What Darkness Brings

Basic Information

Feel free to skip this information if you want, if you think you will not be confused by this story. Most people can figure it out on their own but some people like the extra information, and this leaves less explaining on side notes later on. I just want you to give the story a chance.

I realize there is already a story of mine with the same name as this. It's the same story but different. I'm changing things, adding humor, more character interactions, detail, descriptions, information, etc. Something always felt kind of off about the old version and I have finally decided to do something about it. Sheesh. Took me long enough. Anyway, please don't read the old version that is still posted. It's still posted just in case I decide I hate the new version and switch back to the old version, so it's still here if I do. I mean, I guess you can read the old version but the same things are going to basically be posted here too, just improved and lengthened, I guess.

What Darkness Brings came to me after watching Supernatural Season 5 Episode 4: The End several times over and over, because I love that episode to death for some reason. It got me thinking about what exactly it was that I liked about that episode. Was it just because it was Dean centered? Because Castiel was actually a stoner and human? Because there was Future Dean and Present Dean? No. All of that stuff helped, I realized, but what I really loved about the episode was the fact that there was like...a group of people trying to resist the Devil's power and the Croatoan virus and stay alive, and they had a leader and went on missions and everything, and everyone seemed to play their part. That's what I loved most about the episode. And thus it inspired me to start What Darkness Brings, which, in the beginning stages, was rather horrible, with too many characters and no plot at all, but thankfully that all changed.

This is the first book to a series I was making called the End of Everything. I suppose it still is the first book but I'm not so sure on how long the series will be or anything, not anymore. I was planning on a few short books but I got ideas for this one, so...yeah. I am open to ideas should anyone have any suggestions!

This is going to hold much of the information for this story, simply because otherwise, I fear you may skip over a few things and be utterly confused. So, yeah.

First thing you should know, this story is in three parts. Second thing you should know, each chapter is written by a different viewpoint character. Such as Seph, Fix, Spear, Nixa, etc, but them for the most part. No two chapters in a row will have the same viewpoint character. So don't get confused.

Third thing you should know is that I know that it switches from present to past tense! It is supposed to. When I originally wrote this, I was messing around with various styles and everything, and some of the books I was reading at the time would occasionally break away from past tense to use present tense for a moment, and it really seemed to work for them and make the characters more alive, in my opinion, so I tried it here. Present tense is what they are thinking, for the most part. Basically I just took out the italics for thought.

Also, I know that Seph is the viewpoint character for the prologue. In the old version, he doesn't appear again until chapter 12, but I might change that and give him a chapter here and there to see how he is faring with different people and whatnot.

I know, this is boring, listening to me ramble, but this is important. I had people confused on my other site and then I had to add similar information before people understood. It's not that hard to understand, but still. I'm sure, if any of you read the other version of this story, that you figured it out fairly quickly. Anyway.

I am actually not going to post a summary. This story, as I have found, is hard to explain. If you want to know what it's really about, then please, feel free to read on. If I have annoyed you too much already, then feel free to leave this story. I hope you give it a chance, though. It's been almost a year in the making and the old version was basically finished save for a few more chapters. This, though, will be longer. Read on, I hope.

Weapons you may encounter in this story (so far that I have in mind): 379 Blast Ripper (a type of powerful gun), Amp-stuns (amplified stun-guns).

Other technology (so far): Communicators (rewired walkie-talkies for better use).

If I think of more, I will add them as a note to the chapters in which they are introduced.

As it is, I thank you for your time, if you actually read all of this! Thanks! Your prize is that now you understand the story better and can read on!

Thank you so much. I do hope you give the story a chance. And I am completely open to ideas!