Title: Clash of Loyalties


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Several German words and songs have been used in this story and will be further used, as well as Greek will be introduced later.

The song at the end is "Zehn Klein Jagermeister" by Die Toten Hosen.

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A weary traveler on her equally tired horse marched on up to a Gate-Fortress located up on a rather steep and daunting hill. From the bottom of the hill the fortress was ray of light in the darkness amidst the cold and unforgiving night. The wind threatened to oust each and every one of the naked flames exposed to the elements while sadly burning on the lonely hill.

Our traveler was adorned in a red cloak although somewhat bright was visibly darkened with the passage of time and battle. She and her horse could be barely seen in this moonless night, despite the somewhat harsher than normal environment the duo were marching on quite proudly. The horse's hooves could be heard rhythmically pounding the uneven and ungiving dirt road leading up to the hill.

The horse itself was a magnificent beast, black as the night and giving the illusion the rider was a floating ghost. The result was a nickname "Der Schwarze Nacht". The horse itself was adorned with chainmail armor with a family mascot in a crest shaped background on its chest.

The mascot was of a Golden Lion with a red background and a golden rim. The chain mail hovered the entire upper body in segments with a smaller piece where the rider's foot was over. Just under the chain mail was a red cloth equal to in color of the rider's battle worm cloak. The cloth extended beyond the chain mail emphasizing the color red all around and giving off a grander appearance.

Even the neck of the horse did not escape the protection of the chain mail. There were a series of chain mail plates each with a little dab of cloth behind it on its neck. All in all the saddle blended in with all this gear with it's golden colored leather and partial chainmail. The rider's bow and arrows as well as her shield could be seen attached to the chain mail waiting to be pulled however one assumes the rider has kept the sword to her belt. Right behind the saddle a black curled up cloth object could be seen.

Continuing on the two travelers the rider and her horse began the ascent up the fairly steep hill. With each step reminding the two why armies dreaded to attack this hill.

As they climbed the walls of the Gate-Fortress focused and the flames revealed a pattern of a dominant white with green decorations.

Little balls of shadows could be seen scurrying around on top of the massive walls.

The biggest attraction was the wall's lethal weapons full of slits providing cover for archers and it's massive burning cauldron of flame threatening to spill its painful and scorching business. Coming further closer the shadows began to have faces and green could be seen on the uniform.

The color of the uniform and additionally their very clumsy actions suggest the guards are greenhorns while the veterans left for the taverns and drink.

Pausing at the gate at a nice hundred feet or so the travelers waited for one of the guards to scurry on over.

While the guards were unknowingly to the travelers, arguing over who should come over. The night was growing colder as evidenced by the white trail their breath was leaving. Netherless, a few minutes later his fellows kicked out a guard dressed covered by a green cloak. Sitting up awkwardly, the man shouted a few choice words to his fellows. The man was short, only a few feet tall, and appeared to be very frightened. With small voices that were only intelligible to the travelers the guard's companions coaxed him over.

As he stumbled over and tripped on his rather large cloak. The shadows behind him seemed to lean forward as though they were as bit as nervous as the guard approaching the travelers. The little man drew a deep breath and mustered as much confidence as he could, and failed completely to sound confident. Instead it sounded squeaky and awkward as it trailed off to a speedy voice.

"Urm…Go-ood Daey Sir? Madam...Err could you um show-your-artifact-to-me-please and maybe um tell me your name?"

While the man was going off on his frightened scripted questions, the woman had deduced some time ago that these were Greenhorns, fresh troops this was further evidence.

She pulled out of the saddlebags an object at a speed, which would later have the guard swearing that it was the speed of the gods.

In one action the guard was looking upon a necklace called the "Von Adal Erbe" or else know as "Softcra".

This particular one radiated a sense of proudness and yet incompleteness. With a blue color emanating from the four separate blue slits within the diamond hanging.

The diamond hanging was golden with a lion on the far right and a tower on the bottom left.

This was undeniable proof of resident in the Alte Land, within Ringtor. The Alte land consisted represented two of the blue slits within the diamond, while the Neues Land represented the other two. The Alte land included the towns of Gutersloh of the North; Düsseldorf of the West while the Neues Land was made of the two contrasting towns of Rancarsa of the East, Ransor, of the South.

The revealement was accompanied by her voice, which severely contrasted with the tiny man's voice.

"I am Adala von Amsel of the town Gutersloh. I seek passage through Rancarsa of the East." Her voice was firm, confident and demanded respect.

The little man responded with a diplomatic response with a tone of despite.

"With the evidence presented, I am pleased to say you have permission to go through."

Adala was let through the spooky gate and once she was on the other side, noticed that the two sides contrast very much. Focusing forward she began her journey to her town of Gutersloh.

It is crucial at this point to explain much about the politics and whatnot of the world and where to start but at the necklace of which holds crucial value? The golden lion and the silver tower are two symbols along with the colors gold and red that represents the town Gutersloh and the old founding family Gutersloh. Each town has the same format; all came from the four ruling families.

Düsseldorf champions itself with the color blue and gold, with a Blau eagle and a silver tower, as it's symbols.

Rancarsa has the color green and black with a green bull and a black goblet.

Ransor prides itself in the colors Grey, and black with the Grey Wolf, and the Black goblet.

Every town has it's own General Assembly, which send representatives to the Ringtor Parliament. However at the parliament the constant need for a tie breaker (as the four towns are quite event and often split into two sides) the outcasts of Exolor were allowed to send one representative. These barely recognized outcasts end up quite often playing a major role.

By this time, you may have noticed similarities between each region. As North/West and South/East despise each other and Exolor despises both. They have a history of fighting, the only thing bringing them together to form the land of Ringtor are the Vartalians, half snakes half men. They prey on humans and often manipulate whole countries for dinner.

Returning to our story…

By dawn flag of Gutersloh could be seen in the horizon.

While crowds of people began to appear all around her as today was Montag (Monday) the Market Day. In no time she was enveloped in a sea of people.

Due to Gutersloh's unique position as a port city, it meant a great number of people visit this city.

Wagons of all shapes and sizes appeared behind and in front of her. Little kids, big kids, grown ups, and animals rode on the wagons. Pedestrians with horses or mules carrying goods could be seen all over.

A sense of Market Madness took over even before the gates could be reached. Adala with her sturdy mount managed to force through the crowd.

Visiting the market always reminded her of her childhood as she grew up in Gutersloh.

Moving at a snail's pace Adala managed eventually to sneak into an alley which made up the alley system here in Gutersloh. She dismounted and walked with s brisk pace through the her loyal steed followed her.

In comparison to the horse Adala was short but not as short as you think. Standing at 5'1" her horse towered her and most people did anyway.

Plunging in deeper the cities' ally system she walked and passed people with an aura of confidence and a don't mess with me attitude. Many moments later she reached the address she desired and walked out a little to inspect dirt covered, deserted street. Across the street from her was a tavern that looked rough and a reputation to match it "Das Schwein". Full of trouble and business that was her destination.

She caustiously fast walked across while directing her steed to the secret stable. However, little did she know she was being followed.

As Adala approached the tavern, a drinking song was being sung that was familiar to her.

Adala entered the crowded and sweaty atmosphere. Looking over the numerous patrons curiously trying to find the source..

She was able to pinpoint where the song was coming from. She spotted a few men and woman in a distant dark corner in the back of the bar. She reached the corner before the lines were even finished.

Her appearance halted the drinking song and was met with loud cheers and praises. One of the men began to stand up to introduce himself to her when a loud sound was heard.

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