I once believed in everything you said

I once wanted the things you want for me

I once looked up to you, believing you were the greatest man in the world

I once said 'papa' and stretch out my arms for a hug

I once excused your constraints as love

I once scolded myself for going against your will

I told you, I'm my own being, you told me otherwise

I told you I want to explore the world, you hid it away from me

I told you to let go, you squeeze me tighter

I loved you, and you returned too much of it

I don't want to lie to myself

I don't want to be shackled

I want to go to places forbidden

I want to buy the things restricted

I want to drink beverages beyond my years

I want to do all the wrong things just to show you I can

I want to catch your attention to show you I don't want any

I want to be who I want to be

I want to be her, even though you're against it

I am her, even though you're against it

I am her, there's nothing you can do about it

I can pretend

I can obey

I can throw away the real me in front of you

I am still her, no matter what you say

I have a body, stop constricting it

I have a mind, stop influencing it

I have a heart, stop making me follow the beat of yours

I am smart, listen to my ideas

I am kind, it's not for you to take advantage of

I am patient, please don't test it

I am human

I am not yours

I am not your doll, something that would bend to your will with a flick of your hand

I am your daughter, even if I don't want to be

OKAY! glad that's out of my chest. :)