Chapter 1

One night Peter's 13 year old Sarah daughter is laying on Lauren's couch reading with a blanket covering her and Lauren walks into the livingroom from the kitchen.

''hey sweetie.'' Lauren says

''hey.'' Sarah says

''so hey um your dad just called.'' Lauren tells her

''oh yea?'' Sarah questions her

''yea and he's stuck in traffic there was an accident on the interstate or something and they closed it for the night so he can't get here so he was just going to turn around and go home and just have you stay here with me tonight is that okay with you?'' Lauren asks her

''oh yea it's fine.'' Sarah tells her

''so are you hungry hun? Would you like a snack or something?'' Lauren asks her

''oh no maybe in a little bit. I'm still full from that delicious dinner by the way.'' Sarah tells her

''I agree it was good.'' Lauren tells her

''I love mexican and chicken tacos!'' Sarah tells her

Lauren smiles ''I agree.'' Lauren tells her and sits down patting her knee softly

''we should cook together more often.'' Sarah tells her

''yea hun whatever and whenever you'd like, just call and I would be more than happy to come and pick ya up anytime.'' Lauren tells her

''okay!'' Sarah says

''just hope I won't have heartburn all night.'' Lauren tells her

''do we have any left overs?'' Sarah asks her

''yea a lot would you like me to go and heat one up for ya?'' Lauren asks her

''oh no I got it.'' Sarah says

''okay.'' Lauren says

Sarah gets up and goes into the kitchen and into the fridge to get out the left overs.

Lauren follows her and sits at the table and watches her.

Sarah makes herself a taco and heats it up and sits at the table with Lauren to eat it.