jerking violently.

Andrew smirked and his body shook gently as his hips were pressed tightly against Jamie's. "O-Oh god, yes." Andy looked down at him, and he licked at his neck, biting at it gently. "God yes, Fuck." He started to grind down against the younger boy roughly, their cocks sliding together quickly, with a lot of pressure. He let out a soft moan against his neck and he started to gasp once the tips of their members collided, and their pre-cum mixed, dripping down onto their hips.

Drew's hands went down to Jamison's bum, and he began thrusting the toy in and out of his tight entrance, watching the shocks grow each time he thrust it in. He was so close to orgasm, feeling the little jolts entwine his body as well. "Mmm, Jamie." Andrew gripped his hair tightly and he pulled it hard, smirking as he did so. He gently lapped at Jamison's lips, then he kept grinding down against him. He shivered and panted as his eyes traveled over Jamison's pale, broken skin. He was so close to release now.

"You know..." He reached down and slid his thumb across Jamison's slit, gently massaging his pulsing member now. "You are absolutely fucking beautiful." He began to grind against him once more, and he reached for the sound, softly sliding it back inside of Jamison's erection. He saw the fear enter the younger boy's eyes again, and his cock twitched erratically, begging for some kind of release...any kind. Even if he fainted from the energy it would take for him to force his orgasm, he figured it would be worth it. "You're MY beautiful little slave..."

Jaimson gasped and felt his mouth fall open. He desperately wished that he could just tell Andrew what this felt like, or how badly he just wanted Andrew to fuck him. His mind was racing, and his grip on the restraints he had were slipping. He felt so close to orgasm that his insides were liquid fire. He lifted his hips up, against Andrew. He so desperately needed his release that he would do near anything to get it.

He chewed on his bottom lip, pleading with his eyes for Andrew to do anything. These toys were overwhelming him. He leaned up as much as he could and bit Andrew on the shoulder, knowing it would cause some form of repercussion.

Andrew's eyes darkened once the smaller boy's teeth sank into his skin and he gently wrapped an arm around his shoulders, holding him up. "Mmm, that's a good boy." Drew moaned at the slight pain in his shoulder and he kept stroking Jamison's member as well as his own. Small, subtle moans kept slipping past his lips and his eyes widened, his small pupils now taking up the color of his iris. "F-FUCK! Jamie, baby this is so good. So good. I-I'm so close." His hand slipped around both of their pulsing members now and he gasped, his hips jerking.

His grip loosened a bit as his body began to jerk, hot and thick cum shooting out onto Jamison's stomach as it did. The goo dripped down into his navel and Andrew just stared at it. "God....fuck." He began to quickly stroke the 16 year old's cock and he smirked, his eyes twinkling now. His lips hazardously crashed against Jamison's and he licked at them, slipping his tongue into his mouth and curling it against his.

Andy stopped jerking him, and he began to fuck him with the bloop stick once more, removing his arm from around Jamison's shoulders and reaching down to slide the sound lazily in and out of his urethra. "I bet this feels good. I wish I could feel it. Maybe later, I will."

Jamison gasped and dug his sore nails into the ties that left him immobile. He was seeing stars as his hips jerked forward, and the rush of his orgasm overwhelmed him. He was panting and his mouth was as wide open as it ever had been as he came heatedly between his and Andrew's intertwined bodies. He wanted to cry out, and his mouth formed Andrew's name, but it was unable to be heard, just as everything else.

He looked up at Andrew, wide eyed. He was whimpering and biting at his piercings. What happened now?

Andrew sighed and he looked down at Jamison, sliding the sound out of him and wiping his seed off it. "Mm, you're so messy." He smirked and laid it down, then he slid the abusive bloop stick from him as well. "You did really good my little Jamie." He climbed off him and he unchained him from the bedposts, kissing his stomach and chest as he did so. "You were a good boy for your punishment." He stood and took the sex toys, setting them on his dresser and looking in the mirror as he did so. His chestnut brown hair was very messed up, and he smirked as he saw his hair.

"I look good." He turned and crossed his arms over his chest, looking over Jamison's body. "You look almost as good as I do." Drew smirked, then he climbed on top of Jamison's hips, running his hands over his abused and broken body. His fingernails dug sadistically into a cut, and he watched as the thin boy's hips lifted up, and he gasped. "Mmm, I knew it. You love it." He kissed up his torso and kissed his lips gently petting his hair.

"You're mine until I say otherwise...and you can't let anyone else know." Andy nipped at Jamison's pulse and smirked. "If you do, I'll fuck you until you pass out...and beat you nearly to death." He kissed his collar and smirked. "But you're such a good little boy, letting me hit you and abuse you. You do everything I tell you and we'll get along just fine."

Jamison curled his arms to him, feeling his joints pop mercilessly. He looked up at Andrew and nodded like the good little pet he had become. He leaned up and kissed the bite mark he had left on Andrew's shoulder as a way of saying, "yes Master.". His free will was officially gone, just like his dignity and self respect.

Andrew's lips curled up into a smile and he rubbed his hand down Jamie's back. "You're so pretty." His stomach knotted up and he looked down at the thin weak boy. His hands ran down his sides, then he gripped his hips roughly. "So Jamie..." The name slid off his tongue like sweet melted chocolate. "I'm going to go get you a notebook and a pencil so we can talk, alright?" He bit at his lip, licking across it, before standing and looking around his room for a notebook. He grabbed one then he fished an ink pen out of his school bag then he sat down next to Jamison.

"Sit up." He looked at him, their eyes meeting for the first time in the past few minutes. He put the notebook and the pen on Jamison's lap, then he leaned in and put his hand to his cheek before kissing his lips. "God, those lips." Andy smiled and nipped the bottom one, then he slid his arms around Jamie's waist. "You have beautiful and soft, perfect lips." He sighed, then he moved, sitting behind him. Drew pulled Jamison up onto his lap then and his hands slid across his nude frame. He sighed and nipped at his ear, smiling. "How do you feel?"

Jamison's hand flexed as he stretched his arm out to write. He had to scoot back onto Andrew so that he could write properly. He chewed on his bruised lip as the ink glided onto the stark white paper. He didn't know what to say really. What do you say to the boy that is controlling your every whim?

He handed his paper to the dominant boy and looked away. "I'm sore, and tired..."

Andrew looked at the notebook and he smiled, rubbing Jamie's shoulders softly. "It's okay..." He looked up, and over at the window. The light that had been there prior to their little rendezvous had disappeared and the room was shrouded in some shadows now. "I won't hurt you anymore tonight...but you ARE sleeping with me tonight." He leaned into his neck and nipped at it, sucking at the sensitive skin.

"What do you think about all of this Jamie, baby? Are you scared, or do you like everything?" He caressed his stomach and gently touched his navel. He thought that maybe he would pierce the bottom of it and maybe make him pierce his hips too...He tugged at a strand of the younger boy's hair and sighed. The pink would have to go as well...but honestly it didn't matter all that much. "How would you feel about me...changing you? Paying for new piercings of my choice?" He nipped his shoulder, and massaged his thighs.

Jamison wrote quickly in the notebook, honestly surprised that it was so legible. "I don't care. I deserve this punishment." His eyes were dark for his light blue, and he looked away from Andrew. The pen was still connecting to the paper. "Change me, contort me. I don't honestly care."

Jamison then let the pen cap rest between his teeth and he turned to Andrew, waiting for his reply. The slave looked at his master and gently swirled his tongue around the cap. Andrew felt his stomach twist and he bit at his bottom lip, slipping his tongue ring out and twisting it around. "Jamie..." He ran his fingers through the younger boy's hair, then he smiled. "Why do you think you deserve this kind of abuse hmm?" He leaned down and kissed the corner of his lips.

Though Andrew didn't know what Jamison meant by 'I deserve it', he didn't believe so at all. He believed Jamison was the most innocent boy in the entire school. He always would be in his eyes. "Tell me why you hate yourself so much." His words shocked him and he looked into Jamison's eyes, seeing pools of hurt. "Detail it..."

Jamison was shocked by the purple haired boy's statement and looked up at him, tilting his head. He then shook his head to clear any thoughts that Andrew actually might CARE. He had never told anyone his full story before, but Jamison felt like he needed to tell Andrew. His master requested it... He began to write, not daring to look up to see Andrew's reaction.

Andrew bit his lip as he read the paper Jamie was scribbling on...his heart sank like a lead weight in an ocean. "Oh..." He caressed Jamie's thighs gently and he put his chin on his shoulder, breathing soft puffs of air on his bruised neck. "I'm so sorry." He bit down on his lip and he swallowed hard. He was so cute and innocent...but awful things had happened to him. He couldn't believe the abuse Jamison had been through...and it wasn't even HIS abuse...that was what made him the angriest.

"Look at me." He grabbed his chin and he stared into Jamison's eyes, sighing softly. "NEVER let someone else hit you. Tell me if they do. Anyone else but me...isn't allowed." He bit his bottom lip and nudged their noses together for just a moment before he kissed his plush lips briefly.

After pulling away, Drew laid down on his back and he pet Jamison's hair back. He ran his fingers through it and laughed quietly. The expression on the other boy's face was pure bliss and it was the cutest thing Andy had seen in a long time. "You're the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on..."

Jamison blushed and leaned up, kissing Andrew's cheek softly as a thank you. He didn't really know how to react to Andrew being nice to him. He laid his head on Andrew's chest, after quickly writing a short reply to Andrew's statement. "What about your friends...? They hit me just as much as you do..."

Andrew let out a long breath and he smiled. "I'll hit them ten times harder than they hit you next time." A small laugh passed his lips then he gripped Jamie's hips, flipping him over onto his stomach. "Are you scared of any of them?" He swallowed and looked at the pink scar crossing over Jamison's neck...his stomach burned and he leaned forward, kissing it. He threaded his fingers roughly into his hair and smiled.

Jamison gasped softly but shook his head to stay focused. He grabbed the paper again and wrote down one word, "Trent". That boy scared him, but not as bad as Andrew did. The only reason he did scare Jamie was the fact that he carried a knife in his pocket where ever he went. Trent had flashed his knife to Jamison when they were alone in a hallway before.

Andrew nodded and licked his lips slowly. "He won't hurt you. He can't touch you from now on." His stomach burned and he looked over into the mirror beside his bed. They were a sight to see. Jamison was lying on top of Drew, and the two were nude. He looked comfortable on top of Andy...and it was sort of shocking. "Hm, we look cute." He ran his hand down Jamie's back, then he groped his bum and nudged his nose. "What do you think of me?"

Jamison blushed brightly and a delicate purr left his lips. He looked at Andrew and ran his fingers down the boy's chiseled jaw. This was an awkward question to answer. How did he really feel about Andrew? The boy beat him, shoved electric things up his bum, and even choked him, but Jamison knew he didn't hate him. he groped the sheets for the pen that he sat down and began to write. He wrote the only thing he could think of. "You are the only person that doesn't look passed me in the hallway. You notice my existence."

Andy's eyes closed and he thought for a minute. "Hmm..." His lips turned up and he reached forward, gently curling his fingers around the younger male's neck. His eyes opened, and he laughed quietly, seeing the scared expression. "Are you scared of the things I put inside of you?" He chewed at his lip and leaned in, kissing Jamie's delicately. His grip tightened a bit and he squeezed off Jamison's supply of air.

Jamison sputtered and grasped at Andrew's hand, trying to pull him off. He whimpered and dug his nails into Andrew's forearm, feeling the muscles of Andrew's arm loosen just a fraction. He nodded, trying to answer the male as fast as he could. The purple haired boy was starting to look hazy as he gasped for breath. This was how he was going to die, he presumed. Maybe not today, but he knew it would be by the hands of the boy that actually took notice to him.

Andrew's grip loosened and he smoothly ran his palms down Jamison's curvy back. "You're such a good boy." He winked and laughed quietly. "Which one scared you the most?" He licked his lips and gently touched his little slave's member. "I bet you've never had anything in your cock have you?" He cocked his head to the side and kissed at his neck.

Jamison shook his head, biting his bottom lip. He didn't honestly know which one he was scared of more. The sound was a terrifying experience but it actually felt good after a while. The shocks of the thing up his bum was just plain horrible. He didn't really want to relive that again. He bit his lip and pointed to the bloop stick on the dresser, his arm shaking lightly. He honestly wished Andy would get rid of that thing. He gently traced along Andrew's abs, amazed at how toned he really was.

"Oh. I'm surprised it didn't terrify you to have that there..." Drew swallowed and he sat up, wrapping his arms around Jamison's neck. "I have something for you Jamie." He slid his hand down the younger boy's cheek and he kissed his nose. He reached over and picked up his bag, reaching down inside of it. His fingers plucked up a plastic baggy and he pulled it out, tossing his bag to the floor. He looked at the bag, then to Jamison, wondering if the mute boy had any knowledge of what he was holding.

In the bag were little round green tablets, with intricate little designs on them. They were ecstasy pills, and he knew that after a while, Jamison would crave his touches to his broken skin. He pulled out two and held both of them to the lithe boy's lips. "Take these Jamie. Your soreness and tiredness will disappear very soon." Jamison opened his mouth and gently took the pills from Andrew with his tongue. They had an extremely sour taste to them, until it started to dissolve. He swallowed them quickly, surprised that he didn't need water. He rose an eyebrow at Andrew, clearly asking his master what they were. He bit the inside of his lip, feeling his stomach twist. Was this supposed to happen?

Andrew laughed softly and he pet his hair back. "It's ecstasy." He sighed and looked at him, waiting for his pupils to enlarge. "I got them from Alex." He swallowed hard and his stomach churned just grazing his eyes over the other boy's body. He was so broken and abused that it made Andy cringe at the sight.

Drew pushed Jamison off him and he stood up, walking around his bedroom. He pulled on some boxers and a pair of jeans, then he tossed Jamie one of his shirts. "Put this on." Jamie obliged and slid the black material over his skin. He didn't know what to do, so he just sat on the edge of Andrew's bed, figuring he looked slightly like a lost puppy. He didn't want to look like that though. He wanted to just look...normal. He ran his hand shakily through his flat, tangled hair. So much for a shower...he thought bitterly. He ran his eyes around Andrew's room as his stomach started to heat up. He felt so awkward; what was happening to him now?

Andrew looked over at Jamison and he crossed his arms. The younger boy looked like he was going to be sick, and this had him worried. He walked over to his window and pushed up the blinds, seeing that outside it was dark except for the full moon. He opened his window and let in the cool night air. "Let's leave for a while." He walked over and ran his hands up Jamison's thighs. "You can wear some of my clothes...with uh...a belt."

Jamison nodded and gently pet Andrew's arm, signaling that he had no idea where Andrew's clothes were, let alone if he had permission to just walk up and search through his wardrobe. Jamie fiddled with the hem of the black shirt Andrew had handed him and numbly searched around the room for something he could wear. He felt so exposed, even after everything that had just happened. He looked of at Andrew, wishing he could just speak.

Andy bit his lip. "Oh. My clothes are in drawers and the closet...you can just look. If you don't look like I want you to though I'll probably make you change..." His eyes glittered and he stood, tilting Jamie's head back and pecking his lips. He looked around and pulled on an old, faded Johnny Cash t-shirt. He leaned against his arch way to his bathroom, then he watched the younger boy.

Jamison looked through his clothes and nodded softly, opening the drawer closet to him. Luckily for him, it was the boxers. He quickly pulled on a pair of solid black briefs, bending down slightly so he could get into the other male's third drawer, knowing the second one was shirts. The drawer was full of dark colored blue jeans. He searched for a pair of skinnies. but didn't think Andrew wore them. Drew's eyes widened at the sight of the boy bent over in black briefs. "Mmh." He bit his lip and walked over, groping softly at his ass. He was so enticed by his body, but he was afraid he'd fall over what with the ecstasy in his body. "Here..." Andrew reached into the drawer and he dug out a black pair of skinny jeans...he never wore them and they would probably look loose on Jamie but still, he would be adorable in them.

Jamie smiled softly up at the other boy and took the skinny jeans from him. He licked the color of his bottom lip before sitting down onto the bed to put them on. He noted that they were tight around his ankle like he liked, but loose around his hips. They felt kind of awkward, but there was no need to complain. He looked up at Andrew, slightly wondering if he had earned his approval.

Andrew smiled and pushed Jamison on his back, climbing on top of his hips. "You're cute." He pushed the black shirt off him, then he threw it over his shoulder. "I have a shirt for you to wear..." He licked his lips and sighed, leaning down and nipping his navel. Andy sat up and went over to his closet, digging through the shirts. He only had one shirt that was small enough to fit Jamison and have it cling to his curves...the cute curve of his thin stomach, then his hips...and his bum, which was the cutest he'd seen, ever. It was a gray Underoath shirt. He tossed it to him and pulled a pair of slip on vans from under his bed. "There you go..." He licked his lip and ran his fingers through Jamie's hair. "I approve...."

Jamie felt an awkward blush creep up onto his face. He didn't know what to respond with. Their relationship was definitely unique; as cliché as that sounds. He straightened out the wrinkle in the material of his shirt and noticed how form fitting it was on him. If it was so form fitting on him, how would it look on Andrew? Jamison licked his lips again, his mind filling with the dirtiest thoughts of Andrew. He then shook his head fiercely, surprised with himself. Andrew slipped on a pair of converse then he put a fedora on, looking at the younger boy. He went over to the window and smiled. "Come on Jamie, let's go." He smiled, knowing that after a while, Jamison would be out of his mind and Drew would take him somewhere, and maybe fuck him. He wasn't sure yet but Jamie was his and he would do what he wanted.

Jamison crawled out of the window, not realizing how cold it was until Andrew shut his window back. 'Fuck...' he thought pathetically, holding himself tightly as he stood beside of Andrew, trying to see where his Master was going to lead him.

He tugged on the very corner of Andrew's clothing and nipped his own bottom lip, wondering what was going to happen next. Considering what has happened in the last hour, Jamison couldn't really be scared by anything.

Andrew turned to Jamison and he smiled. "Come on." He took his hand, then he lead him around the corner, walking down the street a bit. "I think you're very adorable. You know...I do...really." He let go of his hand and slipped his arm around his waist. "Are you hungry?" Drew kissed Jamie's neck then he caressed his jaw bone. "I can take you to get something."

Jamison nodded softly. He looked up at Andrew and a weird feeling settled in his stomach. Could this be considered a date?

He licked his bottom lip and opened the notebook he had brought with him. He uncapped the pen, once again sticking it's cap between his teeth. He began to write. "I'm a vegetarian..."

Andrew nodded. "Oh, uh...okay." He had to squint to read the thin writing in the moon light. "So...will you eat a bean burrito then?" He chewed on his bottom lip and slipped his hand down into Jamie's back pocket, squeezing his bum gently. He knew that when the ecstasy kicked in, he would be moaning like a cheap little whore with every touch, and every caress.

Jamie nodded and smiled, purring like a kitten from Andrew's slight touch. He was slightly awed by that fact. He never made any noise before when Andrew touched his bum...He gently snaked his arm around Andrew's waist, his fingers gently pressed to his abdomen so they wouldn't slip. He kept chewing on his bottom lip, still feeling incredibly cold. He shivered and leaned into Andrew, wanting his body heat.

Andy laughed and looked down at the boy so close to him. "Hmm, you're a clingy little whore aren't you?" He chuckled under his breath then he leaned down, kissing his lips. He kept massaging his bottom until his hand grew tired, and he drew back, giving it a hard slap.

After a few minutes they came to a cafe. Drew lead Jamison in and he ordered a bean burrito for him and two bottles of water. He turned and put his forehead against Jamison's, smiling. Quietly he whispered to him; "you're a vegetarian?" He chuckled softly, "you were quick to have my meat in your mouth." He quickly pushed their lips together, and he sighed, feeling the younger boy's body go rigid. He didn't care who saw them.

Jamison kissed back, curling his tongue over Andrew's bottom lip. He moaned silently as he felt his cold metal piercings press into the kiss. He was nervous to touch Andrew, but felt like he needed to. He wouldn't though, he had better self control than that. He pulled back from Andrew and blushed, his cheeks now a decently pink. He looked up at Andrew, his eyes slightly hazy. What the fuck was going on with him?

Drew laughed and turned back to the counter, slipping some money from his pocket and paying for Jamie's food and their drinks. "Here." The eldest turned back around and smiled, handing Jamison his food.

Once outside he opened his water and drank half the bottle, sitting down on a bench on the street. "You...are beautiful Jamie." Andy smiled and pulled Jamison onto his lap, massaging his thighs slowly. "Go on and eat...I know you're hungry." He kissed the back of his neck, then nipped at the side of it where it was bruised.

Jamie shivered softly but took his food and managed to nibble at it. He had the worst phobia of eating in front of people. He felt like the world's largest fat ass. Taking a small bite of the burrito, he tasted the sour of the pills he had swallowed on minutes before. He thought he was going to be sick if he ate anymore. Simply, he rolled the half of the bean induced stick he was nibbling on back into the wrapper and sighed, leaning against Andrew's chest, petting his own stomach.

Andrew eyed Jamison strangely. "It's making you sick?" He ran his fingers softly through his hair then he bit his lip. "Here..." He put Jamison's bottle of water to the younger boy's lips and he tilted it up. "Drink. You're probably really dehydrated from all the electrical shock. I should have thought about that." He put his other hand on top of the latter's, which was on his stomach. "Relax. It'll be fine."

Andy pressed his lips to the back of Jamie's neck then he sucked at it. He was genuinely worried...if Jamison passed out on the street Andrew would be held responsible for him and they would know he had been the one to give him the ecstasy. They would be fucked. "Do you want to go to the park or something...hey...Jamie are you okay?"

Jamie quickly downed the water, gasping softly as he took a needed breath. The rush of cool water hitting his system definitely made him feel better. He wiggled softly, surprised at himself. He wrinkled his noise and continued to wiggle, testing how his stomach was going to feel. He then looked up at Andrew and nodded, groping the side of the bench for his notebook. He then wrote a short note. "I feel better. Thank you for the water. The park sounds lovely."

Andrew smirked and licked his lips. "Alright then." He stood, then he grasped at Jamison's hand, leading him to the park. "God you look so cute." He smirked and stopped walking, leaning in to kiss the younger boy. He was getting so hard just looking at him now. He ran his hands down the mute male's body and he grasped his hips, rubbing them lustfully. It was dark out now, completely except for street lights and the moon. No one could make out who they were, he was pretty sure.

Grasping Jamie's hand, he pulled him between a drugstore and a gift shop, slamming him against the brick wall behind him. He pulled their lips apart and he put their foreheads together. "I want you so fucking bad." He sighed, then he rubbed his thigh, moving his hand over to grope his groin gently. "Do you want it Jamie?"

Jamie's body was writhing with the attention he was receiving. He could barely hold himself together. He gripped tightly at Andrew's back, nodding. He surprised himself with such a bold movement, but he actually brought up the nerve to scratch down Andrew's back before pulling the hem of his shirt up, and massing the soft skin of his back. Jamison's face only showed bliss, his eyes completely glazed over. His brain had no honest control over his movements. He leaned against the taller boy, raising up to connect their lips. This caused a sweet friction between the two of them, making the younger one moan.

Andrew smiled and nipped at his neck after pulling back from the kiss. "No, you may not kiss me Jamie." He laughed quietly and nudged their noses together, licking the younger boy's lips. "But I'll kiss you all I want..." He pressed their lips together roughly and shoved him against the wall, groping his body feverishly. He gripped his hair with one hand, and he massaged his toy's groin with the other. He pulled back, and looked at him. "God you're a little whore." He smirked and sighed, pushing their foreheads together.

As he was about to lean in to kiss him, Drew heard footsteps behind them. Then he heard a familiar voice. "I'll kill 'im if you want." Andy turned around quickly and his eyes met Trent, standing just five feet away, his knife in his hand. Trent laughed softly, and flipped his black hair out of his face. His chuckle was deep and menacing, and it shook Andy's core terribly. His mouth dropped open, and he swallowed hard, backing up until he was literally guarding Jamie.

"No...I...no." Andrew shook his head and reached back, holding Jamison's wrist gently. "No, Trent. It's not...I'm not..."

Trent looked down at his friend and the sniveling pathetic excuse of life behind him. He looked at Andrew, his nose slightly raised. "What the fuck, Andy, you are stuttering." He flicked his fingers down the broad of his knife, much like it was the fret board of his guitar.

Jamison's eyes watched the fluid motions of the blade, honestly terrified. His eyes were still glazed over, and he realized he was definitely not himself. The glint of sliver in the wanna-be rocker's hand had him sobering up though. Jamie wasn't lying in the slightest when he said he was terrified of Trent. The feminine boy wanted to cling to Andrew for protection, but knew it wouldn't happen. This was all probably just a ploy to get him off of school grounds and kill him. A heart wrenching sob crashed through his chest, but he knew his crippled vocal cords didn't let either of the boys hear him.

Andrew's hand gripped at Jamison's tightly and he caressed the back of it with his thumb. "I know I am." He swallowed, then he sighed. "You're not going to hurt him..." He bit his lip and watched as Trent twirled the knife a bit. "He's mine." Andy sighed and put his back against Jamie's chest, breathing slowly now, almost afraid to make the wrong move. A smirk slid across his face. "He sucked my dick earlier...he's the perfect slut."

Trent's eyebrow raised and he put his knife away. "I thought he would be." He laughed quietly then he stepped closer, looking at the two. "You drugged him didn't you? I can tell. His pupils are so fucking huge." Trent smirked and Andrew raised a questioning eyebrow. "What if I told everyone else?" He stepped closer, then his hand reached forward, and he touched Jamison's side, running his hand down to his hip. Andy stepped away, still holding Jamie's hand, then he sighed and looked down. "So he's your little whore now huh? That's all he's good for..."

Jamison bit his lip and felt the urge to vomit on Trent's shoes. Trent's touches felt slimy and reptilian compared to Andy's. Jamison didn't like it at all. He looked up at Andrew, his eyes wide and fear spiking the misty pupils.

Trent looked between the two...lovers? Would that be the right word for it? Probably. He slid the knife into his pocket once more and bit the side of his lip. "Have you fucked him Ands? Think of what the others will say when they find out you are a fag, AND you have grown a soft spot of this mute piece of filth." The words nearly splattered against their faces as he spoke, bite in each syllable.

Andrew rolled his eyes. "No, I haven't fucked him..." Andy slid a gentle arm around Jamie's waist and he wanted very badly to punch Trent in the face...but he knew better. His friend had a knife and wouldn't hesitate to use it on him. "I'm not a fag, I'm bisexual..." Drew bit down on his bottom lip and he held him to his chest tightly. "I've always thought he was...beautiful." He looked down and pet Jamie's hair. "He's just my little fuck toy you know..."

Trent smirked and looked at the two. "I'd say. He can't do anything else...he doesn't talk with that mouth so I'm sure he can suck cock with it." His hand reached up and he cupped Jamison's face, causing Andrew to growl at him. He leaned down and put his lips against Jamie's, then he pulled back. "Fucking can't talk can you freak? You don't like me. I know it." He smirked. "Too bad."

Jamison tried his hardest not to grimace. The two boys were talking about him like he was a fucking piece of meat. It made his skin crawl. He moved subtly closer to Andrew, wishing Andrew's protective embrace would tighten just a little more. Trent tasted so nasty on his lips compared to Andrew.

Trent smirked, licking the color of his lips. "The boy tastes sweet, even if he is a puss."

Trent walked closer, knowing he was invading Andrew's personal territory. Andrew was a HIGHLY territorial person, you just don't fuck with his property. But to be honest, Trent just felt like pushing those buttons. He wrapped his arm around the thin boy, nudging him closer. "Hows'bout you use that plush little mouth on my dick, you little whore. I can show you some things that little Andy doesn't even comprehend."

Andrew's eyes narrowed but he wouldn't dare let go of Jamison, because if he did he knew that the vulnerability would overwhelm him. "You wish you fucking knew what you're talking about." He growled and jerked Jamie toward him, keeping both arms around him now. "Jamie doesn't want to suck your cock." Trent rolled his eyes and Drew sighed.

"Oh, but if he doesn't I'll tell everyone," Trent mumbled, chuckling darkly. "And when I do you're fucked. No one will talk to you, and you'll probably be kicked out for sexual abuse. Look at him. He's beaten and fucking worthless!" Andrew tightened his grip and kissed at Jamie's ear, sighing into it. "And 'Jamie'? You gave the freak a pet name? That's pathetic."

Jamie shivered and buried himself into Andrew's chest. Everything that Trent was saying was true. He was worthless; maybe all he was good for was a life size sex toy. He nuzzled his nose into Andy's chest, surprised by the irony of this situation. The boy that beat him senseless, choked, and bruised him had now become his one and only savior. He looked up at Andrew, a delicate whimper, that only Andrew could hear, left his lips.

Trent was feeling impatient now. He felt the need to speed up this process. "It is either, letting me have my way with your new found toy, or you getting expelled and possibly jail time, Polvik. Do NOT test me." He flicked the blade in his pocket again, this time just to taunt the scared little mute boy. He had not intention of wanting to hurt his friend; Trent just hated to not get his way.

"Fine!" Andrew growled and gently stroked Jamison's stomach. "It's okay," he whispered in his ear. He was so worried about Jamison now...he wouldn't allow Trent to fuck him. That would be something he just wasn't fucking allowed to do to his new boy toy. "You can't fuck him, but you can play with him all you want. He's mine to fuck..."

Trent laughed and nodded, gripping Jamison's hip hard. "Good." Trent touching Jamison made Andrew furious, but he said nothing. He kept his hands on Jamie's sides and he rubbed them gently, whispering softly into his ear. Trent grabbed Jamison's hair and Andy gasped, growling. "Let's go back to your room hmm Drew?" He began to walk away, and Andrew followed, rubbing Jamison's back lovingly as they walked.

Jamison's chest wracked into a sob. What had he become?! He looked up at Andrew, fright and misery evident in his eyes. He wanted to beg and plead with Andrew; Andrew should know that Jamison would never turn him in. But Trent was foul and disgusting. It honestly scared him. The mute boy grasped at Andy's hand, needing some form of comfort. "Please," his mind screamed, "Don't let him do this to me."

Andy looked down at the frail boy's eyes and his heart broke. "Fuck, I'm sorry. I can't help you Jamie." He released his waist and he took his hand, squeezing it tightly. He didn't have a reason to abuse Jamison right now, and that's why he wasn't. Trent was obviously disgusted at the affection showing plainly in Andrew's eyes, but he couldn't abuse Jamison 24/7. He would die from it if he did so. Trent groaned and gripped Jamison's wrist so tightly that it was almost hurting him, and he tugged hard as he pulled him back to the school and to the window outside of Andrew's room.

Trent scaled into the window with ease, thanks to his long legs. This left Andy and Jamison outside alone. The window height was easily 4 foot. Jamison's shoulders barely graced the window ceil. He looked up at Andrew and quickly opened his notebook, writing a short passage for his protector. "I'm too short to get into the window..."

Trent was getting impatient. He didn't know what the fuck was taking the little whore and his master so long.

Andrew gently gripped at Jamison's hips, then he lifted him up and put him on the window sil. "There you go babe." Andy waited until Jamie had climbed inside before he hopped up and climbed through the window, seeing Trent holding Jamison by his sides roughly, kissing the struggling boy. Andrew growled and jerked him away. "You're seriously pushing it!"

Trent smirked and wiped his lips. "I'm pushing it?" He chuckled darkly and shook out his black hair. "You're the one that abuses him, and gave him all of those scars on his body..."

Jamison managed to scoot his body away from Trent, wiping at his mouth. Trent tasted disgustingly like old cigarettes and cheap booze. He looked back and forth at the two friends, much like it was a tennis match. Jamie could feel the tension in the air, but tried to ignore it. Was Andy really THIS territorial of him? A warm feeling swept into his stomach from the thought, but he tried to push it away.

Trent raised an eyebrow at Andrew, waiting for him to respond. "This whole thing is a touch pathetic, mate. Why are you protecting him? Waiting for him to put out or something?"

Andy shoved Trent back against his dresser. "You don't know what fucking happened to him! What's your problem? Are you jealous or something? Are you jealous that Jamison's gorgeous? Are you jealous that he would give in to me more easily, rather than you?"

Trent laughed. "No, I'm not jealous. I want to see that little fucker suffer. Look at him, he's a waste of air, a waste of space. He doesn't deserve to live." He pushed past Andrew and put a hand on Jamison's shoulder, gripping it hard. "Do you want to die?" He smirked, then he chuckled. "Because I'm bound to kill you."

Jamison's eyes widened and he looked frantically at Andrew. Then, something inside of him snapped and he nodded sharply. He did want to die; he was truly just a waste of oxygen. Andrew had even told him the same thing.

Trent's lips curved into a hellishly sadistic grin. He reached forward, pulling the boy with a death wish away from Andrew. His cold fingers curled around Jamison's frail neck, harshly pulling the lithe body closer to him. "It is good to know that you've accepted your fate, but I am sorry that I am going to miss the fight." He kissed Jamison's lips roughly before pressing his thumb to the boy's jugular.

Andrew grabbed Jamison and wrenched him away from Trent. "You psychotic son of a bitch! STOP!" He gently ran his hand down Jamison's now shivering body, and he cradled his face in his hand. "You're not worthless. Please stop crying." Drew's thumb pushed the tears away.

Trent scoffed, disgusted. "He is disgusting though. Sucking your dick and letting you touch him, and letting me kiss him. Such a stupid and sick little whore. " He sighed and walked toward the door, opening it. "I'll see you later, slut." And with that Trent left. Andrew looked down at the shaking boy, and he softly kissed him. After pulling away, he sighed and held him tightly to his chest.

Jamison gripped weakly at Andrew's shirt, trying to get grip on what was happening. He blinked back more tears, not wanting to ruin Andrew's Jonny Cash shirt. He sighed and whimpered, looking up at Andrew. He just had to know... He reached for the tattered notebook and wrote a quick passage. "Do you really think I am worth something?"

A small smile spread over Drew's face. "Yeah." He ran his hand down Jamison's back and back up, then he gripped at his hair. "You're definitely worth something. And you're gorgeous too." He moved, and sat down on his bed then he pulled Jamie onto his lap. "You can't listen to Trent he's fucking conceited, and he's crazy."

Jamison smiled softly, surprised by Andrew's gentle way of caressing and loving on him. He pet at Andrew's cheek softly, raising up to kiss at his lips just ever so softly. He missed his taste, compared to the foul one of Trent.

Andrew smirked and grasped the back of Jamie's hair, sliding his tongue between his plush pink lips. He wanted the taste of Trent off of Jamison's tongue so he began to dominate his mouth and he grabbed him, pushing him onto his back. "Mmmh."

Jamison gasped into Andrew's hot mouth, running the pads of his fingers down Andrew's sides. The younger boy shivered, and pulled up, raising one of his legs to further deepen the connection he had to the muscular boy. He leaned in, lapping at the 17 year old's adam's apple, not stupid enough to bite it.

Andrew smiled and purred quietly, licking his earlobe softly. "God. You're almost perfect." He pushed Jamie down onto the bed, and slid his hand down his side, softly caressing his thigh. "Never let Trent fuck you," he whispered, "or I'll be mad at you. You'll be punished very painfully."

Jamison nodded sharply. He didn't want Trent to even look at him. he ran his nails down Andrew's chiseled chest and smiled softly. The boy, even though his sex tactics were painful, and forceful, thought he was worth something. That meant more to him than anything his father, Trent, or even he himself could ever say. He kissed at Andrew's neck, complying with the rule that Andrew gave him.

Andrew caressed Jamison's side, and he climbed off the bed, going over to his dresser. He bent down to the bottom drawer, pulling out a wooden box. He sat next to Jamie on the bed and he opened the box, pulling out first a very large curved toy. It was stainless steel, and had one large ball, then one smaller one on the bottom. "This would go inside of you...big end first."

Jamison's eyes widened and he had the hugest urge to grab his own bum. That would definitely not be a fun experience. He bit his bottom lip and reached for the notebook. "I wouldn't touch him at all without you asking me to. I don't like him at all. He terrifies me. But...I don't want you to get sent away because of me either..." He blushed softly.

Andrew laughed. "You havent felt of it yet." He softly dropped the toy onto Jamison's stomach and watched a puff of air push out his lips. "I would make you lay with your bum up in the air and it would be pushing against your prostate so hard...." He laughed, then he picked it back up. "You should see everything else I have for you..." Jamison swallowed softly. That thing was heavy to be so small. He was a little alarmed at the sound of Andrew's voice but he wouldn't say anything.

Jamie looked up at the eager boy, as if he were asking exactly what they were…

"They're all anal plugs, and anal probes." Drew swallowed and caressed Jamison's cheek slowly. "They're all stainless steel, the lightest one weighs 1 1/2 pounds." He put the box down and laid back, pulling Jamison on top of him. "None of them are electric..."

Jamison was breathing a little bit easier at the last statement. He was definitely not a fan of electricity. He couldn't help nuzzling his face into Andrew's chest. Why was he so...touchy, all of a sudden? He didn't really know what to think. He sighed softly, giggling silently as a ruffle of Andrew's shirt moved from his breath. He was incredibly immature.

Andrew smiled and caressed Jamie's stomach, wondering if his muscles were all cramped up now. He gently pushed his finger to Jamison's lips, wondering if he would suck on it. The ecstasy had settled in, and he figured he would urge to suck on something. Luckily Trent didn't know he'd given him ecstasy...he knew what HE would want him to suck on.... Jamison gasped softly, and gently lapped at the pad of Andrew's finger before completely enveloping it into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the near sour tasting skin, but gently pulled back. He then gently held Andrew's hand in his delicate grasp and kissed at the side of his hand and nipped the flesh softly. Trent was right, he really was a whore.

Andrew's mouth opened and he smiled, now pleasure filled. "Damn. Jamie." He watched as the strange younger boy practically sucked off his hand. This being the first time Andy had ever been intimate with a boy, he was still unsure of just what to do with Jamison. He was really turned on by the younger boy sucking on his skin. Jamie trailed up Andrew's soft yet muscular skin. He noticed the shift in Andrew's mood and stopped kissing at him. He gave him a look that clearly asked if he was overstepping his boundaries, even with his eyes glazed over. He didn't want to displease his master at all.

"Don't stop...that feels really nice Jamie." Andy sighed and relaxed, reaching over to softly cup his little slut's groin, massaging his cock with his hand. His mind was hazy now, and the pleasure shooting through his body was like static shocking every pore of his skin. "So...do you like being fucked?" He glanced over, smirking. "Hard?"

Jamie moaned silently, scooting closer to Andrew, nodding softly. He wanted to explain that he only liked it when boys were gentle at first THEN worked at being hard, but he couldn't find the notebook. He knew better than to attempt sign language. He licked at Andrew's neck, gently suckling at the skin. Maybe his tender touches and movements would give Andrew the hint...Andrew groaned and he slipped his fingers into Jamison's hair. "O-Oh." He bit his bottom lip and he sighed, then he looked down. "Answer me Jamie or I'll punish you." His voice was thick with direction, and his stomach was laced with heat.

Jamison pulled back and desperately searched for the notebook. He snapped his fingers when he finally saw it. Jamie contorted his body to get the notebook, knowing better than to leave Andrew's lap. During this, his tee-shirt had risen against his torso, showing off his twisting and rippling stomach as he grabbed it. He then sat up right a wrote his thoughts down on the paper. "Gentle at first so I can at least get used to the guy's size, then rough..."

Andy smiled and kissed Jamison's jaw. "Take off your jeans and boxers. I have something for you." He picked up the box from the bed, and he pulled out a steel plug, which would deeply penetrate Jamie, also pressing to his prostate. This was 2 pounds of weight pressing on the muscle...Jamie bit his bottom lip and sat on Andrew's hips, letting the older boy intently watch as he stripped himself of his belt and unzipped himself. Quickly then, he got off of Andrew, pealing his skinny jeans off, along with his black briefs. He slipped his shirt from his body as well, feeling awkward to have it on without pants. He looked up at Andrew, wishing that he would just go ahead and fuck him instead of using a toy. He didn't enjoy toys that much...and to be honest, he craved to know what Andy would feel like inside of him.

Andrew grabbed Jamison's arm, slinging him down onto his hands and knees on the bed. He slid his tongue slowly over Jamison's entrance, then he pulled back. "God your hole's swollen...from the shocks I'd guess. " He smirked and licked over the hole a few more times before reaching into the box and pulling out some lube. He generously squeezed the bottle pouring the lube onto the metal object. It was cold, and he smirked at this. "It's going inside you now Jamie." He slid the tip end with the large bulb into his anus, then he smiled as it disappeared. There was another smaller bulb about half an inch behind the bigger one, and that was the next part to slide inside of him. Jamie bit his bottom lip and hissed. The metal was cold as fuck. He lifted his hips softly, gripping at the sheets. The lithe boy was just thankful that it wasn't electric and he wasn't tied down

Andy slid it in until the flared base hit his bum. "Alright. Well lie down Jamison, we're going to bed." He pulled off his jeans and t-shirt, then he grasped Jamie's hips, lapping underneath the base. "This should be a fun night..."

Jamison moaned, shocked at Andrew's request. He moved to lay down and gasped, feeling the metal graze against the bundle of nerves inside of him. He accidentally gripped at Andrew's leg. He looked up at him, eyes wide. He quickly mouthed that he was sorry and kissed the place where he had dug his nails in.

Drew laughed and he kissed Jamison gently, pulling a thick blanket over them. "It's alright." He reached back and twisted the base of the plug, now situating the deliciously curved piece of steel dead against his prostate. It was like being fucked comfortably, while he was falling asleep. "If you get hard TRY not to cum on me..." Andy bit his lip then he paused. He reached down, and slid off his boxers, tossing them across the room. "Okay...cum on my stomach or what be it. Just don't get it EVERYWHERE." Jamison blushed softly, biting his bottom lip. He definitely felt awkward now. He just nodded softly, wanting to be close to Andrew. The thing inside of him was getting him aroused, but nothing like the boy beside him could do; this was a near forced orgasm, no real feeling behind it. He kissed at Andrew's shoulder, lapping at soft, sweet tasting skin.

"You clearly want me to fuck you..." Andy drew out his pause then he smiled. "Too bad little slut." He leaned into his neck and bit, then sucked on it. "Your master won't fuck you until he feels like it." He smirked against his skin. "You may touch yourself all you want, but I have to watch."

An actual audible groan could be heard from Jamison's lips as he bit down on him. He licked at Andy's shoulder again before pulling away. The mute boy rolled onto his back, gasping and lifting his hips. He started to stroke his own hips, feeling himself grow in size. He couldn't help the sensation running through him. He looked at Andrew and quickly looked away, feeling slightly embarrassed. He began to tease his own shaft.

Andrew bit his bottom lip and propped himself up on his shoulder. His stomach twirled and his hips jerked a bit as he watched the mute boy's member extend slightly, and lift. "Mmm." Drew licked his lips and he leaned down, sliding the anal plug out then back in, shoving it roughly to his prostate. "Fuck! I wish you could moan my name, and scream for me. It would be so fucking hotter. So hot."

Jamison's lips graced a small pout in the form of an "I'm sorry", and let his eyes flutter closed; rolling his hips up into his hand. His left hand worked and teased at his now extensive member and the other gripped into his own thigh. He was so masochistic that he couldn't get off without a slight form of pain. He was sick, in his own submissive way.

His lips parted as his jaw slacked into a low moan. He knew it reached Andrew's member from the way the bed shifted. Pictures of the boy beside him, fucking the mute boy, passed on the other side of Jamison's eyelids. He desperately wanted to feel Andrew inside of him, but knew it was stupid to ask, let alone act on it. Jamie's nimble fingers started to tease his own slit, his hips lifting loosely.

Andrew stared with want in his eyes, biting on his lip. His arm extended and he reached out, placing his hand on Jamison's stomach. His hand pressed down roughly, then he ran his hand up, curling his fingers around Jamison's throat once more. He wasn't cutting off air supply now, but this time just causing pain. "You like the pain don't you? Careful with that little thigh." He smirked and leaned down, planting kisses up his jaw and sucking on his earlobe.

Jamison gasped softly, his hand moving faster. He nodded, trying to answer Andrew. He ran his nails down his thigh, feeling the skin break. Thin lines of blood marked his upper leg and he shivered, bucking his hips into his hand. In the back of his mind, he was wondering if Andrew was enjoying the show. Right now though, all he could think about was his throbbing anatomy.

Andy looked down at the bleeding wound and he sighed, breathing soft breaths against the mute boy's skin. "Mmh, you sick little slut." He gently blew into Jamison's ear then he groaned, feeling his erection brush his navel. He had gotten hard watching Jamison writhe and whine. "I love how you make yourself bleed...and how you love the pain. Mm, what would everyone else say? Would they call you a sick whore? I think they're right. Jamie's a little whore."

Jamison gasped softly, not paying the slightest attention to what Andrew was saying, but his body was responding to how thick and wet his voice sounded against his ear. Jamie bit down on his bottom lip, petting at his wound, blood smearing onto his hand. He didn't care at this point if he got bloody. He didn't even really care what Andrew thought of his masturbating habits. The boy wouldn't fuck him, so he had to get off the only way he could. His hand quickened it's pace, trying to induce a pre-mature orgasm.

A chuckle passed Drew's lips and he slid his tongue out of his mouth, licking hotly at Jamison's ear. He removed his hand from around the younger boy's throat and it ran down his body, passing over his hot and throbbing cock. "Mm, yeah. Fuck you're so hot Jamie, my little filthy slut." He moaned into his ear and reached back, twisting the base of his slave's anal plug. The slightly curved metal probe twisted around, swirling against his silky walls. "You like this inside of you don't you? I can tell. You're so sweaty..." Andy's eyes focused on Jamison's shivering body, seeing the glistening sheen of sweat. He was so desperate to get off now, and he was considering shoving his cock down his whore's throat once more...

Jamison gasped, his mouth falling open. He felt his body go ridged, and he shook, still stroking himself. He turned and looked at Andrew, his cheeks red, and his hair meshing to his face from the light sweat lacing his body. The younger boy's eyes fluttered closed again, his mouth soundlessly moaning Andrew's name. He hadn't realized he had, but he was definitely thinking about the dominant boy. He groaned, his breath only a pant.

"God damn, that face." Andrew sucked on his bottom lip and he moved closer, beginning to stroke himself. He was so close that his knuckles were brusing against Jamison's navel as he jerked off. His hips jerked a little and a moan fell from his mouth. "Mmh, imagine my big thick cock sliding in and out that tight little hole. Think about me fucking you, hitting your spot and making your body jerk." He closed his eyes, leaning down to kiss him very wetly.

Jamison was already thinking about what Andrew had said, near exaclty. He whimpered into Andy's ear, surprised at how close Andrew really was to him. He hadn't felt the bed shift. Jamie ran his nails over the fresh wound on his thigh again, gasping as a fresh line of blood drizzled from his leg. Blood was an ultimate turn on for him. He knew that Andy got off to it too.

He wanted nothing more than to climb into Drew's lap and feel his thick member slide into him. He would ride the older male, no questions asked. Jamie wasn't going to disobey his master though. He knew way better than that. If Andrew said no, that is obviously what it meant. Jamison jerked his hips, his head colliding into Andrew's shoulder. He then buried his face into Andrew's neck.

"Mmh." Andy looked down, seeing the thin crimson liquid dribbling onto his bed sheets. He slid his hand down, dipping his finger into it before smearing it across Jamison's chest. He dipped his finger back in the blood and in a short amount of time he had 'slut' brokenly written on Jamison's chest. "F-Fuck." His other hand was still hotly stroking himself, and his slave's hot breath on his neck was getting him so turned on. "I know you're tight...I bet that tight ass is so hot and slick right now." Drew moaned and his hips lifted up, colliding with Jamison's stomach. "Mm I'm dying to fuck that little hole Jamie. So bad." He gasped and whimpered, biting his lip. "Soon. Soon I will."

Jamison gasped at the feeling of Andrew's fingers putting pressure on his wound so could use his blood and smear it on his chest. The pain was sharp, exhilarating even. He pulled away from Andrew's neck, bringing the older male's blood tainted fingers into his mouth. His mouth vibrated in a harsh moan as the taste of his own blood hit his tongue. He bucked his hips into his own hand, feeling his pre-cum lace his fingers.

Andrew gasped at the sight of Jamison sucking his own blood from his fingers. "Mm, that's right little slut." He laughed viciously and he gasped, his balls tightening. "Oh god. Goddamn." Andy closed his eyes and moan wantonly, not caring if it was loud enough to wake up anyone else. He began to fuck his tightened fist, and then he felt pre-cum spray from his slit. "Mm, J-Jamie." His eyes rolled back and he let his mouth fall open, whining as he came, spewing it over Jamison's stomach and also his member.

Jamison's stomach turned at the sight of Andrew's cum on his bruised stomach. It was glistening in the light pouring in from the bedroom. He gasped at ran his nails down the throbbing vein of his underside and pulled his mouth off of Andrew's fingers, biting down harshly on his own piercings. He sped up his hand, his climax finally near exploding against Andrews upper thigh and navel. He panted, his body going limp from the intensity of his orgasm.

Drew shivered and grabbed Jamison's hair. "Lick it up whore." He pushed Jamie's face into his cum and let his eyes closed. He was so relaxed and he sighed once Jamison's wet and hot tongue slid across his skin. "You're such a good boy, Jamie…"