Not everything can be decided by the heart and not all by the mind. the person who has try wisdom will use a prime mixture of both. This is a skill which one must practice and work hard to fine tune.

The heart is controller of the happiness which one has for their lives. If one commits to a plan of action which so betrays the will of the heart that person will find themselves in a state of immenent despair. Yet one cannot hand their lives over wholly to the whims of the soul, for practicality must be noticed.

In order to succeed in life people must embark on paths which lead to success, not to failure. They must be sure that their goals are realistic, or, if nothing else, that they do not exist purely in the land of dreams. For that reason they must use also their minds when seeking a direction in life and purpose for their existence.

In light of this existence every decision considered should begin first with the will of the person whom it concerns. That person should decide what it is they would like to do--no matter how impractical it may be. They must do this part using only their heart and should not let their mind affect their decision.

After they have decided their wants the person must then apply a practical method of obtaining said wants. It will often be neccessary that they sacrifice certain parts of their dream so that they may be able to obtain any of it. The goal, overall, is to get as close as possible, even if it is not exactly what was originally thought of.

Of course, not everything can be planned, and one must prepare for both good and bad coincidences. They must prepare for both tragedies and miracles, and always be sure to be flexible.

Yet I beleive that one thing must not be let go of--and that is that original will, the base of the heart, the greatest dream of the soul. One should never lose sight of that which will cause them happiness, and one should not let any tragedies or coincidences allow them to stray from the path they decided. Though that plan may change one must remember that they can never give up the heeart for the mind, or the mind for the heart. The two must exist together in one body as I beleive God intended.

Thus, be true to yourself--live, dream, find purpose and move towards it. Never let the practicallity and cold realism of the world tear you down. For with every cloud there is a silver lining and with every problem a lesson to be learnt.

Thankyou for reading, please feel free to comment on my short promenade through the workings of the world. :)