It wasn't supposed to be like this. This wasn't supposed to happen. Heck, it shouldn't be happening at this very moment before my very eyes. Erica Johnson shouldn't be kissing Wayne Davis, a.k.a my ultimate bestfriend who was supposed to be my soulmate, not to mention secret crush!

Guess, my life is meant to be full of supposed to be's.

I tore my eyes away from heartbreaking scene (well, for my part anyways) and hurried out of the school. I heard my name being called but I paid no heed. I recognized the voice to be Wayne's so I just acted like I never heard a thing.

Out the gate, down the street, right at the corner then into a cab. I was home in record time. I let myself inside the door and dropped my bag at the entrance to my room.

'Now what?' I thought as I lie on my bed face down. Wayne and I have been friends for awhile already. We're very close, too close you could say, that I developed non – platonic feelings for him already, feelings that are unknown – and will continue to be hidden – to him.

I faced the ceiling not knowing how to feel. I mean it was so weird seeing him kiss another girl. Not that he ever kissed me but it was like he was pouring out his whole soul to her that I just wanna puke everytime I remember his expression. I feel that there's something like an emotional turmoil going on inside me.

I never pictured him with another girl. I never even thought that he is going to be close to one of my species, other than myself. I mean, he never mentioned that he specifically liked someone special so I kinda concluded that, well, uh, you know, we'll end up with each other, as cliché as it may sound. I was thinking that, like, one day he's going to call for my name, like the way he's shouting for it now, he's going to burst into my front door, cause he knows where the spare key's hidden and he's going to open my bedroom door and see me lying down on my bed facing the ceiling with worry and anxiousness seeping into his handsome features. It could be just like what I am seeing now.

I guess hallucinations looked real these days. I feel as if I am seeing the true Wayne who looked like he ran all the way from school.

"We need to talk," I heard a voice who sounded just like Wayne's said. I didn't mind. I continue staring at the ethereal figure in front of me.

"Kia, please hear me out. It breaks me to see you so empty," he pleaded while gently pulling me up.

Wait. What? This is real? My eyes bulged and I pulled my hands away from him as realization dawned.

"You're a real live, breathing, eating, evil Wayne who peed in his pants during grade school?" the words flew right out of my mouth before I could stop and I saw him chuckle and approach me.

"Yeah, just as you're a real, live, conniving, wicked Kia who used to stand up for me back in kindergarten," he sat down with me on the bed and took my hand.

"Hey, that's my hand! You already have yours; don't try to take it away!" I said pulling it away from him but his grip was too firm.

He looked at me amused then seriously said, "I'm greedy Kia. I want to have your hand cause maybe if I can own it, I'll also own your heart and maybe, just maybe, I can hold it forever with me,"

I was stunned to silence trying to comprehend what the heck he was trying to say. I mean, he couldn't be serious about it! Really! And I don't like the way where my mind is going.

So I simply uttered, "I'll die without a heart you know. Scientifically, human beings can't live without hearts. Their bloods will not circulate in their body and…."

I wasn't able to finish what I about to say cause he took my right hand and placed it on his heart. I blushed. Damn.

"You're evil accusing me of trying to take away your hand when in fact you're already selfish enough to steal my heart," he uttered.

I raised my left eyebrow.

"You're practicing for a play, Wayne?" I asked.

He dropped my hand and kneeled in front of me, "What if I'm not?" he asked looking into my eyes.

I began to think of a retort when my mouth moved out of its own accord, again, "Then you're practicing of what you're going to say to Johnson when you're going to fess up to her. You know you really don't have to practice. That girl's head over heels for you,"

I looked away from him when I uttered those lines, afraid that he might see the pain in my eyes. But he held my chin and turned it towards himself to force me to look into those gorgeous eyes.

"You know Kia, sometimes, you really look cute when you make up stories but now's not the time to make up one," he replied.

"Am I really just making up stories, Wayne?" I retorted. When he nodded, I said, "Prove it,"

He reached up at me and got closer and closer till his lips were on mine and I could do nothing but to kiss him back and once I did, I felt that it was so right, like we were made for each other, as cheesy as it may sound.

He pulled back but stayed only an inch farther from his past position.

"Convinced?" he grinned, his face brimming with confidence.

"Of what?" I genuinely asked.

He rolled his eyes and answered, "That I am hopelessly inlove with you and I was about to fess up to you today when suddenly Erica grabbed me and kissed me when she saw you approaching,"

I turned to stone when the words flew out of his mouth. I can't comprehend what he just said. My IQ just dropped to 10; it's not a surprise anyway, it always drops whenever he's in the vicinity.

"Hey! Please don't look at me like I have two heads," he pleaded.

I stood, his eyes following my precise movements, and rummaged my wardrobe for something nice to wear then I went into the dressing room and changed.

When I got out I saw him sitting down my bed with a weird look in his face.

"Uhmm, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Preparing for our date, duh, you should take me out after being my boyfriend," I answered him as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

He grinned, "Who said I was gonna apply to be one?"

I grinned back, "Besides it being written all over your face, it's supposed to happen. You can't stop something that's bound to come true,"

He smiled, stood up and took me into his arms and I realized my "supposed to be" was just converted into my reality.

And there you go pals. A one - shot love story of best friends.
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