hi people, this was an essay for extra credit and i was feeling random so i posted it. haha :] enjoy :]


Two people sat in an old canoe, staring at the horizon. The first person was a man who looked like he was around fifty years old. He had silver hair that gleamed in the suns rays. His face was thin and he had a tanned complexion. Countless wrinkles creased his face that was dotted with liver spots.

Next to him, a much younger man sat, also staring at the beautiful view ahead of him. He was much younger than the man next to him. Most likely, he was in his late thirties. He had jet-black hair and his innocent, curious, hazel eyes sparkled with excitement as he looked around curiously, wondering where his father had brought him.

The sky was painted an iridescent hue, shot with streaks of muted purple, flamboyant orange and dull burgundy. The suns golden rays reflected on the shimmering cerulean waters that gently rocked the old canoe back and forth. A chilling zephyr twirled in the tranquil ambiance, carrying a soupcon of the ocean's calming scent.

"Daddy, why are we here?" asked the younger of the two as he continued looking around curiously.

"Zack, be a good boy and stay put." The older man answered curtly as he bent over and took the rope from the side of the canoe. He tied it around his ankle, wincing at how the thick and coarse rope rubbed against his skin. He then reached for the weights that he had bought the other day which weighed twenty kilograms. He pulled it over and fastened the rope tightly around it. Then, he proceeded to tie the other end of the rope around his son's ankle.

"Daddy are we playing a game?" the old man's son asked excitedly, throwing his arms into the air, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Yes Zack, we are. Now keep quiet for a while, Daddy has to think." The old man sighed as he reached into his pocket, pulling out an old and crumpled note. Unfolding it slowly, he looked through the contents of the letter, repeating it in his mind to make sure that he did not make any mistakes.

'Dear all,' the old man once again sighed inwardly. 'I am sorry, but this is what has to be done. My company has gone bankrupt, I owe many people huge sums of money, my wife passed away last year, my only son is autistic, and I just found out a week ago that I am diagnosed with stomach cancer. I have nothing more to live for. This is a cruel and harsh world. My son will not be able to fend for himself due to his condition and therefore I am bringing him with me. This is how is has to end, it is my only resort, please respect my decision. Goodbye, and I am so, terribly sorry.'

Carefully folding the paper and placing on the floor of the canoe, the old man stood up, motioning for his son to stand up too.

"Daddy, are you going to start playing now?" asked Zack as he tugged on his father's sleeve.

"Yes my son, we are. Now, when I count to 3, we will jump alright?" the old man replied back, a smile slowly reaching his face. A lone tear escaped from his chocolate brown eyes and trickled down his cheek.

The younger boy nodded eagerly as the both of them turned to face the ocean. The old man held his son's hand, his bony fingers intertwining with his son's stubby ones.

"Ready?" the old man asked, a lump forming in his throat. The boy gave a confident nod and looked at the horizon with determined eyes.

"One." The old man counted as he bent down to get the weights, also checking if the rope around their ankles were fastened properly.

"Two." The old man's voice got weaker as he lifted the weights to put it at the side of the canoe.

"Three." The old man's voice was barely above a whisper as he and his son jumped off the boat, along with the thirty kilogram weight.

From a few metres away, a loud splash could be heard.

Gingerly, the sun descended beneath the aquamarine ocean. Its brilliance and warmth slowly leaving as darkness enveloped the sky, only to be seen the next day.