I don't precisely remember the moment when my panties had ended up in his possession. I do, however, know when it had happened. It must've occurred somewhere around the time when I'd hurriedly made my way down to the local laundrette to wash at least two weeks worth of dirty clothes. It still is a mystery to me how I had accumulated so much laundry because without fail I always manage to wash my things every week. I was, at that time, down to my last t-shirt and an old pair of flannel like shorts, that looked like they belonged on a three year old. This is why you could understand my reasons for rushing down 'Linda's Laundry' on a late Sunday night, and it also explains why in my hurry to get things done I collided into none other that Kieran Black. Now this is all it gets a little confusing, because for one I was immediately confused as to why someone like Kieran would do his own laundry, he just didn't look the sort, gorgeous people never did. And for two, this may or may have not been the point when my knickers found their sneaky little way into his pile of dirty clothes.

"Watch where you're going!" he scowled, scooping up his things and tossing them back into his basket.

I did my own little scowling face but said nothing. Unfortunately I was one of those girls who, in the presence of beauty, was found utterly dumbstruck and often came out with stupid things to say or random sounds, only later, while dwelling about it in bed, would I figure out something cooler that I could've retorted. Yes, I wasn't ultra confident, but comfortable with myself in some respects. So Kieran gathered up his things (possibly my undies also) and stalked off without a backwards glance at me, the poor little dame with heated cheeks, collecting her things off the floor. After our first encounter things died down for a while, everything carried on as normal. A few other students were also at the laundrette, which surprised me seeing as it was almost 12 o'clock at night. My clothes and I found ourselves in the corner of the establishment, I often sat there because it meant that I'd have more washing machines to myself because no-one liked the corners, the other students socialised when they washed. I myself preferred to read my romance books, or catch up on some homework while I waited for my things to wash. Unfortunately for me I'd forgotten my things at home in my quick dash, and much to my chagrin Kieran liked the corners too. As I pushed some coins into the machine I contemplated making small talk with him, but then decided against it because small talk that involved me ended up with awkward silences. Instead I focused on my large pile of clothes, taking up two machines so far in my struggle. During my little ritual I hadn't noticed just how many clothes Kieran had also. Nor did I notice just how many machines he had already taken up and as luck would have it we met at the last washing device, dirty clothes in arms and battle faces set in place.

"This is the last machine," he stated dully.

I nodded once, "Yeah."

"So who's gonna have it?"

I peered around, praying to god that there were other washing machines, but it appeared that they had all been taken up. My eyes went back to Kieran, who was looking down at me with an odd expression on his face… it was a mixture between boredom, fatigue and mild interest.

"Well you're already using four," I pointed out.

"How many have you got?" he arched a black brow.


"So how 'bout we share it then?"

I don't know why but I felt a blush creep up on my face. The idea of our clothes entwined together was almost erotic in a very mundane way. I wanted to decline but the more I thought about it the more appealing it sounded to my ears. I had essays to get back to, the quicker the washing got done the more sleep I would have that night.

"Okay," I sighed, "shall we split the money?"

Kieran let out a low chuckle, which sounded like honey to my ears, "It's only £1, I'm sure it won't cut into either of our funds too much."

With that he bundled his clothes into the machine then stepped back, looked at me and waited for me to do the same. His eyes were dark and probing and I found myself almost cowering under his powerful yet enticing glance. Kieran was known on site as the man amongst boys, he radiated power but was a man in more ways than one according to the girls. I felt myself blush deeper under his scrutiny, as he was taking in my dull brown eyes, short curly hair and caramel complexion bit by bit. I felt his eyes trail down to my bare legs and that's when I snapped out of my trance. I hurriedly stuffed my clothes into the machine and stepped back, further away from Kieran than I was before. He only lifted one black brown then pushed a coin into the receiver. He turned back to me then, the heat of his gaze was unwavering.

"I'm Kieran Black," he drawled.

I nodded sharply, "I know." I instantly regretted my words, but I wasn't one to play it cool.

He only laughed. "And your name?"

"Cleopatra Miles."


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