"Remember When," Originally written 10/2/10, ©CMDonovann. Inspired by "Slice," Five For Fighting


Back then, remember when...

Verse 1:

Remember when we debated silly things

like how Santa gets down the chimney on Christmas?

And all we wanted was one of those mood rings

or those prizes that came with fundraising packages

Verse 2:

Remember when we believed in the impossible?

And the school uniforms were the worst thing ever

We wanted to grow up as fast as possible

We didn't understand the meaning of "never"


We didn't have to worry

about growing up or getting old

'Cause we thought we'd always be

kids with our hearts set on the gold

We wanted to be movie stars

and ballerinas who got to wear makeup

Our parents told us to shoot for the stars

They were lying, but we believed anyway

Verse 3:

Remember when we thought we had gotten too old

to dress up as ghosts or princesses for Halloween?

We wore pink and purple and silver and gold

And worshipped our sisters who were prom queens


We didn't have to worry

about growing up or getting old

We thought we'd always be

kids with our hearts of gold

We wanted to be just like our idols

with fans and dresses like queens

Our parents said to believe, though it was all lies

Eventually we gave up our dreams

Verse 4:

Remember when we had our first kisses?

When we wanted to stay teenagers forever

Not realizing someday, again we'd want to be kids

But we had to learn that nothing lasts forever


Remember when we loved with all our hearts?

Not worrying about being torn apart

We were dreamers from the very start

we didn't have to lose that part


Now we always worry

about makeup and homework and sleepless nights

about getting into college and about money

We fall into the routine of our lives

We never gave up on our dreams,

but locked them away from everything

Now we're bursting at the seams

We gotta let it out and sing


No need to worry

what everyone thinks

Just let them all see

You're better than they think

Your parents told you to shoot for the stars

Now you're gonna do just that, it's been on your mind

Remember your childhood dreams, forget the scars

And let out the perfection that's been hidden inside


Remember when we dreamed?

When we believed?

Lets's do it again